Further Evidence for the Racial Polarization of American Politics

Recent election trends clearly indicate an increasing White disenchantment with the Democrats, especially among the working class. The enraged Whites who are expressing themselves in the tax revolts, tea parties, and town hall meetings of 2009 are middle- and lower-middle class.  Ronald Brownstein points out that their incomes have been stagnating or declining for years, even during periods of economic expansion of the Bush years. Bush did nothing for the White working class, but still only 40% voted for Obama.

The Democratic vote among Whites in 2010 will probably be quite a bit lower than in the next election. In Massachusetts there was a huge shift from 2008 to 2010: In the 2008 presidential election, working class Whites voted overwhelmingly for Obama: 75% for incomes between $30-50K; 65% for incomes between $50-75K. But Brownstein notes that 60% voted for Scott Brown.  Moreover,

Much of the Democrats’ distress among blue-collar whites results from long-term changes that have re-sorted the electorate more along the lines of cultural values than of economic interests. These working-class voters, mostly conservative on cultural and foreign-policy issues, have moved toward the GOP …. But the disaffection from Democrats among blue-collar whites is especially severe now. That is probably because their financial pain has intensified. (The unemployment rate among this group, at 10.4 percent, is well over twice the level for college-educated whites.) Polls suggest that these voters have focused their discontent more at government than at business.

One can’t help thinking that “cultural values” is a code word for implicit Whiteness. No matter what they say to the pollsters, it’s hard to believe that concerns about foreign policy or gay marriage really trump economic issues in a group that has been the most negatively affected by all the economic shifts of recent decades, including mass immigration. Indeed, the shift is apparent in all White groups: “In opinion polls, college-educated white men, always a tough group for the party, are hardening in opposition; college-educated white women, Democrats’ best constituency among whites, are softening in support.”

It’s often said of Jews that they earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans. Now, as ethnic interests become central even for Whites, economic interests are an increasingly poor predictor for everyone. Working class Whites vote Republican just like the Episcopalians— their cultural values are to vote along with people like themselves. Similarly, non-Whites vote Democrat whether they are successful Asians and Jews or Blacks and Latinos at the bottom of the economic ladder. Their cultural values are to vote against the Republicans at least because they see the Republicans as the party of Whites.  These trends have been apparent for some time, but there seems to be increasing polarization now.

Quite a few people anticipated that an Obama presidency would produce an upsurge of White identity — that an Obama Administration would be a clear harbinger of the non-White future of America. They were right. Many Whites got caught up in the emotion of the election — the feeling of moral righteousness of putting America’s racial past behind us. But the party is over and the Obama administration is in shambles. I can’t imagine that anything like amnesty for illegal immigrants would be possible now.

If, as seems likely, the Republicans get 70% or more of the White vote in the 2010 elections, the media is going to have to confront the racial polarization of American politics. It’s definitely not the multicultural future envisioned by the activists on the multicultural left and the mainstream media for the last 40 years. If there is a racially lopsided vote, we’ll hear a lot of talk about racist Whites. But at some point, thoughtful people will realize that it is entirely legitimate for Whites to want to retain control of their country, and explicit expressions of White identity and interests will begin to be heard whether the media wants to hear them or not. And that’s all to the good.

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21 Comments to "Further Evidence for the Racial Polarization of American Politics"

  1. Sean's Gravatar Sean
    February 11, 2010 - 2:14 pm | Permalink

    Prometheus we can only hope what you write can and will happen. Their are absolutely no substitutes for the white race. No other race has ever been as close to divinity as we have. This is reflected in the societies we have created in our art work, and most importantly in the diversity and beauty of our people. The money masters that have insidiously wormed their way into our societies will not be satisfied until the intrinsic beauty of the white soul is as hollow and desecrated as their own. Having made vast uncountable fortunes at the expense of our people you would think there might be an ounce of gratitude much like Benjamin Friedman spoke about. Instead we are envied and hated because of our inherent goodness and obvious superiority. Hate is no substitute for love, craftiness and deceit are no substitutes to honor and integrity, and this is wherein the problem lies it is against our very nature to be brought up full of hate envy with a bogus sense of entitlement. To be brought up to learn how to lie cheat and steal from the labor of others. This economic collapse will be the catalyst needed to finally cause our people to wake up and use the inherent courage that we possess. Liars, cowards, weaklings, and agents of darkness cannot stand against honor, courage, and truth. Soon enough we will introduce them to to the full measure of our righteousness and might. Soon enough Valhalla will be realized. Rev. 2-9

