Age of the Psychopaths

Michael Colhaze

The very same corporate psychopaths who caused the crisis by their greed and avarice, are now advising governments on how to get out of it.                                         Clive R. Boddy



When in my early teens, someone gave me a chessboard with pieces and someone else taught me the basic moves. After believing to have mastered its lesser intricacies, I accepted one day the challenge of a rather dim boy half my age. Who kept beating me repeatedly. Whereupon I decreed the noble game to be a flimsy pastime with downright repulsive components, and never touched it again.

It must have been the reason why I was, a few years later, fairly awed by a classmate who won at an uncommonly early age the regional chess championship. A natural prodigy, said everyone, blessed with a brilliant mind that augured an equally brilliant career in the nearest future—assumptions that were soon confirmed when his dad dropped dead from overweight and too much booze, and he, not yet twenty, took without a moment’s hesitation the helm of the paternal construction-and-road-building company. Which he soon turned into the largest such entity far and wide, mostly by aggressively expanding with always heavier machinery while ruining the local competitors one by one through cutthroat prices. Projects as far-flung as Belgium and North Africa stood on the agenda, and an ever growing workforce helped to realize them. Once a bribery scandal marred the fantastic success story, but this was the post-war boom and people soon forgot all about it. Until the whole house of cards collapsed one day. A multi-million bankruptcy, it soon appeared, slowly unravelled in its many garish and often criminal details. With the result that my former brilliant classmate got locked away for a few years in a dull grey prison cell. Once out again he found himself some dupes and concocted another huge stint, but with the same disastrous results. The last thing I heard of him was that he sold books and newspapers from door to door, and the banks and revenue sharks collecting every cent he made beyond the barest necessities of life.

So what happened?

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What happened is what happens right now on a near global scale. Some aggressive passengers, super-bright in a single discipline only, have managed to take the helm of the ship and, in their feverish ambition to control it entirely, are running it aground. Capable to buy everything that is fast or loose on this earth, but unable to grasp the basics of prudent and morally sound navigation, they have long since charted a course that does not rely on the compass but an array of faulty landmarks. Unmitigated greed is one. Globalism or multiculturalism are others. Also extortion and bribery. Plus a few proxy wars thrown in as an extra. And all this with the ever more obvious intention to effectively yoke and enslave the established crew.

Clearly a proverbial Ship of Fools, you may say. And laugh, were it not that you yourself are sailing in it.

So what kind of flawed thinking made this disastrous state of affairs possible? For one, a disposition that seems to lack common sense as we know it. Second, and consequently, the certainty to be better than anybody else, by divine decree or with regard to one’s bank account. And lastly, a ruthless and reckless mentality that all but scoffs at the moral restrictions prevalent in our Christian European society.

The three rolled into one are a secure receipt for ruin.

Take the Boskies, Milkens, Fulds or Madoffs. Particularly the latter seems on the surface an intelligent man. Yet why did he believe that his massive criminal scheme could last forever and not land him one day in jail, a sad place to live out one’s final years, especially if accustomed to mountains of luxury?

Because he and his kind can’t look any further than the next street corner. Just think of the forty or so Mossad operatives who descended on Dubai to knock off one poor Palestinian, all with their photos and false passports copied, all with their covers blown for a long time to come. Or those thugs who boarded the Peace Flotilla in international waters and gunned down nine unarmed men. Did they anticipate the worldwide outcry that erupted only the next day?

Another fine example is the recent defeat of that saintly crook Michail Khordokowsky and his illustrious backers, among them Mr. Obama, Frau Merkel, the old trollop BBC and many others, all seething with indignation at Russia’s unashamedly inhuman and undemocratic behaviour. To tell you the truth, I was rather worried when a revision of the man’s sentence were to be considered during a new trial. Would Vladimir Putin and his friends stand firm and not fold in at the knees? Could Mother Russia continue to be one of the last Western countries ruled by free men and not some alien mammon moguls like everywhere else?

Well, we know the result. That youthful prodigy who tricked old man Yeltzin out of YUKOS, the national oil company worth billions of dollars, by paying him a pittance borrowed from Lord Rothschild, had his greedy claws slapped with a few more years in the cooler. And a lenient verdict it is if you consider that the crazy bugger had tried to grab the country’s presidency himself by buying every Duma member in reach, and after selling off nearly half of the expected booty to the aforementioned Lord and his American chums.

In short, another enormous miscalculation that backfired badly and thus underlines the general argument.

