The War on Donald Trump: Embracing the Post Objective-Reality World

M. Jaggers

This article was completed just before the latest turn in the Russian collusion saga regarding Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russian lawyer.  I fear that the coherence of the article will be the least of the fallout from what is perhaps the strangest turn yet in this matter.  Ultimately, I still maintain that there was no collusion with Russia; however, one has to question Donald Trump Jr’s intelligence in attending a meeting advertised (quite possibly falsely) as connected to the Russian government. Regardless, we can be sure that the phenomenon of divergent objective realities between our side and the Cultural Marxists will continue….

We are living in a time with no agreed upon objective reality.  Often one hears leftists lament this, longing for the days of three television networks and the consequent stranglehold on information.  Staid, venerable journalists lament that we no longer have a “shared set of facts.”  Alas, those were never “the facts.”

This post-objective reality world—isn’t it thrilling?  Unmoored by tradition, the world has no static reference points, and therefore boundless opportunities.  In this “anything goes” environment, Alt-Right ideology is poised to take off.  It is simply a matter of embracing the absurdity of the situation.

Yet despite the lack of all agreed upon reference points, we continue to use the vocabulary of an objective reality in order to persuade others to our point of view.  We talk about “evidence” and “reason” and “facts,” and then lay them out in a heavy-handed manner which betrays the lack of all three. This is echoed in the left, with their insistence on having all of the facts, and raining down contempt on any who would dare contradict them.

Of course, to discuss evidence in terms of a realistic view on race or gender, all the data are on our side.  But that isn’t “evidence,” you see, because the elite establishment is the entity which confers the status of “evidence”; and conversely, non-welcome data and arguments are simply labeled “hate,” and they get no funding from the universities or the government. The response to us from mainstream America is, ‘Why do you even want to know that?’  And perhaps the best answer to that question is, ‘I want to know because you don’t want me to know.’

Indeed, something has gone wrong in the way that we discuss “evidence,” to the point where as soon as a journalist or researcher references “evidence,” I become more, not less skeptical of his arguments.  The framing of the debate has become perverse: it’s “heads we win, tails you lose” when engaging with the Cultural Marxists in the battlefield of ideology and politics.

Richard Spencer has advocated that it is not necessarily the laying out of statistics, crime stats, IQ charts, and so on with which we should propagate our ideas; but rather the more intangible aspects of identity and culture which speak most directly to the human soul.  As President Trump put it, “We write symphonies.”  Yet no matter how gently we put this, it would seem we have broken the most forbidden taboo.

Specifically to the point of evidence, there is one example which vividly illustrates our failure as a culture to use the concept constructively in order to establish an agreed upon objective reality; namely, the Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy theory.

A Forbes editorial touched upon this:

Where there is smoke, there may be fire. So, investigate, investigate, investigate until you find something. The smoke-justifies-the-investigation argument is inconsistent with centuries of common law and the Fourth Amendment’s requirement of “probable cause supported by oath or affirmation.”

This article, “There Remains no Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion,” was written back in May.  This is not a new revelation; sources well within the mainstream have been noting what a bizarre charade this has been for months.

President Trump himself sent out a whimsical tweet a few weeks ago in which he wondered why, if there was so much nefarious activity coming from Russia during the election, Obama didn’t do anything about it.  Obama “colluded or obstructed,” Trump playfully asserted.  Trump was satirizing the rush to accuse him of colluding or obstructing with no evidence; and showing that these allegations could just as easily be thrown at Obama, who also was obviously not colluding with Russia.  This is colloquially known as a “troll,” which often intersects with satire.

But our lying press does not understand humor (in a selective way, of course), and therefore gravely noted that Trump “did not provide evidence” (according to Reuters) for his claim that Obama colluded with Russians.  Trump uses satire, but hasn’t the ability nor the inclination to explain his satire; therefore, these deliberate misrepresentations in the media go unanswered.

A “troll” is similar to irony or satire in that it bridges the gap between objective reality and a hypocritical stance we use to paper over inconvenient or uncomfortable truths.  Because mainstream journalists themselves are constantly battling cognitive dissonance in their effort to paper over this gap, they especially resent these “trolls” from Trump and his supporters, particularly when they themselves are the subject of such satire, as we see with the notorious Trump v. CNN wrestling GIF.