  2. Jupiter's Gravatar Jupiter
    February 11, 2010 - 5:46 am | Permalink


    There very well may be a lot of truth to what you your wrote. White Liberals like there Lilly White communities…so did the White Leftists such a Alexander Cockburn and Noam Chomsky. Cockburn fleed multicultural,multiracial and very foriegn NYC for Lilly White Humbolt County in the Cascade mountain range. Cockburn has often writen about his respect for the conservative Whites who live there. If only we could force Noam Chomsky to live in Hemstead NY. It probably put an end to his enhusiasm for race-replacement policies.

    There is no doubt that the tea party is full retards who if you put a microphone in front of them, would blather on about how they have no problem with race-replacement as long as the immigrants from china and india paid their taxes. Ron Paul is their rock star. Paul entusiastically supports a race-replacement immigration policy. He is an enemy of the majority NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN population. Alex Jones has no problem with increasing legal immigration also. Libertarian Constitutionists worship the free market. For them every thing is reducible to the free market.

    Peter Brimelow should have directed confronted Ron Paul with the race-replacement consequences of legal immigration. And he should have confronted Ron Paul with the fact that there is massive-mostly White -oppostion to the H-1 and L-1 visa program which he is on record of being in favor of tripling these race-replacement and job-theft programs. An incredible oportunigty was blown by not doing this.

  3. Jupiter's Gravatar Jupiter
    February 11, 2010 - 5:27 am | Permalink


    What you wrote is true. However, White Americans still live in White commnities, and if the demograhics of an area changes, they will make great scarifices to keep their kids in a majority White Catholic school even if it means a one hour to an hour and a half commute. There will come a breaking point. And when it comes, it will be quite nasty…for thousands of White Male consumers of sports entertainment. I want to point out that sorts entertainment has caused very serious and deep emasculation of the White Male population. Don’t rule out the possibility that as economic distress-terror increases for White families, White Women might start asking their husbands to start acting like men….I blame the “greatest generation” for the sickness of sport entertainment. It is a cancer on White American society.

  4. Reader's Gravatar Reader
    February 9, 2010 - 3:23 pm | Permalink

    If anything, the election of Obama has *harmed* our cause, by making the Republican party appear good by comparison. The Republican party is entirely under Jewish control… so why are we celebrating the possibility of 70% of whites being driven into their hands?

    “Implicit whiteness” doesn’t count for much. Right-wing movements like evangelical Christianity and the “tea party” movement might be implicitly white, but they are explicitly pro-multiracialism and VERY pro-Jewish. They are no more “pro-white” than liberal implicitly white movements, like the “Stuff White People Like” phenomenon. If anything, white liberals are closer to WN than white conservatives because white liberals can be highly critical of Israel and Jewish power in the US, and are generally more willing to question authority and read “subversive” literature (like The Culture of Critique) than your typical creationist, evangelical Christian, Fox News-watching patriotard.

  5. dan neil's Gravatar dan neil
    February 8, 2010 - 3:28 pm | Permalink

    I say dont vote republican and do waht you can to end there demise.. They are one and the same as the Demoncatz..
    We need to build a party consistant with a message for our people who are left when the show is over and we need to have voice in this country.. IN MY LIFETIME AND MY CHILDRENS..
    To hell with the Republican party.. Mike Steel oh yeah..