To this day I remember my consternation when reading many years ago in the NYTimes a column by one Roger Cohen, a rambling schmuck styling himself a Globalist of all things, who tried to convince everyone that making China rich was good for America. Even then, and naïve as I still was, I still thought that the silly man must be out of his mind. Well, he wasn’t, as we know now. Instead he and his kind paved the ground for the Warren Buffets of this world, and so deprived millions of decent Americans and Europeans of their jobs and their income.

The exercise was fittingly called globalism, a suicidal carte blanche to fabricate merchandise not in Europe or the US anymore, but in the lands of the Yellow Peril where it could be had for a fraction of the costs at home. Thus vastly underpaid coolies began to produce anything from Goodyear tires to Apple computers, and that China-outlet down the road, as Patrick Buchanan has called Wal-Mart so fittingly, sold the whole lot. Which nicely satisfied Mr. Buffet’s pathological addiction to billions and billions of dollars. And which, needless to say, took not the faintest notice of the closing-down of whole factories and the sacking of its largely white Christian workforce. The stunt was explained as an unfortunate but healthy capitalist phenomenon, yet held little solace for the victims who patted their empty pockets in stunned consternation while making for the next welfare office.

What we have witnessed, though mostly without realizing it, is a large-scale robbery of the American and European citizens that has escalated into a clandestine civil war waged by a small gang of pathological and super-rich criminals who payroll every important politician. A situation so toxic that the patient had to come down sooner or later with a heavy flu.

Just as a first creak in the rigging can be the harbinger of an approaching squall, so signs in Europe and America are increasingly set on storm. Wherever one looks, whatever one reads, the general feeling is sombre if not downright panicky. And as the Western economies are developing serious hiccups, with America virtually bankrupt and Europe facing the demise of its Euro, the suspicion grows that the whole ruckus is a planned one, just as the Wall Street crash of 1929 and other debacles like it.

A foretaste of what is coming was the mini-crash of 2008, an economic collapse triggered by the Lehman bros. bankruptcy where its investors lost billions of dollars while CEO Richard Fuld, mastermind of the giant flop, pocketed hundreds of millions of dollars in ‘compensation’.

As Prof. Robert Hare coined it so simply yet fittingly: Serial killer psychopaths ruin families. Corporate psychopaths ruin societies.

Particularly if the latter have aligned themselves, due to bonds of blood and faith, with the political psychopaths. Which means in fact that a whole country has fallen into the hands of men who normally would be locked away in a mental hospital. What is more, under the cover of an imaginary terrorist threat illegal laws have been promulgated that have curtailed the guaranteed democratic liberties. Crowned by the so-called NDAA, a Christmas present signed by the Neocon lackey, does the whole body signify a legal garrotte that has turned the USA into a virtual police state.

Do men like Bernie Madoff believe their schemes and crimes can be sustained forever? Are they impervious to the disgust and hate that slowly builds up where they are concerned? Do they, like every decent crackpot, have no fear?

If yes, they may have suffered a blow that could prove mortal. Because today the rarest of all commodities, namely the Truth, is available. On the Internet, and often haphazard or distorted, but nevertheless far more digestible than the official lies we have been fed too often. It is as if an avalanche has been kicked loose and begins slowly to gain momentum—a momentum as of yet undefined and unorganised, but powerful within the subconscious realm.

When and how this new awareness will translate into decisive action remains to be seen. As long as times are socially and economically secure, it is a safe bet that the silent majority won’t lift a hand, not even in the face of obvious crimes committed by those in power. But if recent historical paradigms are reliable, this attitude will significantly change once the affairs of state have been so badly mismanaged that millions of hardworking people are faced with unemployment and ruin. Or deem civil liberties so radically curtailed that their country doesn’t resemble a democracy anymore, but an Orwellian nightmare.

As happens right now.

Which must be the reason why this year Santa Claus has dropped a very particular Christmas present down the chimney of roughly one and a half million Americans. Namely artillery in record numbers, anything from heavy handguns to high-velocity assault rifles, plus over a billion rounds of ammunition. The past December has seen, prior to the acquisitions, the highest number of criminal background checks in the history of the USA. By now about 300 million weapons are privately owned, de facto representing an army larger than those of China and India combined. As for the exercise fields, you may try to find a parking lot in front of the many shooting ranges.

It will be difficult.

Because of overcrowding.

It is as if your ship lays becalmed in a moonlit night and you observe a few ripples on the mirror-like sea. And know that something huge and dangerous has just passed close to the surface, taking a look at you…

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