European or Ethnic Identity?

Tom Sunic, Ph.D.

Ethnic Nations of Europe. Click here for an enlarged version.

In light of the mass migrations of non-Europeans to Europe we must redefine the notion of the political. The notion of the political is eternal, although its wording, alongside its political conceptualization, takes on different names in different time periods. We must also clarify the meaning of political concepts, such as the concept of “multicuturalism”, “identity”, “nationality”, as well as the meaning of the more atavistic communal concepts of “race” Or “ethnicity”. My main point is that various European national identities should from now on play a secondary role. I argue that our first priority should be to what is sometimes conveniently referred to as our common biocultural identity, or to put it in different words, the salvaging of our common and collective heredity as represented by the broader family of interrelated European peoples.

A Few Starting Points…

In our so-called “multicultural system”, where millions of people from hundreds of different nationalities live side by side, we should clearly draw the line between individual or particular national identity and this broader “familial” identity as described above, or better yet, between our national awareness and our European awareness. These two concepts are not always synonymous, although they often overlap. For example a Flemish national cannot be a Walloon national – just as a South Tyrolean nationalist must not be denied freedom to show his German roots to his Italian nationalist colleague.

In America, during the period of the state building process, the role of a generalized ethno-religious identity (often referred to by the abbreviated term: WASP) played a much stronger role than in Europe. By way of contrast, still very popular among the American fringe right is the expression “White Nationalist”, although the term “nationalist” has a different meaning in America than in Europe. The genesis of White American nationalism has had little in common with traditional ethnic and culture-bound nationalism of diverse European peoples living in Europe. In the English language there is also no corresponding word for the German word “Volk” or “völkisch” or the word “narod” in Slavic languages — words which are awkwardly translated with the noun “nation” or by the adjective “national” or “ethnic” into the standard modern English language. This national consciousness, or better yet national awareness in the traditional European sense, has played a minor role in America. Until recently national consciousness in Europe was built primarily on the basis of a common language, a common sense of history and a common destiny, i.e. preconditions that had taken a different turn among early European descended Americans of the early eighteenth century.

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Contemporary stewards of the multicultural experiment in Europe: Germany’s Chancellor Merkel and France’s President Holland.

Even the ambiguous word “ethnic”, having become today a trendy word in some circles, carries a rather abstract and imprecise significance which, while sounding politically correct or heretical (depending of course on the audience’s perspective), has also become a substitute word for the more value-loaded words “racial” and “völkisch“. However, the contemporary usage of the words “ethnic” or “ethnicity” is often misplaced. The “classical” interpretation of the difference between the two terms was that there may be ethnic or national differences between kin White Europeans and Americans, although one can hardly talk about significant racial differences among them.

In Germany a very specific and by now a value-loaded and hissing word “race” (rasse) or “racial adherence” has – for obvious historical reasons – acquired by now a quasi criminalizing significance, only used by the liberal mainstream press in depicting and deploring “racial disturbances” or social “tensions”. Subsequently, this “problem” individual, i.e. one who dissents from the regime endorsed identity of universalized multiculturalism, is either legally branded or labeled by the media as a “racist.” Taking a strict application of this idea, it follows that if there are no races, as the System-friendly media and intellectuals often allege, there cannot be “racists” in Germany or elsewhere in Europe either. Yet, many theoreticians of modern identity and many System- friendly intellectuals keep resorting to the word “racist” in order to criminalize their opponents. The term “racist” therefore ammounts to a rhetorical vehicle intended to punish dissent and enforce ideological conformity.

Following the work of social scientists such as Frank Salter, there is no doubt our physical heredity plays implicitly a significant role in our behavior, although all of us, including our local politicians, often do not want to acknowledge this fact. For instance, I can change the makeup on my face, I can change my passport, I can also relinquish my present residence or my nationality. Moreover, I can change my cultural awareness and also leave for good my homeland. But there is no way whatsoever to remove my heredity, or to put it in politically incorrect form, to replace my involuntary and inherent traits by someone else’s. My character strengths or my character weaknesses may indeed be shaped by environmental factors and influences, but what is there to be shaped by that environment existed in the form of inborn traits long before those traits were exposed to those external influences. Surely, I can control them, tame them, enhance them, but the inherent germ will always be part of my identity and part of my Self.

Until recently, the concept of national identity played for all of us here in Europe an important role. Today, however, we must redefine our national identity. Following the massive influx of migrants who do not share our civilizational patrimony, the need arises to reformulate or reconceptualise the meaning of European identity. What has become of the old meaning “national identity” in today’s Europe, in which over 10 per cent of citizens are of non-European extraction? Presently I feel I have much more in common with the abovementioned “WASP” from North America, a Slav living in the Far East of the Russian Federation, or a native of any of the Baltic States, who may know nothing about the culture of my particular homeland of Croatia, but who, nonetheless, belongs to the same or similar bio-cultural pool and to the same extended geographic area. My particular national consciousness, in light of the current non-European mass migrations, must take on, therefore, a different meaning. Having this in mind it is outdated for the Croats and Serbs, or for the Poles and Germans to wage war with each other or to dwell endlessly on their mutually exclusive historical grievances.