  6. Helvena's Gravatar Helvena
    February 8, 2010 - 2:17 pm | Permalink

    Mark (9:24)- you might take a look at William Joyce’s Twilight Over England

    Ezra Pound would agree with you, he believed in a national money …”I’ll be seein’ you. What have the silver Johnnies got to say about national money? No, I am not a social creditor. I passed by that alley away. I am a national money man.” Radio Speeches May 9, 1942 THE DURATION

  7. Justin Huber's Gravatar Justin Huber
    February 8, 2010 - 1:22 pm | Permalink

    I linked to an article about Palin’s speech at this Tea Party event this weekend and all I can say is I’m not impressed. I consider myself to be very pro-white and I wouldn’t be caught dead at one of these events.

  8. Vote A3P's Gravatar Vote A3P
    February 8, 2010 - 8:58 am | Permalink

    Grumpy, all those whites need is the economy to cut their legs out from under them while witnessing DC taking care of non-whites to make sure they’re comfortable. While the white kids can’t get a decent lunch. That time is coming. “me” is correct in his analysis of the Republican party. Don’t count on it doing anything as far as white interests go, unless there’s some kind of mutiny, which is possible, but not likely at the moment,

  9. Grumpy's Gravatar Grumpy
    February 7, 2010 - 6:16 pm | Permalink

    I’m not sure about the rest of you, but the spectacle of Republican/Tea Party white activists obsessed over negro football Superbowl and endlessly repeating the ebonics tag “who dat!” makes me skeptical these people will ever wake up. Maybe we need to face the possibility that most whites are bunch of idiots.

  10. Prometheus's Gravatar Prometheus
    February 7, 2010 - 1:11 pm | Permalink

    The Awakening of the European-American soul is happening and will happen. Disenchantment will our status as second class citizens in the nation built by our forefathers will drive individuals to the internet, seeking answers. The thing about the truth, as opposed to lies, is that is resonates deeply in the European-American soul in a way that propaganda and lies do not.

    Our unity as a people willing and able to protect our interests against ALL COMERS will be like a flame that first ignites the kindling and crumpled up paper (early adopters, those able to reason independently) and then gradually catch to the medium sized wood (those who early adopters influence) and, then the Full on, huge logs (the mass of white people) and the flame will grow into a roaring bonfire.

    Once truth spreads in this fashion, the Mass media will begin to lose power to influence and manipulate, and in fact their lies will work to our benefit. The anti-white agenda will become so transparent, and so blatantly ugly that it will enrage and strengthen us, rather than demoralize. The inherent nature of the European soul will help us to overcome the years of vicious brainwashing that our youth suffer from in public schools at the hands of our enemies.

    White European man will awaken to his true status on this awe-inspiring and beautiful planet: A global MINORITY that seems uniquely capable of creating beautiful civilizations. Civilizations that are uniquely suited to us as a people, which other influences tend to corrupt, devalue, desecrate, and eventually destroy.

    European Americans will never regain what we have lost in this country. Thank God! Excessive sentimentality for the past leads to depression and does not inspire action. Instead of longing for an impossible past, our people shall do what we have always done: We shall create! We can create a future free from the contradictions (Such as the profoundly evil exploitation of other races and peoples) that have damaged us in the past. It starts with defining and living by the best of our own values, REGARDLESS of all else. We must choose to live by the very best values of European Man, the values our people have created. By building on the rock solid foundation of our ancient forefathers we shall rise up and re-conquer our own destiny, we shall we-awaken the noble soul that lies within us, that which our enemies have tried so diligently to desecrate, yet that can never be extinguished. This is a time for inspiration, not despair!

    Just as much of Pop culture exists to defile, degrade, and pervert the European soul (And the sould of other peoples who seek to live with dignity), so too other forms of pettiness and ugliness will be foisted upon us. The enemy shall seek to create non-productive “cat fights” that distract and destroy our values. They shall defame, sow discord, and attempt to corrupt our people as never before. It shall be a trial by fire! In many ways (deception) our enemies are far more sophisticated than we are. If we do not acknowledge this we shall be victimized by it.

    As we move forward in our cause they will work diligently to draw us into the darkness of evil though and action (Their domain, the dark arts of manipulation and deception where we are hopeless to compete). We must be vigilant and refuse to follow! Our domain is and shall be the light, that which is pure, holy, and sacred, that which we seek to defend and to honor in our daily lives and in our communities. The noble spirit of our people, that which seeks to build, produce, nurture, and create, shall be our guide!