As to the “Russian collusion” case, we see again and again that the concept of “evidence” is ever elastic, sometimes rigorously applied, sometimes omitted completely, depending on the cultural/political context.

When it comes to voter fraud, however, a phenomenon which on the face of it seems plausible at least to some degree, a lack of evidence is cited as a reason to call off any investigation.  The claim that there is no evidence is seized upon to preclude the matter from being investigated at all.  By that logic, nothing would ever be investigated because the results do not exist yet in the present, and therefore all further research is futile!

So why does the concept of “evidence” become so cloudy in the matter of voter fraud?  Well, now we are dealing with matters of electoral significance, and the demographic implications of preventing recent immigrants from voting illegally.  There is a lot at stake.

In a New York Times editorial, written with typical audacity and cunning, voter fraud is described in a manner which it seems could be more accurately applied to the Trump/ Russia collusion conspiracy theory:

For voter fraud ideologues like Kris Kobach, the vice chairmen of the commission, who signed last week’s letter, the absence of evidence serves only as proof that researchers aren’t looking hard enough.  In his other job as Kansas Secretary of State, Mr. Kobach has made a career of detecting and prosecuting a supposed national fraud epidemic.

The Times goes on to describe Kobach’s efforts as a “quixotic crusade,” which again, is a phrase more appropriately applied to the “Russian collusion” investigation.  But the New York Times has the power to define who is an “ideologue,” and therefore not good-faith seekers of the truth.  They also have the power to preemptively declare that Mr. Kobach’s efforts have failed to produce evidence, when in fact the Commission on Election Integrity has just begun!

Suppose Secretary Kobach finds mountains of evidence—what would happen to that proof once the journalists at the New York Times were done with it—assuming they would mention it at all?  If we lived in a cultural context in which evidence were relevant, it would be possible to conceive of a scenario in which the Times acknowledged, “Actually, we were surprised to learn that Mr. Kobach did indeed find significant voter fraud.”  It is inconceivable that such an event would transpire; therefore, we have no shared objective reality.

According to Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, one of the main perpetrators of the Russian collusion hoax:

We are far closer to the beginning of the investigation than we are to the end. But it would be the worst form of negligence to our republic for us to say we’re going to close the investigation before we can determine whether there is merit to these allegations.

“No evidence” with regards to Russian collusion means keep checking.  Rep. Schiff is brazen in his carrying out of a venomous partisan agenda without regard for ethics or integrity.  For him, this ten-month long investigation is “just getting started,” regardless of what you, the voting public, might think about it.  It would seem that Schiff and his compatriots in the media have grown accustomed to complete control of the perceptions of the American public through their dominance of the press and other institutions.  With that stranglehold now broken thanks to alternative media, we have divergent “objective realities” which bear no relation to each other.

If we are to take our cues from the media/political complex, it is quite simple: there are some things that they want us to know, and there are some things they don’t want us to know; and finally, there are some things they don’t even want us to look at.  Every culture has taboos unique to their own quirks and circumstances; so of course we have ours too.  The only difference is that we have a veneer of open scientific inquiry that revels in the pretense that our standards are based on rock solid truth, not on mere cultural mores.  Au contraire.

These taboos are quite obvious and their strength can be measured by the extent of demonization of anyone who transgresses them.   Communist Russia had their taboos, Hitler’s Germany had theirs, Merkel’s Germany has theirs; and alas, we have ours.  Is there any moral distinction among them?

Let’s dispense with all talk about “facts” and “evidence”; instead, just look at who’s in power, and who their enforcers in the media are.  Perhaps we’re in a peculiar situation in the US in 2017, as we have a real advocate in power, yet he himself is a symbol of taboo.  The President himself is persona-non-grata in his own country, whom we must be careful not to “normalize”!