An example of “identitarian” street art in Western Europe.

In regard to our present and future identity our priority must lie today in a precise recognition of the enemy of our identity, as well as our goal to remove the root causes of non- European migrations. In this sense American nationalists, such as they are in their current historical and social context, deserve credit for attributing a lesser role, to say their German, Irish, or Italian heritage, and focus instead more intensely on the imperative to protect and preserve this common bio-cultural heritage. European small-time nationalisms, with a flurry of national identities of sorts, inherited from the 20th century, must no longer play a crucial role in our new identity building process.

When observed from this perspective, today’s Eastern Europe, in contrast to Western Europe, is more “European” in its identitarian character. Yet in terms of the identity building process the situation in Eastern Europe is far from good. All newly emerged states in Eastern Europe display a high dose of obsolete “negative” or “reactive identity.” This can best be observed in Ukraine and Croatia for instance, where a Croatian or Ukrainian nationalist often continues to frame his national identity on his anti-Serbian or anti-Russian sentiments respectively. Such obsolete and often conflict- prone “negative” identities are no longer acceptable in today’s Europe.

We are all aware that today’s eulogies about the multicultural system, as professed by our hostile elites, represent a real threat to all European peoples, be they Poles, Germans, Serbs, Croats, Corsicans, French, etc. Having this in mind, before we start criticizing the threat of “non-European otherness” (i.e. the threat to our identity by non-European migrants) we must first ask ourselves: who benefits mostly from their arrival to Europe? Vociferous complaints among some European and American nationalist about the collapse of America and Europe is not a good starting point to answer this question. One must strongly denounce the criminal acts of radical elements who set fire to migrant homes or vandalize asylum centers in Europe. Our main enemies are not non-European migrants, but our own politicians and their System-friendly intellectuals residing in posh districts and laying the foundations for social discord, without considering the negative impact of their misguided and utopian policies.

The kind of society they are engineering does not have a long life span. I predict that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s multicultural experiment, along with her “welcoming culture”, is unsustainable and cannot last long. Sooner or later these Frankenstein social projects are bound to disintegrate and end up in a civil disturbance, and in extreme cases, civil war. As witnessed in the artificial state of Yugoslavia, despite all the former academic paeans about the alleged romantic diversity of its former constituent peoples, this composite state made up of different peoples and religions ended in chaos and brutal civil war.

carl schmitt

Carl Schmitt

The destructive ideology of multiculturalism, as of recently, has adopted another mendacious, albeit a more flowery name, such as “welcoming culture”, although to be sure, the correct name should be the “culture of self-abolition”, or the “culture of guilt” or the “culture of self-hate.” Today’s much lauded welcoming culture in Germany is merely a liberal verbal substitute for the failed communist project. What communists in Eastern Europe had not achieved by bullets, the present System in Western Europe and in the USA, with its substitute ideology of multiculturalism, is achieving through less violent, albeit more insidious means.

From a historical and philosophical perspective, the ideology of multiculturalism with its is just a belated offshoot of the ideology of hyper-moralism combined with the culture of indigenous European self-hatred and the idol worship on The Other, what Guillaume Faye calls ethnomasochism and xenophilia. There are no signs of self-hatred amidst the peoples of Africa or Asia, and it is impossible to conceive of residents from some African country importing residents from neighboring states into their own state jurisdiction. Oddly, it is only amidst European peoples (or rather, their political and cultural elites) who seem to be tired of politics and ashamed of their history, and where we are observing such suicidal overtures. Carl Schmitt taught us that if a nation tires of politics, this does not mean the end of politics per se, but symbolizes the end of an enfeebled people who are incapable of asserting themselves as a people any longer.

The political roots of this morbid “welcoming culture” (at the core of which is the culture of guilt) are not difficult to trace. The roots of these self-destructive policies are legally embedded in the decades following 1945. It is not difficult to imagine that the policy pursued by German Chancellor Merkel was formulated precisely to exorcise the ghosts of the nightmarish past. As a result, she may find herself compelled to shield herself by pursuing what might be called a destructive extremism going in the opposite direction. The ideology of multiculturalism may have therefore become a model of a kind of “negative identity” that is enforced on all nation states that form part of the progressives’ grand “European project”. Ironically, this project may be equally as destructive to those nations as the hostile and divisive ideologies to which it was a response.