    The spiritual parasites will tempt us just as the devil sought to temp Jesus. They will decend among us and seek to divert our positive energies towards evil. They shall actively seek to temp us towards hatred, to dark actions, to dark deeds, to secrecy and shadows, for they know this is the surest way to destroy us. If they succeed in doing this they shall succeed in mastering us and in dismantling our cause. We must not allow this to happen!

    Look not to words, intentions, or even to actions, but to real world effects and consequences. Judge a man not by his claims or supposed intent, nor by his arguments, but by the effect he creates in the real world. And look not just to the effect, but also the counter-effect, the second and third order effects that are hidden to the masses.

    If the only way our enemy can ingratiate himself with us is by carry out plans that have positive moral, ethical, and soul-affirming consequences, then by planting himself with us he has effectively become one of us. We no longer must worry or particularly care about the nature of what motivates him. His mastery of manipulation no longer matters, because on principle we ignore sophistry and judge only based on real world consequences as judged by our own, and exclusively our own, reasoning minds. We have thus mastered the enemy.

    Goodness: It is the quality of our soul that we must cultivate and nurture. That which is Holy, True, and just shall guide us. Look to the glory of western art! Look to the buildings that reach to the sky! Bridges that span vast chasms! The man we put on the moon! Look to the positive accomplishments of our people and in them shall be reflected the true quality and nature of our soul, that which shall unite us and define us against those who do not create, do not produce, and who do not honor reality in the same fashion that we do.

    As our innate spirit is what shall unite us, we must not allow narrow, small-minded pettiness to divide us. Is the answer Christianity? Is it in the more ancient beliefs indigenous to our people? Is it in an understanding of the natural world and science? Is it a simple appreciation for the awesome beauty of Mother Nature? ALL of these traditions can reflect the unique nature of our heritage and soul!

    Those who seek to destroy our way of life are masters of the divide and conquer strategy. They shall seek to divide us by the differing approaches we take in expressing our unique spiritual nature.

    Beware: The enemy shall invite us to laugh with him as he ridicules those among us who have chosen a different explicit spiritual path. Do we laugh with him? Do we condemn and belittle a member of our own people? Or do we turn and condemn the spiritual parasite that has tempted us to this profound evil? The answer to this and similar questions shall determine our fate as a people.

    You shall know the enemy by what he inspires you to do: The enemy loves to sneer, belittle, and degrade with clever humor. Remember this and you shall identify him. Cast out his evil, degrading influence!

    Our enemies nearly destroyed us with his ideology of class warfare. (This was one of “his” most effective divide and conquer schemes ever!!) Class warfare is a profound evil that has badly damaged the sanctity of our people.

    Uniting our people, regardless of class, ability, or wealth, is the ONLY answer.

    Even the lowest among us (Those who our enemies have most effectively used as fodder for their machinations, those who have most effectively been preyed upon by a vicious, anti-social and corrupt consumer culture, who has been ABANDONED and THROWN TO THE WOLVES by global competition against surfs) must be recognized as truly, “one of us” and brought to a seat to the table where they can have dignity.

    Do we snicker at the plight of our own lower classes? Do we laugh at his struggles? His “Wal-Mart” ways? Do we ridicule the system of beliefs that allows him to live an effective and moral life? Then our soul has been POLUTED, INFECTED, and CORRUPTED by the FOUL STENCH of those who have corrupted our society.

    When we REFUSE to mock the small man, while our enemies continue to mock him… If we offer him a chance to live with dignity as a productive human being, while our enemies offer him a soul-rotting handout… When we TEACH HIM using SIMPLE LANGUAGE exactly how our enemies MOCK him, MOCK his beliefs.. LAUGH at him in the VERY MOVIES and entertainment they intend for HIS consumption… By doing these things we can slowly unite our people and take back our nation. Even more importantly, the quality of our action will become more just, true, and dignified in matters of spirit, which shall propel us forward.