Hence “evidence” is no longer a productive term in a culture so bitterly divided.  But however even-handed one tries to be in viewing the matter, it must be said that elite-journalist class is playing fast and loose with the concept of evidence.  They’re like Black jurors in the OJ Simpson trial:  Any evidence that they perceive to conflict with their racial agenda is dispensed with by a standard of proof so high that no human could ever reach it.  When “evidence” is convenient for their agenda, the concept of proof becomes much more elastic, and indeed whimsical; so that if none exists presently, rest-assured it is right around the corner. The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence, as the poetic former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld once said.  Unless, of course, it is.

So then do we play the game by adhering to the normal terms of debate? Do we try to “prove” our case in the traditional manner of presenting evidence and facts?  Or do we embrace the chaos and nihilism, and adopt a kind of Nietzschean will to power?

You could read every newspaper in the country, and still not understand the enmity towards Russia and Trump in any rational terms.  Instead we seem to be in a morality play of good and evil, for reasons that are only in the subtext.

The concept of “evidence” has been made completely fungible, and of course we must also allow that our opponents express a similar frustration with the right’s inability to see “the truth.” One can therefore say that we are involved in a type of metaphysical struggle against an adversary who has an almost Satanic desire to oppose us in those matters of most vital concern to our cultural life.  Perhaps in these quasi-religious terms we frame the conflict more accurately.

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21 Comments to "The War on Donald Trump: Embracing the Post Objective-Reality World"

  1. AceOfLances's Gravatar AceOfLances
    July 12, 2017 - 11:52 am | Permalink

    I think personally that your very last sentence sums it all up the best. I can see now that folks in history who fought over, say, religious difference concerning heresy, like in northern Ireland or the Reformation, got to the levels of hatred and violence they did…those points became completely intractable to either side.
    What I mean is I see that they weren’t less than us, we aren’t better than them…we fight for what we believe, with pen or words, education or propaganda, lies evidence, debate, swords, whatever. While these points in our history may seem to be low points, though, they were often proceeded by a more enlightening age (I think, just a thought! I’ll let someone knowledgeable with history correct me if I’m wrong with this analogy)
    I see the political and ideological fight in the West as crucial to our people’s survival as free folk. It IS religious, to me, a religious person… they’re linked of course, it’s my lens, and at the Heights the conflict is reaching, my reality too.
    I think that if Putin himself sent docs exposing Hillary as the criminal she is, give him a medal. I don’t think us Trumpets care; the amazing thing is that despite who the media, Hollywood, the politicians, etc. told us to vote for and who is ‘literally Hitler’; the majority took a chance at not listening… that’s progress.

  2. essem's Gravatar essem
    July 12, 2017 - 3:34 pm | Permalink

    The response to us from mainstream America is, ‘Why do you even want to know that?’ And perhaps the best answer to that question is, ‘I want to know because you don’t want me to know.’


    • John Walton's Gravatar John Walton
      July 13, 2017 - 4:10 am | Permalink

      Mainstream America believes all sorts of conspiracy theories and is fairly divided on Israel versus the Arabs. Mainstream America increasingly ignores the NY Times in favor of internet sources. But mainstream America has been hypnotized into thinking that resistance is futile. This is partly because mainstream America is misinformed about what mainstream America thinks. For example, most people think most other people are pro-choice, when in reality the country is evenly divided, depending on how you define terms. The right’s job is to organize, focus, and lead. So far it has done a terrible job. The one bright spot is the young people, who regard their elders as “cucks.”

  3. July 12, 2017 - 5:42 pm | Permalink

    Intelligence estimates rely on statistically sophisticated and sound digestion of facts. Data sources and computation are making it feasible for small organizations to conduct intelligence estimates that make the most of very limited resources available to dissident movements. Yes, the Frankfurt School’s intellectual poison has done its damage and will continue to do so — rendering the public largely immune to the presentation of facts and statistics. And, yes, that means countermeasures must be created and deployed with the limited resources available — based on sound intelligence estimates using the resources we have available.

