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Non-tax-deductible donations can be made via PayPal or by sending a check or a money order. Recurring donations can be set up via PayPal.

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Donate anonymously to TOO. Just send a money order to:
The Occidental Observer
24881 Alicia Parkway, Suite E, #134
Laguna Hills, CA 92653-4617
You can also send a check to the above address.

Note: If you send a check or money order to the above address and do not wish to be anonymous, we would like to acknowledge your contribution. The easiest way to do this is by email. Please include an email address with your donation if you would like us to acknowledge it personally. Thanks!
- Kevin MacDonald, Editor
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Why support the Occidental Observer?

  1. There are political reasons to support TOO:
    • Survival: Western societies, including the USA, are rapidly dissolving under the twin attacks of mass Third World immigration and domestic ethnic competition (“multiculturalism”, “political correctness”, “affirmative action”, “equal opportunity”).
    • Pride: Whites have been kicked around for too long. It’s time to stop white flight and to reclaim our cities, our schools, and our jobs.
    • Truth and Justice: There are also matters of principle. In a liberal democracy good policies result from the truth being told. Lies are not only a vexation to the spirit, they result in the sort of bad governance that is dragging down America.
  2. There are also operational reasons:
    • Euro-Americans need to build activist organizations able to rival the large minority agencies such as the American Jewish Committee, the ADL, the NAACP, and La Raza. We also need to challenge the academic orthodoxy that has smothered white concerns for generations. TOO is your champion. We are willing to step forward on your behalf. But the website can only be as strong as you allow it to be.
    • TOO needs to professionalize. We have set up TOO on a shoe-string budget. We are determined to do much more, with new departments and in-depth analysis of the issues that concern white Americans. There are skilled and knowledge professionals willing to join the TOO team. But volunteer labor can only go so far.
    • Even small donations make a difference when multiplied hundreds of times. Donations are more effective when made regularly because this allows us to forecast revenue and plan new projects accordingly. That is why an automatic credit card deposit of $10 per month is more valuable to us than a lump-sum payment of $120 per year. (However, we will accept lump sums . . .)
    • Ultimately we want white majority organizations to be so strong that politicians feel that they have no choice but to listen to their concerns. If Obama, McCain and Clinton can prostrate themselves before the American Israel Political Action Committee and promise that another country’s security is sacred, they can promise to defend the white majority’s vital interests.
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