Barbarous Beyond Belief

Michael Colhaze


Editor’s note: A recurring theme at TOO is the media and government coverup of crime by non-Whites against Whites (see, e.g., Tobias Langdon on crime in the U.K.). This is happening throughout the Western world. In the U.S., attacks by Blacks against Whites that are obviously motivated by racial hatred disappear from the media quickly or are completely ignored. On the other hand, the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin affair becomes front page news for months, despite the lack of racial motivation and despite the evidence that Martin initiated the incident and that Zimmerman had a well-founded fear for his life. There is some indication that things are changing in the U.S. due to Internet sites like the Drudge Report and the work of mainstream writers like Ann Coulter (see Fred Reed’s “Social oncology, race, and the legacy media“). However, we have a long way to go before honest discussion of crime against Whites becomes mainstream in the U.S. media, and this article by a German blogger indicates that the blackout continues unabated in Germany.

Der Honigmann  /  5 Sept. 2013

(Translated by Michael Colhaze)

In Germany rape crimes increase dramatically, and more often than not so-called migrants are the culprits. Recently a sixteen-year-old girl was raped so brutally by three Turks that she nearly died, had to have a colostomy and will never be able anymore to give birth to children.

As the Chief of Police and the Prosecutor’s Office in the city Mainz announced in a joint press release, this unimaginably cruel crime against a defenceless girl was committed on 15.02.2012.

This bestial act of barbarism took place in a parking garage in Worms where the young girl was repeatedly raped, beaten and tortured. But that was not enough for her tormentors. They raped the girl with a bottle and then broke off the bottle head and introduced it as well, thereby severing her intestines and cutting open her uterus. Unconscious, undressed and terribly mutilated, the girl was finally found. After an emergency surgery she passed the next days on the brink of death, but finally survived.

The consequences are horrible. Due to the irreparable mutilation of the intestines a permanent colostomy had to be created. The genital area is lastingly damaged as well. The girl will never be able anymore to lead a normal life, to start a family and have children. She will need emotional and psychological care around the clock. Her family must always be there for her and show that she is needed and that she has always someone who loves her, because the suicide risk is very high.

In a similar case the victim tried to commit suicide and had therefore be admitted  to a psychiatric ward. The perpetrators were three young men of Turkish migration background, while a fourth “only” watched the terrible crime. Rape is common fare in the Islamic world. The German authorities are completely overwhelmed by the situation and apparently not anymore able to protect the citizenry. In Cologne between 70–80 % of the rapists are of Turkish descent.

The exact reason for this behaviour is not understood and most likely a combination of religious-related misogyny, an exaggerated macho culture and, last but not least, a concerted official trivialization of the rape of German women in general.

The brutal crime is unusual even within this particular group. Yet only some local newspapers have reported the exact circumstances. As to the mass media, not a peep has been heard. Because as we all begin to understand by now, there exist clear instructions that serious crimes committed by immigrants must never be reported.

In another case a Turkish rapist had his sentence suspended. As an example of migrant subsidy in its purest form, a 45-year-old Turk, who had raped two women, did not have to go to jail. One of his victims, a 26 -year-old asthmatic woman from Ludwigsburg, is seriously ill, and he assailed her while she had an asthma attack. The Turk was sentenced to pay a mere €2,400 for the pain and suffering inflicted, and he accepted the judgment with a happy smile. As for the audience, it most likely was stunned by this incredible leniency.

The same Turk had already raped another woman, this time in a train compartment in southern Germany. During the trial the culprit confessed his crime willingly, because the judge had offered him a suspended sentence if he did so. And in the conclusion of the sentence the Turk was also highly praised for his willingness to confess. As to the EUR 2,400, he can eventually pay them off in minimal instalments.

This is a perversion of a legal system which no longer seems to work.

The Ludwigsburg local newspaper reported on 13 April 2011:

Rejoicing among Roma families, because a brutal rapist is on the loose while his victim needs permanent psychiatric care.

Immigrant Romas from Kosovo have perpetrated one of the most brutal rapes known so far. Yet the District Court of Arnsberg had the warrant suspended, in this way enabling one of the criminals to escape. His victim meanwhile has been committed to a closed psychiatric ward.

As to the case in question, the District Court of Arnsberg had to pass judgement on some particularly perverted immigrant rapists. To begin with, the ringleader of the gang was one Haljilj, a member of the Roma ethnic group, born in Kosovo in 1976, who can neither read nor write. He has lived in Germany since 1990, was expelled from school because of constant truancy,  married in 1995 a German woman and fathered her two children, then lived with a Serbian woman in Dusseldorf and fathered her two children as well, and now, to round it off for the time being, fathered another child with another woman in Wuppertal. The illiterate delinquent has been convicted in Germany for theft and fraud.

Next comes his relative, the devout Muslim Roma Muslija, who was born 1982 in Kosovo and has no education or training, but many children as well. Finally, there is the relative of both, one Seljman. All three have, near the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Schmallenberg, raped a young German girl with incredible brutality. They did this vaginally, anally and orally while beating her repeatedly on the head.

When the girl was treated in the Children’s Hospital in Siegen, she tried to commit suicide. She lives now in a closed children’s psychiatric hospital, and her life is probably ruined forever. Whereas Muslija, whom the Arnsberg Judges so generously granted bail and thus helped him to escape, has settled safely in the Kosovo. His last wife received almost 10,000 Euros “return assistance” from the German taxpayer – reason enough to throw a big party before saying good-bye.

As to the general public, those in power have decided that it should be kept in  the dark about these horrible crimes, as they might stoke possible prejudices against certain citizens. And so the so-called quality media — politically correct — looks bravely away and unquestioningly obeys the state-imposed censorship.


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