    For this reason, I suggest a meta-strategy I’m calling “Ockham’s Guillotine“. It will provide a sound foundation for intelligence estimates by doing the work social scientists won’t. The fact that it will likely cause an avalanche in public discourse and likely bury the social pseudo-sciences in the process, is a side effect that may turn out to be useful depending on what strategies intelligence estimates recommend. Given the central role the social pseudo-sciences play in the Frankfurt School’s spawn, it certainly seems well positioned to do some damage to the cultural Marxist agenda.

  4. Bennis Mardens's Gravatar Bennis Mardens
    July 12, 2017 - 9:29 pm | Permalink

    Adam Schiff is filth, a degenerate lying scumbag. He knows very well there was no Russian collusion. Schiff is despicable.

  5. Walter's Gravatar Walter
    July 13, 2017 - 3:44 am | Permalink

    “One can therefore say that we are involved in a type of metaphysical struggle against an adversary who has an almost Satanic desire to oppose us in those matters of most vital concern to our cultural life.”
    Sadly I don’t believe it’s *almost Satanic*. It/they are satanic. And metaphysical- yes indeed. I feel it most when I’m online, as our conscious minds flow into others- the occult ‘spells’ of words/swords. I’ve become particularly adept at avoiding anything that smells of stale, poisoned leftism, including family and well-meaning friends. Ayn Rand’s disappearance of active, thinking folks in Atlas Shrugged is starting to feel mighty sound an idea. Scram and let the leftists, satanists and their immigrant armies fight it out. Where are the old-fashioned healthy-minded folks? In their garden or kitchen I’d hope.

  6. RoyAlbrecht's Gravatar RoyAlbrecht
    July 13, 2017 - 5:28 am | Permalink


    and I have real difficulty finding an issue that is destroying us that does not go back to the Jews…,
    goes back to the Jews.

    I watched the recent interview by the ABC journalist of Jared Taylor and was amazed how he can sooooooo eloquently blither on for 30 odd minutes about White Identity and not once mention Jews !!
    That’s why ABC chose Taylor…, because they know he is a “…professional blitherer…” who never says anything that Whites do not already know.

    Meanwhile, the real story (last I heard) is;
    “…David Duke Running for a US Senate Seat…”,
    who is all the while naming Jews left right and centre…,
    but from Dr. Duke, ABC does not want to hear anything !!

    I learned long ago that talking to a Jew or their well trained puppets is like talking to a retard with Obsessive Compulsive Demonosis.
    Unless one is Jesus, who could supposedly cast the multitude of differing Demons from their Hosts, there is just no point in engaging (((them))).
    Unfortunately, beheading them, which IMO is really the best choice, is only an option for those who are ready to leave this world anyway.

    I mean let’s look at the situation objectively:
    While we try to debate our opposition in the hopes of converting them,
    while they are happy to play with our minds yet behind the scenes (((they))) are working actively to destroy us.

    With such a scenario, who in their right mind bothers with debating them?

    The Mungicake Muddy (but also quite a few Whites) Masses will follow whoever they believe has the power to enforce deprivation upon them.
    They are too insipid to decide anything for themselves.
    They are not our impediment.

    It is those who wield the minds of the Mungicake Masses that must be liberated from their miserable existences.

  7. Sam J.'s Gravatar Sam J.
    July 13, 2017 - 5:40 am | Permalink

    “…no agreed upon objective reality…”

    What is happening to us is called “gaslighting”. It’s a technique of psychopaths to cause confusion and depression. Our country is run by a tribe of psychopaths, the Jews. They’ve been thrown out of every single country they’ve gone to in any numbers.