Largely, the ethno-masochistic guilt trips can be traced to a perverted dogma of “Christian equality” and to the concept of the original sin, albeit the sin conceptualized today in its secularized Liberalo-Marxist version. It would be a waste to time trying to disarm the proponents of the welcoming–multi-culture in Europe with arguments based on empirical data. Ideological or religious believes cannot be countered by reeling off empirical facts, as thinkers Gustave Le Bon and Vilfredo Pareto warned. The word “gutmensch“, which has entered popular usage in Germany recently, best describes this self-censoring, neurotic, and hyper-moralistic, multi-culture-prone intellectual, who in many ways resembles a Christian zealot preaching universalized “values” and quasi-spiritual ecumenism in the dying days of Rome. Today’s politicians in Germany, but also elsewhere in the European Union, are engaged in similar process of political self-deception and self-denial when displaying more concern for an idealized figure of the “noble savage” than for a native victim of religiously or ethnically motivated violence, as we have recently seen in the Berlin Christmas market attack and the Vienna New Year’s Eve rapes.

Guillaume Faye

Guillaume Faye

Clearly this so-called “welcoming culture” in Europe – and of course, its underlying ideological basis – is not sustainable. It does not lead to mutual understanding but deepens mutual hatred and xenophobia. We’ve seen on countless historical occasions the failure of forcefully created artificial states and communities. For example, the hostility that exists between various groups of “hyphenated Americans” is more than just anecdotal. Hypothetically, if what multicultural progressives perceive as the greatest evil in the world were to completely disappear – European Man and his civilization – it will by no means halt mutual hatred and wars among those who remain. Neither will it inaugurate a perpetual peace among and between all Men. Racism, exclusion and xenophobia are by no means a characteristic of those who are often characterized as “stale, male and pale” in popular culture, the entertainment industry, the press and mainstream political commentators.

We must remember however that it is not the migrant who is responsible for the decline of Europe and her culture; rather it is our System-politicians, their transnational globalist “superclass” and their borderless and materialistic agendas who are doing most of the harm. If it wasn’t for their work, the problems would not be anywhere as serious or sever as we are experiencing on the Continent. In order to restore our identity as a particular people (a claim of right that is granted to all groups but us under the present regime), we must first dismantle the present ideological consensus and place our ancient cultural values at the top of the political process instead. We all know the greatest political wisdom of all times: whoever makes himself a sheep will soon be devoured by wolves. The biggest challenge that faces us is therefore an internal struggle whereby we muster the courage to defend and promote those things that matter to us the most: our history, our heritage and the promise of our future.

What I hope to have put to the reader is that this defence of our people will necessarily require that identitarians (at least in mainland Europe) must stop investing in internal disputes that serve no good collective interest while we are besieged from all sides. This may be ironic, but it is inconceivable to see how we can reclaim our civilization without making a tactical shift of this type to some significant degree. Furthermore, if our identity is to be protected as a people, we must reject, in principle and outright, all social pathologies that undermine and attack us on every level. This is as much a cultural and aesthetic issue as it is political. And of course, lastly, we must remember that what we suffer today are ultimately derived from our own internal problems – blaming external factors or pawn used to weaken us is ultimately a distraction. A confident and spiritually healthy people is never easy to subdue. So ladies and gentlemen, let us stop being sheep. The fight goes on!

Reposted from Sydney Traditionalist Forum, with author’s permission.

 Tomislav Sunić is a Croatian-American writer, translator and academic who taught at the Anglo-American College in Prague. Between 1993 and 201, Dr. Sunić served in the Croatian diplomatic corps in Zagreb, London, Copenhagen and Brussels. He received his doctorate in political science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is one of the exponents of the Nouvelle Droite movement in Europe. Among his various publications, which have appeared in Le MondeFrankfurter Allgemeine ZeitungWashington Times, and the New York Times, he is also the author of Homo Americanus – Child of the Postmodern Age (2007) and Postmortem Report: Cultural Examinations from Postmodernity (2010).

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30 Comments to "European or Ethnic Identity?"

  1. February 12, 2017 - 8:53 am | Permalink

    Yes, European cooperation is absolutely necessary. But different ethnic groups banded together to face off predation against other more unified powers, hence England unifying against the Vikings, Germany against the French &c. German dominance of the EU, by virtue of geography, size and industry, is a proof of the continuing legacy of ethnic division of power within Europe. Why should an Englishman want to be legislated for by Albanians or Kosovans, my European ‘brothers’?

    These national divisions are reinforced by language. The United States does not contain groups of different nationalities speaking their own languages. Different ethnicities came to the U.S. and formed a new ethnic group, speaking English. If an American goes to Europe, people are not going to identify him as a genericised white, but as an American.

    • James Reinfeld's Gravatar James Reinfeld
      February 12, 2017 - 11:43 pm | Permalink

      We know that there is a continuing legacy of the ethnic division of power in Europe, and that it is dangerous. But we should see the danger in terms fighting within the family.