    From the capitalist class and business owners, to intellectuals, to professionals, to builders, designers, creators, tradesmen and artists: there is a seat at the table for each of us when a society is balanced, When there is no foreign influences that seek to game, manipulate, and profit by destructive, evil, anti-social means. When there is no mass horde of third world individuals invited to wreak havoc and violence in our communities.

    Do not be overly attached to the past, for we are creating the future!!

  11. Neoboudica's Gravatar Neoboudica
    February 7, 2010 - 12:46 pm | Permalink

    Its understandable that race would end up playing a role in politics, maybe even sports too given the number of blacks and Hispanics including the NY Jets quarterback and Dominicans taking over baseball and don’t even mention basketball.

    But it is really coming home given the pre-game coverage of the Super Bowl. Who dat and blacks from the 9th Ward again asking for help to rebuild their homes and talking about how the Saints are the only positive thing in their lives. Marino and Boomer practically rolled their eyes if it wasn’t my imagination.

    Go Colts! Sorry Brees.

  12. mark's Gravatar mark
    February 7, 2010 - 9:24 am | Permalink

    We’ve got to get away from this “small government” idea. That may have served their interests in the 18th Century, but now we need a 21st Century version of National Socialism (without uniforms, insignia, etc.).

    The government needs to have national economic policies that make unions unnecessary. That is, the eurocentric government needs to establish standards for safety, healthcare, pensions, and other things that the unions now fight for. There needs to be a partnership between industry and government.

    The working class needs to be fully incorporated into this new modern society. We need a “folkish”, eurocentric society in every sense. We can’t just look at working-class and middle class folks as disposable economic units as has been the case for nearly the entire history of the United States.

    We can use economic/tax incentives, a eugenics program, perhaps even polygamy incentives, to push the average IQ skyward as time goes on. Under certain conditions, I could see childbearing/childrearing as a paid career track in a modern eurocentric society. Race-building will be our highest priority for a while.

    “Church” and “State” need to one and the same. “Church” could be an Asatru, Druid, other pre-Christian European religion, or non-religious form of spirituality. A thoroughly remade and aryanized form of Christianity could even be tolerated for a while. The spirituality, the politics, the economics, the educational institutions, all need to come from the same folkish worldview.

  13. RF's Gravatar RF
    February 7, 2010 - 9:08 am | Permalink

    this is why political success of A3P is so badly needed even on the small scale. To catalyze the reaction

  14. me's Gravatar me
    February 7, 2010 - 8:45 am | Permalink

    the republican elite will work w/ democrats sooner than A3p or even ron paul. both parties are hoping to bring in enough immigrants to make whites irrelevant. The same thing is occurring in Europe. The complex you know who domicated financial system that ties this whole mess together is quickly becoming unraveled but there is still a LOT of money backing globalism. How many times have we seen politicians run on a platform and then change positions once they get in power? This is particularly true with immigration.

    Also you have powerful foreign interests now too – China has a enough cash to easily bribe and influence american policiy. they have a surplus population they would like to dump off on us…and i am sure they look at the west coast and vancover as prime real estate . They are not immigrating here, they are colonizing here.

  15. Pitbullexpress's Gravatar Pitbullexpress
    February 7, 2010 - 8:07 am | Permalink

    Excellent Article!!!!

  16. Randy's Gravatar Randy
    February 7, 2010 - 7:50 am | Permalink

    Indeed the Republican Party is becoming the Party of Implicit Whiteness, and it is the last thing those s.o.b.’s want! It demonstrates how skewed things are when Whites are reduced to putting their hopes in corporate America and likudnic Jews, the actual owners of the Republican Party. It’s a dirty dance and it won’t end well, but at least Whites are waking up to shared interests and the agenda against them. For this we can thank Obama. The worse is better people were right, at least this time.

  17. Christopher Donovan's Gravatar Christopher Donovan
    February 7, 2010 - 7:37 am | Permalink

    This post is a needed antidote to the slew of ridiculous books like “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” and “Deer Hunting with Jesus” where left-wing writers (sometimes Jewish) express befuddlement at the fact that poor whites vote Republican, when their “best interest” lies (according to them) in voting Democrat.