    Many people may argue that I’m wrong about the Jews being a tribe of psychopaths but there is no discernible difference between the behavior of Jews long strategies in the countries they have inhabited and the strategies of psychopaths. So even if I’m wrong treating the Jews as a tribe of psychopaths will be fruitful and you will understand their behavior. To defeat them we must attack at their choke points.
    1. They control the media. This is being broken down. Pushing Alt-right sources and this site provide inoculation against their propaganda.
    2. They control the FED. This means they can use the authority of the FED to channel endless sums of cash to their groups or groups that favor them. We’re no where on this. We need to get rid of the FED and place all it’s assets and the assets they’ve channeled into their friends pockets into ours. Extremely important.
    3. Through propaganda they’re demoralized Whites. We need to reject their morality, for us. For themselves they have none except what’s good for the Jews. Being willing to not be triggered or any way suppressed by cries of racism, Nazi, or anti-Semite is part of it. Racist, so what? Billboards might help. The League of the South did this. Several companies made them take them down after complaints. One resource might be private land next to highways with anti-Jew, anti-FED, and anti-White disposition messages. They should be blunt, but factual, condemnations of the Jews. There’s laws on how many commercial billboards can be off the interstates but I bet they don’t apply to political statements on private property.
    4. We need to push Republicans to respect the civil rights of Whites. All these seminars where they attack Whites as privileged and racist for existing are violations of their civil rights. The same with the demoralizing propaganda in schools.
    5. Raping of children. There’s a ton, masses, loads of evidence that this is going on. This is one of their greatest leverages of power while at the same time points of failure. What can you do? Do open source research tying groups together. Pizzagate on is doing this. Yes there’s a lot of lies there but that’s everywhere. There’s also a lot of good solid information.

    Instead of watching TV go and start watching any place where they have orphan children. See if they are removing them at night to go…well find out where they go. Make notes in a spiral notebook for evidence. They have their asses hanging out on the child rape issue. It wouldn’t take many honest investigators to blow them wide open. They’re very vulnerable here.
    6. I think inculcating a mind set that they’re a tribe of psychopaths is invaluable. Seeing as how they seem to act exactly like psychopaths long term it’s very valuable to understand this way of thinking. The two best sources on psychopaths I’ve seen that are free is this chapter in the great book on Psychopaths by Hervey Cleckley, “The Mask of Sanity”. It’s about the psychopath Stanley. Who does all kinds of manic bullshit and spends all his time feeding people the most outrageous lies. Look at the astounding array of things he’s able to get away with. Maybe it will remind you of a certain tribe. New meme. “They’re pulling a Stanley”. The whole book is on the web and worth reading.

    This book, which one of the best I’ve ever seen on psychopaths, on how to deal with psychopaths. In here might be the beginnings of a strategy to deal with them. It’s my belief that once people are wakened to psychopaths and their various natures they begin to recognize them rather easily. Even if you don’t believe the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths the book is a great read by a computer programmer that has broken down psychopaths behavior into smaller steps in order to recognize them. You can buy a copy or download a free pdf copy at the link below of “The Psychopath Code” by Pieter Hintjens.

    7. Building #7 on 9-11. The BIGGEST, most massive, glaring thing they’re ever done wrong in history. Tell everyone, Everyone you see. Tell them in grocery store check out lines. Tell them everywhere. You must make the very simplest point clear. Building 7 on 9-11 fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air. There is only TWO variables. gravity and the resistance to whatever is falling. Since gravity is the same on the building and the rock this means that the resistance through which they were falling was the same. AIR. Now we all know the building wasn’t floating in the air and there is no other way the building could have fallen as it did except the bottom was demoed out from under it. The support for the building was the same density as AIR. Since the Jews own the media they MUST be in on it. They’re really screwed on this issue. There is no way possible to talk themselves out of the fact that building 7 fell the way it did. Tell everyone. It doesn’t matter if they look at you funny. If they get curious later and look for themselves they will see that there is no logical explanation except that it was demoed.
    7. No Jews what so ever are going to be of any use to us at all in this. How many will pretend to be on your side but really are there just to watch and report on you? No matter how much they say they’re on your side why has it taken them so long to act? Even if they seem to be of use the odds, added up over thousands of years, are that they will never be anything but trouble. Like playing slots at casinos. You will always lose. Dump them. They’re of no use to us. Avoid them like the plague. With Jews you lose.

    • John Boyd's Gravatar John Boyd
      July 14, 2017 - 9:27 pm | Permalink

      Good Sam, my friend, sign me up! To say that they, the Jewish believers in the Jewish Hierarchy of the Fellow Chosen Brotherhood in all of its many guises, whether as a influence seeking, positive histrionically driven crown of creation, manifest definers of all definitions what-so-ever, or just a very clever group of chaps that have swindled just about every human being on the planet at some level; yes that sounds like psychopathy inherent in the racial collective….and is easily transferable (Freud) when that kind of psychopathic group think exists, as it cancels by way of hypocrisy it on ethical status as being un-narcacistaclly unassailable.