      For example: we should refrain from promoting overly ambitious plans of transnational cooperation not because they would favor this nation or that but because they would make national and ethnic conflicts of interest more salient, whereas what we need is to let sleeping dogs lie.

      For the native European peoples to settle on each other as the enemy would be a profound and likely fatal mistake. All the politics of the white nations would be wrong from that point on, and we would have no obvious way to form a common front against the forces that want to wipe us all away.

      The enemy is a coalition assembled by organized Jewry, a coalition that includes both the white elites who have joined the massively incentivized war on whites and the non-white immigrant masses, both Muslim and non-Muslim, who, however weak in the past and present, grow stronger by the day, and whose growing presence in our lands is a genetic, cultural and political catastrophe for white people worldwide. In sum, the enemy is anti-whites.

      • Alicia's Gravatar Alicia
        February 13, 2017 - 9:01 am | Permalink

        You’re absolutely right, James Reinfeld. As Dr Sunic rightly states, we “must stop investing in internal disputes….while we are besieged from all sides”. The by the “gospel” of Shoah inspired enemy (organized Jewry in an unholy alliance with Christian Zionists and useful idiots) is so powerful that we do not stand a chance without putting aside our differences. Only when we cure our countries from the cancerous dominance, can we afford to treat our ethnic wounds (the by Dr Sunic used Slavic term, “narod”, would be more adequate than ethnicity though).

    • February 13, 2017 - 1:26 am | Permalink

      The EU doesn’t have to be dominated by Jews. And it’s not a question of an Englishman being legislated for by Albanians or vice versa. Europeans have obvious interests in common and they should be discussed. The EU for example suggests standards for e.g. electrical stuff, weights and measures etc. They don’t have to be imposed with absurd heavy-handedness.

      • European's Gravatar European
        February 14, 2017 - 6:45 am | Permalink

        The EU for example suggests standards for e.g. electrical stuff, weights and measures etc.

        ther were universal weights and emasure long before the EU. Most states accept those, because its easier to synchronize these units. You dont have to be an EU member to see that.

        “Europeans have obvious interests in common and they should be discussed.”

        What are these? every nation can build a fence and expel the migrunts. What other intersts there are that can only be discussed as Eu members, and not sovereign states?

  2. Zaida's Gravatar Zaida
    February 12, 2017 - 9:07 am | Permalink

    The recently appointed German foreign minister, hardcore leftist Sigmar Gabriel went to Washington to visite his colleague Tillerson. He said that a common welcoming Christian culture bonded the two countries, that’s our duty to care for the refugees.

    The central issue for European nationalists is the nation wrecking EU. Eastern European leaders like Lech Kacinsky and Viktor Orban fully support Merkel and the EU for opportunistic reasons, to keep the money flowing from the richer EU countries to their lagging economies.
    In cultural terms, work ethics etc.. It’s hard to see what Greece, Poland etc.. has in common with Danemark or Germany. It’s the EU that propagate the myth of an European common culture: Ask a Slovak what he thinks about the Magyars, or a German about the Romanians.

    • Seraphim's Gravatar Seraphim
      February 14, 2017 - 5:00 am | Permalink

      @…[what a] German [thinks] about the Romanians.

      Or, vice versa. East European national identities are not built on the ‘values’ on which the ethno-religious identity of the American WASP was constructed. The author knows that the national consciousness in Europe was built primarily on the basis of a common language, a common sense of history and a common destiny. He fails to notice that the primary building bloc of an ethnie is the blood kinship. An ethnie (gens, natio) is a group related by a common ancestry, practically an extended family, and by the cult of these ancestors. East European define themselves more in terms of generation: Slavic ‘rod’ (rather than ‘narod’, people), Romanian ‘neam’ (kind, race, rasse) rather than ‘popor’. Actually the original meaning of rasse, race, was ‘lineage’. ‘Aliens’ were ‘assimilated’ through blood exchanging rituals and participating in the cult of the ancestors and war heroes, who spiritually ‘adopted’ them. A religion like Christianity (which is the foundation of the larger European identity) was a superior bond (this is simply the meaning of ‘religio’) capable of uniting different ethnies (nationes) on a higher level, without dismantling them, because Nations were created by God:
      “When the Most High divided the nations, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the nations according to the number of the angels of God” (Deuteronomy, 32:8).
      “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen”. (Matthew, 28:19-20)
      “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;27 That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us” (Acts, 17:26-27).
      It’s above simple biology or ‘racial husbandry’.

    • John's Gravatar John
      February 14, 2017 - 9:35 am | Permalink

      Leftists hate Christianity but they constantly say that kind of crap to guilt the naive and foolish into supporting being overrun by hostile foreigners. Your other point about the lack of pan-European culture and cohesion is also exactly right. Orban, however, is against all this Nass migration and one of the only keepers to resist it.