    First, I’m not entirely sure voting Democrat is in poor whites’ best interest. But even if you could calculate that out, it shows that RACE can in fact trump MONEY in what people value — contrary to the media-beloved line that “the only color that matters is green.”

    Second, my advice to Republicans is to REACH OUT TO WORKING WHITES — this includes opposing NAFTA and related policies, supporting domestic manufacturing, tax penalties for offshoring work, and more sympathy for unions. I can pretty much guarantee you that this will NOT hurt you much with rich whites, whose votes for Democrats show that liberal economic policies aren’t necessarily determinative for them, but it SHOULD HELP with working class or poor white votes.

    It’s a simple populist formula. White voters are low-hanging fruit for the Republican who’s willing to chuck aside the Chicago School/WSJ editorial board nerds.

  18. Neoboudica's Gravatar Neoboudica
    February 7, 2010 - 7:02 am | Permalink

    PS remember Dan Quale, the Bushes and the long line of rightwing dim wits, liberals have a blast making fun of ditto heads and their double digit IQ party leaders.

    Mindless White support for anyone who calls himself a republican is the same as blacks blindly supporting OJ or the drug addicted mayor of Washington DC, whats his name, anyone who happens to be black.

  19. Neoboudica's Gravatar Neoboudica
    February 7, 2010 - 6:58 am | Permalink

    Since Kevin has started the A3P I have to believe that he knows only too well that republicans are not on our side. They certainly have never benefited White people economically and this single realization drove the better educated Whites into the Jewish/Liberal party.

    After coming online, thank God for the internet, and Al Gore, since he made the internet available to everyone rather than allowing it to be used by government and business only, as was done in Switzerland where it was invented. Anyway after coming online and reading the Jewish internet everyday, I learned from them, what assholes they are. The internet is the deadly enemy of the Jew, that’s the best technology of all even tho Adam may not agree :)

    I left the Democrats but I never joined the Republicans. That I cannot do. Now I have a party, the A3P. It is our hope for a future.

    Every republican or Democratic candidate gets 50 to 60% of their campaign funds from Jews. No change from that, they own the parties and if you’re a republican, think Neocons.

    Now we have our work cut out for us to somehow get the Tea Party people to realize that supporting republicans will change nothing. All of that potential will be lost if they don’t realize this truth.

    Its hard to respect them when they can listen to a dimwit like Sarah Palin, they actually like her. If this isn’t cause for concern over the future of the White race I don’t know what is. Palin is the canary in the mines and we’re dying.

  20. Tom Watson's Gravatar Tom Watson
    February 7, 2010 - 6:58 am | Permalink

    Sarah Palin is Joe Lieberman in drag. LOL.

    I’m sure Michael Bloomberg, Eric Cantor and Arlen Specter will be strutting their stuff as Palin too. ;)

  21. John Stonehouse's Gravatar John Stonehouse
    February 7, 2010 - 3:03 am | Permalink

    The only problem with this analysis is that the Republicans have done damn-all for Whites – in fact their record is even WORSE than that of the Democrats.
    Nixon legislated ‘Affirmative action’.
    Reagan passed the amnesty of 1986 – the single most important cause of the inevitable mestizo majority of the USA.
    George Bush II did hes damndest to push through another general amnesty, until a ‘peasants’ revolt’ at the bottom forced his hand.

    Nowhere and never have the Republicans ever sought to abolish AA or to reign in immigration or to control ‘free trade’, thus the pauperization of the blue-collar proles.

    KMac, please remember all of the above before lauding the Reublicans as some sort of ‘White Party’. They are definitely NOT.As you have so astutely outlined elsewhere the modern bush lead NeoCon Republicans had but two constituencies, Israel and the super-rich plus a bit of snooty paternalism to the ‘coloreds’.Damn everyone else.

    Despite the nuttier manifestations of Democrat race policies and the rag-bag rain bow coalition aspect of their Party, Joe Sixpack is, in fact, better served by them than the Republicans.

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