      Folks are unwinding this little Gordian Knot of Definitive Media, Definitive Money, Frankfort School ans Deep State and what this means to us still working in the level of the unconscious (Jung) towards full consciousness, which means in addition to logic, the Unambiguous Logic of Truth.

      Was able to get hold of a copy of Douglas Reeds “The Controversy of Zion” about a decade ago and it changed everything, as he wrote with clarity without any agenda. Reading that book explains the slippery relationships “Among the Gentiles” that if everyone were aware of….well let’s just say the book was suppressed “Big Time”. And of course now that the commie threat is not, capital “C” Capitalism’s legal and moral issues are not far from the surface, either.

  8. Luke's Gravatar Luke
    July 13, 2017 - 6:22 am | Permalink

    “You could read every newspaper in the country, and still not understand the enmity towards Russia and Trump in any rational terms.”

    Well, if this is true – then, I am greatly embarrassed and profoundly ashamed of the continued state of ignorance of my fellow White American segment of the population. This is not a difficult, or even particularly challenging, question to answer.

    From the very beginning of Vladimir Putin’s rise to power in Russia, when he cleverly pulled a rope-a-dope maneuver on the 12 out of 13 Oligarchs who jewish and conned them into thinking that, if they financed his rise to the top, that once he was the Top Dog, he would be their loyal, obedient and subservient stooge – but, then, once he had the power, he turned on them like a snake and either threw them into jail or ran them out of Russia. And, to add further outrage to the mix, Putin had the gall to move to restore the Orthodox Church and to help popularize and promote Christianity! This is the root of the vitriolic hatred that the jews who’ve hijacked America have for Putin and Russia.

    They had been voraciously plundering Russia in their historically well known, vampire-like fashion and Putin stepped in and decided to put a stop to it. This enraged the jews – who believe that they are entitled to suck the blood of the gentiles, so the jewish neocons have been gunning for Putin ever since.

    Oh, and don’t overlook this important aspect to the on-going jewish media demonization of Russia. WW1 and WW2 were both orchestrated by jews and both were Brother Wars-which pitted White nations against White nations. These wars resulted in massive numbers of Whites being killed – young White men who never had a chance to marry and have White children. With the percentage of the world’s White population now down to between 8-10%, the jews would like nothing better than to stir up another Brother War between the USA and Russia and the death toll would probably reduce Whites to one or two percent.

    Putin predicted that a WW3 would likely leave no survivors, and I suspect he was thinking primarily about White European mankind. This is what the jews want more than any other thing on their agenda.

    • Sam J.'s Gravatar Sam J.
      July 13, 2017 - 10:18 pm | Permalink

      Luke.”…They had been voraciously plundering Russia in their historically well known, vampire-like fashion and Putin stepped in and decided to put a stop to it. This enraged the jews – who believe that they are entitled to suck the blood of the gentiles…”

      You’re exactly correct. This is the whole bag of wax. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths and don’t know when to quit. It’s why they are persisting with the Russia, Russia, Russia business. Psychopaths have a serious problem with overconfidence and also a poor appreciation of danger. They have little to no fear and think they can talk their way out of anything.

      From their perspective,”hey we got away with 9-11″ so they think they can do anything. It’s not over yet.

      When the turn comes it will be brutal for them. They have no friends and even the impartial people like the Asians know they are no good.

    • RoyAlbrecht's Gravatar RoyAlbrecht
      July 14, 2017 - 6:23 am | Permalink

      IMO, both your comments seem to be the most likely scenario.
      Russia is such a difficult country for me to figure out because I have not spent any time there and travel restrictions…, namely the visa requirements and limitations on freedom of movement…,
      make travel for me uninviting.
      I would feel like I was in North Korea…, a country that I have been in.
      Nevertheless, since the Jewish and Islamic Socio-Philosophical Nut-construct are very similar,
      one merely needs to examine Islamic treatment of Russian soldiers to find good reason why Russians and Jews do not get along.

