The Occidental Observer Year-End Fundraiser

ChristmasFrame-199x300rTHANK YOU to those who have contributed during 2015. I’m not sure you really realize your support is critical to our success and our ability to fulfill our unique niche of providing fact-based, well-written articles on White identity, and White interests.

We also present honest discussions of the critical importance of Jewish influence in the decline of the West and for the disastrous instability in the Middle East — the latter component more or less missing from many sites that emphasize White identity and interests.

Your gifts of any amount are welcome. The best (and easiest) way of giving is to subscribe for a recurring monthly amount that fits for you. The page with information on donations is here. (Sorry, but this pop-up will reappear when you go to the donation page; just click on the X at the bottom right corner or hit your “esc” key to dismiss it.)

It’s been a banner year in many ways. We have solidified a consistent group of writers that TOO readers have come to know and follow avidly — people like Francis Carr Begbie, Guillaume Durocher, Andrew Joyce, Tobias Langdon, and Tom Sunic.

Your support is important for many of our writers, and it’s safe to say that we are now competitive with other Altright websites in paying them. As always, the financial base for projects like TOO is dwarfed by the financial resources of our enemies. Nobody is getting rich here, or even making a living by writing for TOO, but your support is a huge psychological and financial boost for many.

We are living in very exciting times. A major political candidate is saying things that have been kept out of the mainstream for decades by a corrupt elite consensus on immigration and multiculturalism that dominates both the GOP and the Democrats. Suddenly people are waking up to the fact that a very large number of White people are furious about where the US and the rest of the West are going.

Christmas-bell-36ccDonald Trump’s candidacy is a game changer and has a very real possibility of success. In this new climate, millions of White people are realizing that it’s entirely legitimate to oppose immigration and multiculturalism.

It’s okay to oppose the idea that every last human has the moral right to immigrate to a Western country, or that all peoples and cultures are equally acceptable as immigrants. And it’s safe to say that millions of White people are changing what they think.

Again, the page with how to donate is here. This page has been updated to provide greater clarity. There are two sections, the top section for tax deductible donations and the bottom section for non-tax deductible donations respectively.

Let me know if any of the instructions are unclear. Another (painless) way to contribute is to shop at Amazon using this link. We get a small percentage of your purchase, and it doesn’t cost you anything.Donate to TOO

Thanks for thinking of TOO.
and Merry Christmas!

Kevin MacDonald


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