  3. Lorenz Kraus's Gravatar Lorenz Kraus
    February 12, 2017 - 6:11 pm | Permalink

    I’m looking for speech/link/citation from a Jew who confessed that Jews can’t build their own nations or societies. They require a host population. I think it was here or Mondoweiss. Does anyone remember that or the speaker?

    re politics: Politics is RACIAL HUSBANDRY.

    This is biologically-based, is beyond the polis, addresses the borders issue where people from all around the world enter our cities and countries, and provides a purpose to politics. All man-made things require a purpose implicit or explicit in their definitions.

    A good definition requires a proper scope and collective good. RACIAL HUSBANDRY.

  4. February 12, 2017 - 8:09 pm | Permalink

    I agree with a lot, but I would think that ethnic differences are significant. Ethnic differences do, at the sane time, not rule out racial or even transracial cooperation against a common foe. We may not be the best match for every individual in our society, but at least we shoukd be able to cooperate with them. This value us instilled in us from young age. The same value is important for interactions between ethnic groups of like or similar race. It is all about social values. What is emphasised for the individual ought to be also emphasised for the group as well. It is okay to be different for every European or East Asian ethnic group, while at the same time it is important to cooperate. Cooperation can only work if differences are respected. Poles are not Germans and vice versa. No White nationalist will deny I am Chinese, and I would not appreciate it either if someone pretended I am White. I support Whites while being Chinese, and Germans and Poles can support Whites while being authentic to their own unique roots, there is no need to argue those ethnic roots are insignificant. It is too big a social engineering project to make an attempt at denying ethnic roots. The Chinese Communists have tried it, but I remain Cantonese and while being Cantonese, I can still support a notion of Chineseness. Things are complex. Parents give children their ethnic loyalties and breaking or ignoring ethnic loyalties is really not the way to go forward. In fact, a racial worldview must incalculate the power and sway of ethnic loyalties and differences. Respect for the individual is what makes him not feel neglected, respected for the ethnic group is what makes a people not feel victimised. I fear that ignoring ethnic differences in Europe could potentially set up the conditions for a new disastrous war after the fall of the multiracial liberal consensus. It is best to show racial values through respect for all ethnic groups. No matter how hard, all European ethnic perspectives and/or narratives have to be respected. Chinese cannot win the hearts of the Japanese if they cannot acknowledge the Japanese are free to worship their war heroes…… At the same time, the Japanese must also see that Chinese do not have good memories of the war and respect that – it is not about whether details such as the Nanking Massacre are right or wrong, it is merely a matter of principle and racial solidarity. I do not believe the Chinese Communist narrative and think it is reasonable to suppose the facts are extremely exaggerated for political purposes, while this does not mean that there is no reason for Chinese and Japanese to acknowledge each other’s feelings about the past and make an effort to build mutual respect. I know that this is a pipe dream with the current Chinese Communist government which will make an effort to frustrate all relations with Japan, but I have better hopes for the future considering that every government – especially the Marxist ones – have a limited lifespan. China is the last great vestige of Marxism-Leninism, but in the end it will die there too – although the question remains how much damage it will wreak before the Party falls. Communist overlord Xi Jinping is giving a hard time to Donald J.Trump, and I believe we are going to witness a huge power struggle between the two the coming years. This shows that some ideologies are irreconciliable with good racial values. Trump represents healthy values, whereas Xi is a political ideologue.

    • m's Gravatar m
      February 13, 2017 - 9:39 am | Permalink

      The Chinese Communist Party is the best thing the American empire in the Pacific has going for it. If Chinese and Japanese ever set aside their differences, forming some sort of political alignment, then the entire American Pacific empire would collapse, with the possible exception of Australia (which itself is rapidly being East and South Asianized, and also Africanized via immigration).

      Not sure how South Korea would react to such a thing since they are an American occupied country. North Korea keeps the American empire happy in that respect. If the North fell apart and joined the South, America would need a better excuse for their on-going occupation. Trump made some noise on the campaign trail about it, but it would surprise me if he makes any changes.

      Taiwan, for its part, would not be happy, and probably not the Vietnamese, either. Maybe we’d see an American naval base in the port of Ho Chi Minh City (could the Arizona senator negotiate that)? Stranger things have happened. The Philippines have already abandoned Washington, but it’s too soon to tell about how long the current regime there will last.

      Nevertheless, it seems unlikely that China and Japan will come to any mutual understanding, anytime soon, so it’s just a mental exercise.

      Finally, I have read that the Nanking Massacre has been exploited opportunistically by the mainland, but don’t know the facts, just what is said. As with much pre and post WW II world history, there is a lot that still needs to be sorted out.

      • Trenchant's Gravatar Trenchant
        February 13, 2017 - 8:38 pm | Permalink

        In more than 300 press conferences hosted by the Nationalists over the course of the year that followed their retaking of Nanking, no such massacre was mentioned. Nothing.

        Just saying.

  5. Norman's Gravatar Norman
    February 12, 2017 - 11:02 pm | Permalink

    A keynote for North American White Nationalism in this piece is decriminalization. The ongoing trend toward erasure of politically neutral ground is apparent, as forced diversity continues. While the prime cause is abhorrent, this erasure of comfortable neutrality (for many whites) can and should be accelerated.

    Is it so unimaginable that the social and political atmosphere could evolve to such a point that, if a white North American feels pressure, or is compelled to declare a natural sentiment of pride, then ethno-masochistic tendencies could be sooner exposed, discredited, marginalized, maybe even criminalized?

    It is an attractive, positive outreach track, and does not attempt to merely reverse the rhetoric and tactics of Cultural Marxism. Until demographic displacement exceeds a tipping point, it seems communication efforts to such purposes need only not fail, in order to succeed.

    • Michael Adkins's Gravatar Michael Adkins
      February 13, 2017 - 6:22 am | Permalink


      “Until demographic displacement exceeds a tipping point, it seems communication efforts to such purposes need only not fail, in order to succeed.”

      Agreed, genetically we remain united.

  6. Lynda's Gravatar Lynda
    February 13, 2017 - 5:20 pm | Permalink

    In America, the American identity was made by melding the European ethnicities. While the Swedes, English, French etc retained family heritage and often formed communities with those of like heritage, by and large, they identified with the Illuminist ideologies of America’s Masonic foundation: liberalism (rights of generic man), secularism (separation of church and state) and equalism (new version of the old leveller concept). If that was your credo – then welcome to America.

    For those who belonged to the Church, they might have rejected Masonic principles in theory – but they could make it work for a majority American demographic of European heritage.

    Equalism works pretty well among Europeans. Among the nations of the White race there are not great disparities of abilities. The economy of a White nation will sort out the classes by ability, energy, image and merit and it will not come down to an ethnic project of promoting ethnic groups into classes by means of jobs which their capabilities do not enable them to perform.

    Our present crisis is the supreme test of the American foundation in terms of its ideologies: the conflict of laws based upon the rights of man, the non-separation of Synagogue and the Masonic state and last but not least, the fact that within every ethnic group (as well as among the races), what exists de facto is a disparity in talents, abilities, resources and inclinations. A working economy is not going to reward those abilities in an equal way.

    Whereas, under the perverted dogma of equalism, entitlements and class status will be awarded on the basis of race so that all racial identities will be equally distributed across the social strata. Those of wrong ethnicity with abilities that challenge the affirmatively actioned aristocrat will abide under the American economic equivalent of the fatwa.

    The (((oligarchy))) is creating a new aristocracy based upon ideological, victim entitlements. These represent the infernal columns of their revolution against the nations of the White race in terms of national heritage/identity, religious/cultural rights and gender/sexuality. To wit: racism (contra the White race), nationalism (contra the nation state of an ethnic people), atheism (contra the religious / cultural heritage of the White nations), feminism (contra family, clan and kin)faggotism (contra our sexual identity and the gender roles of our cultural heritage).

    • Franklin Ryckaert's Gravatar Franklin Ryckaert
      February 13, 2017 - 11:39 pm | Permalink

      “…Equalism works pretty well among Europeans…”

      Equalism works only among those who are really equal. In all other cases it causes resentment of the inferior and the attempt to bring down the superior to the level of the inferior as the only means to bring “social justice”.

      “All men are unequal” should be the motto of every state that wants to base its national life on realism. Inequality allows the formation of hierarchy, which is the only way any human organism, be it an army, church, company or society itself, can function.

    • Michael Adkins's Gravatar Michael Adkins
      February 14, 2017 - 8:57 am | Permalink


      “The (((oligarchy))) is creating a new aristocracy based upon ideological, victim entitlements.”

      Here’s the oligarchy at work (in Ohio) and what follows is a behind the door look. Yes, it gets a little involved so stay with me, please.

      On February 9th the headline of the Columbus Dispatch (circulation 137,148 daily) read “Hate on the March.” There were two articles, one concerning Andrew Auglin of the Daily Stormer the other the KKK.* These were abridged versions of stories appearing in the Columbus Alive newspaper (circulation 55,000). Interested readers should visit their website The CA is a motley fishwrap given away weekly and owned by the Dispatch.

      So, we have two branches, one the Southern Poverty Law Center (playing authority figure) attempting to create hysteria among the population and more seriously in the CA an article by William Evans titled “In Another Castle” trying to justify violence against members of the Alt Right like Richard Spencer with something called “equivalent exchange.”

      In my opinion both articles are “joke journalism,” but as propaganda they are worth studying closely to get an idea of the oligarchy in central Ohio.

      *I am not a reader of the Daily Stormer nor am I a Klansman.

  7. John's Gravatar John
    February 14, 2017 - 12:38 am | Permalink

    Did anyone see the commercial for Tucker Carlson’s show that said he would be discussing the (immigrant) crime wave in Sweden? I saw the commercial at least twice and I’m pretty sure it said the program would air on Monday Feb. 13 but when it aired he made no mention at all of Sweden.

  8. European's Gravatar European
    February 14, 2017 - 6:41 am | Permalink

    The sleight-of-hand that Sunic plays in the article is that he confuses the meaning of “citizen” and the meaning of national ethnicity. Being a german citizen does not make one ethnically german for example.

    This is where it shows:

    What has become of the old meaning “national identity” in today’s Europe, in which over 10 per cent of citizens are of non-European extraction? Presently I feel I have much more in common with the abovementioned “WASP” from North America, a Slav living in the Far East of the Russian Federation, or a native of any of the Baltic States, who may know nothing about the culture of my particular homeland of Croatia, but who, nonetheless, belongs to the same or similar bio-cultural pool and to the same extended geographic area. My particular national consciousness, in light of the current non-European mass migrations, must take on, therefore, a different meaning.

    No, that is not the case. You just conflated two meanings with each other.

    Not to mention the occasional jabs at christianity.

    Tom sunic is just a homeless, nationless individual, who forsook his home and became a ‘murrigan burger. He wants to make everyone else as rootkless as he is. Free from history, free from culture, free from christianity.

    This is vomit-inducing.

    • James Reinfeld's Gravatar James Reinfeld
      February 14, 2017 - 10:46 pm | Permalink

      Tom Sunic is a loyal white man. That is especially meritorious in a time in which the white race is besieged.

      The white race has deep and broad roots, and those of us who are loyal to it also have deep roots.

  9. Simon's Gravatar Simon
    February 14, 2017 - 12:37 pm | Permalink

    The various ethnicities of Europe have not been around forever, and they will not remain as they are forever either. In fact, the nation state is a modern intention and many of them – the nation states – have probably passed their zenith at this point.

    That’s just the way of the world. Nations evolve like languages. What is becoming abundantly clear though, in the era of genomics, is that all North and Central Europeans are very closely related and constitute a relatively homogeneous genetic cluster. Moreover, this genetic cluster – which is a technical term for ‘our race’ – has been around since the Early Bronze Age (5-6000 years ago). This is what is worth protecting and fighting for – this is who we are. States, flags and dialects are mere vehicles for the propagation of our race.

    • February 14, 2017 - 1:40 pm | Permalink

      If you look at the earth from space with the north pole in the centre of your view, than you see USA, Canada, Europe, and Siberia forming a circle. Within this area the white race is prevalent and that is our race, that is “we”. We all have a feeling of “we belong together”.
      Nonetheless I am German and that is my own folk and I am proud to be a German.
      Both feelings “I am a part of the white race and I love my race” and “I am a part of the German folk and I love my folk” go together.
      Please see the famous picture. “Next time we fight it´s side by side”

      • John's Gravatar John
        February 15, 2017 - 12:44 pm | Permalink

        I’m also a German and that is my identity first. Next I am a north-west European and I will die a Christian. I respect all of the great contributions the Europeans have made to the world (especially the north-west Europeans) but everyone should live in their own historic land, ethnic Germans living in Germany French in France and so on. That is true diversity

  10. Jenson's Gravatar Jenson
    February 14, 2017 - 10:23 pm | Permalink

    The word folk is a direct descendent of the Germanic Volk that is a close approximation “Kith and Kin.” Tom Sunic just contradicts himself by talking unity yet lacing his articles with divisions and petty pursuits.

    It is clear to all that the erosion of European identity and the whole multiculturalism construct is a Jewish scheme. Professor MacDonald has laboured to point out Jewish activism in this regard as can seen clearly with the attack on Trump.

    The EU is also being used for such. The leadership is throroughly anti-European. Leaders past and present like Margot Wallstrom the current Swedish FM and apt pupil of Jewess Madeline Albright used to post on her EU blog anti-European venom.

    In plain sight;

  11. ex South African's Gravatar ex South African
    February 15, 2017 - 12:23 pm | Permalink

    I can see some of these issues in the European microcosm South Africa. There is not just one white tribe of Africa. You get the two big groups – the Afrikaner (Boer/Farmer is the historic term) and the English language group.

    The Boers consist out of the Huguenots (French), Germans and Dutch and a few smaller groups like the Portuguese from colonial Angola (typicall surname Ferreira). They have formed a strong identity. The Dutch, German and French part has been left behind. Many, if not the majority, are not even aware anymore of their different European ancestry.

    Then you get the English as historical adversary of the Afrikaner. The English as adversary has been diluted due to intermarriage and perhaps also artificially due to the long bush war (conscription) in the context of the Cold War, but there is still a small hard core very influential minority not of the Jewish faith that lives with one foot in England, and the other foot in South Africa. I am not sure that this will ever change. Perhaps on the long run there must be a two state solutions for both groups.

    That is, if white South Africa manages to survive.

    The English population is also known to be more liberal than the Afrikaans group. They opened their schools first for all the blacks, and they now want to send their children to the Afrikaans schools, because their schools do not work anymore after the black influx. Before the 1994 black majority elections they predominantly voted for the end of Apartheid.

    Perhaps something of interest for Dr. Sunic (possible indications of a civil war in South Africa just like once in Yugoslavia – Croatians in South Africa speak out):

  12. Kartoffelsalat's Gravatar Kartoffelsalat
    February 16, 2017 - 1:24 am | Permalink

    Tom Sunic’s thesis is obsolete.

    European identity regardles of ethnic differences between indigeneous groups has already been diluted by the European Convention on Nationality. The keyword is “discimination” as in it is “racist” for Danish passport or nationality to be restricted to Nordic types and excluding Nigerians.

    While the Jew-controlled English-speaking world and Western Europe are being diluted more rapidly this is being imposed on the East as well especially through monetary incentives.

    European identity was undone post 1945. Countries like Germany were gradually compelled to relax citizenship rules.

  13. M's Gravatar M
    February 16, 2017 - 1:50 am | Permalink

    Interesting article.

    I just want to add Britain especially England are much easier to subvert due to class. This is how Jews have managed to inject multiculturalism once they attained power. Multiculturalism is not popular among the working especially Northern England who voted Brexit who are real Engilish folk unlike cryptos like Boris Johnson.

    Latestly to call English-speaking South Africans English is incorrect. Most are Scots and East European Jews like Joe Slovo with an Irish element. Examples abound of Scottish heritage like pastors Angus Buchan, Ray McCauley as well as singer PJ Powers (real name Dunlop). Scots also make up as small Afrikaner element too.

  14. M's Gravatar M
    February 16, 2017 - 3:51 am | Permalink

    Lets avoid sweeping generalisations.

    The South Africans who speak English are not English but a mix. Most are Scots who settled as a trading class with names like Evangelist Angus Buchan, Rev. Ray McCauley and Singer PJ Powers. Afrikaners also are Scots with names like Smith.

    Besides the Afrikaners have more in common with the equally Calvinistic Southerners of English and Ulster Scots ancestry of America than the modern pot-smoking highly liberal Dutch of Holland or Marijuana Colorado Germans.

    Was it not Yugoslavia and the USSR Slavic elites who armed Africans and Cubans in Angola who fought Afrikaners? I am no fan of Harold Wilson but he sold South Africa Buccaneer jets they used for self-defence. Even Reagan vetoed unsuccessfully economic sanctions crafted by Richard Lugar who is German against fellow Germans of South Africa.

    Sunic has never heard of the Highland clan system aka Celtic volkischness. It was destroyed after Culloden. Today Libtards of the SNP leadership even champion “Muslim/Black Scots.” The hostile elite and Pseudos like Boris Johnson in Britain has been warring against the natives for years who have no desire to become mongrels. A Yugoslavia crash is coming soon.

  15. Armor's Gravatar Armor
    February 21, 2017 - 5:35 pm | Permalink

    “blaming external factors or pawn used to weaken us is ultimately a distraction. A confident and spiritually healthy people is never easy to subdue.”

    I won’t blame the migrating pawns, but as I see it, whether or not the problem is entirely Jewish, the main problem clearly comes from the top. Trump is proof of that. Now, everything is possible again in the USA. But not yet in Western Europe.

    In Brittany, we no longer have a nationalist, pro-independence movement. The French will say that that is because it was an outdated idea anyway. In fact, independence makes more sense today than ever, both for identitarian and financial reasons. The Breton independence movement has collapsed for the same reasons the Front National has failed to get in power.

    The problem comes from the top. There is no free media. Any honest public intellectual debate has been made impossible. Our natural elites have been pushed aside and replaced. Almost every political movement has been hijacked. In Brittany, the left-wing formerly separatist activists root for hyper-centralism and race replacement. The last right-wing nationalists are afraid to name the Jew.

    The race replacement situation is not as bad as in Paris, but even so, by now, we are probably a minority among White people in Brittany. It’s worse than what the Soviet Union has done to Lithuania. You manage to preserve your national existence for fifteen centuries, and then, you suddenly lose your country and your language in three generations!

    If there is a revolution and the White race is saved in Europe as a whole, we will need to have a decentralized organization, because it gives more meaning to people’s lives. I think even the French may agree with that. But if you tell them it means that Brittany gets separated from France, they no longer agree. Apparently, they think every place should be the same. And they are beginning to look the same as Africa.

    In Brittany, we no longer have the same kind of quarrels as between Croatia and Serbia, but it is much worse: the country is being slowly swallowed by a big Franco-Judeo-African blob. I would rather be at war with Normandy!

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