      The Jews would not hesitate to do the same thing to us Whites that Islamic soldiers to Russian soldiers.

      The one reason why…,
      kind of like Assad and his Alawite backers…,
      I support Trump even though I wish he were harder on the Jews than he is, is that Trump is a president between a rock and a hard place.
      He is surrounded by snakes in a den of vipers with only limited resources to keep them at bay while he attempts to gain control of the ship.

      I rarely pray.

      I believe God sees all and gives and takes according to ones deeds…,
      but I do pray for Donald Trump.

      I pray to Christ that he is protected and that Donald Trump finds the strength and the nick-of-time assistance he needs to accomplish all the good things that I believe are in his heart.

      We need to stand by Trump.
      Yes his kids have been captured by the enemy, but Donald Sr. is still a White man who has helped our side immensely considering the predicament we were in during the pre-Trump era and as such we need to help him as much as we can.

      • Barkingmad's Gravatar Barkingmad
        July 15, 2017 - 9:50 am | Permalink

        He [Trump] is surrounded by snakes in a den of vipers with only limited resources to keep them at bay while he attempts to gain control of the ship.

        Snakes that he invited in. Please don’t tell me he “didn’t know” how Washington functions. Yes, he did. I don’t know if he is a well-meaning person who’s now in over his head, or is a tool, or was never on our side to begin with.

        • Walter's Gravatar Walter
          July 15, 2017 - 6:37 pm | Permalink

          I’d say he knew alright, and is as qualified as they are in manipulation. The significant difference being, he’s on our side. We dodged a bullet when he got elected, and the vipers hate him for his manoeuvrability. His soul seems decent. If he was as vile as the left say, his actions would make it obvious he was as crooked at the tribe. It may well be he’s the only remaining white man capable of the job due to his financial circumstances and extensive exposure to said tribe.

  9. July 13, 2017 - 6:31 am | Permalink

    The other side is lying and it tries try to make our side to be silent and without a voice. The other side owns or heavily influences more than 90% of the mass media, the government and the mainstream churches.
    The other side works with intimidation. The other side has been so fore a long time, Jewish press power has been described in Germany in the year 1880. For details please see Heinrich von Treitschke,
    Parts of that side are in the English language.

    We can strive and we can win. That aim can and has to achieved. Our countries are our countries. We are not allowed to destroy them and to destroy our heritage and to destroy the life of our children and grand-children. To preserve the life of our children is our duty and we fulfill this holy duty. It is a very fine thing that we white folks have the Occidental Observer, situated in California and speaking for all white folks. Thank you very much.

    About the post-fact-time: Everything must be put into doubt, that is the way that our science is working. But: There are some very basic things, some groundstones, onto which the whole building is erected. That are with the Greek word the “axioms”.
    And our axion, the axiom of us Germans and the other white folks is: “We want to live and we want our children to live” (socalled “fourteen words”).
    Either the person that I am speaking to will agree or disagree. Anyhow, I have set the frame of the discussion. In case that the other side will not accept my sentence as a prerequisite for further discussion, than I will leave him alone.

  10. stefan_b's Gravatar stefan_b
    July 13, 2017 - 10:14 pm | Permalink

    Good article. We can bemoan the state of objective reality but the issue is still “Who wins?” I think weight-of-lies is the decider in this world of super-pressurized narratives. It’s now volume or bulk rather than quality that counts and the problem we have (that we’ve always had) is that the globalists own and control the media. At very least we have to stop worrying about telling an absolute pack of lies. This is all that political debate has become. It’s sad, but there it is.

  11. T's Gravatar T
    July 16, 2017 - 8:17 am | Permalink

    Russia since the 50’s has been publically and plainly identified as a geopolitical adversary of the US and UK, primarily as Russia is a contendor with those two countries for the domination of Germany, the center of power upon continental Europe. If one dominates Germany, making sure any potential contendors such as Russia are out of the way, one can then safely dominate Europe. The domination of Europe is a requirement for the then domination of the world. From Russia’s point of view it is the US/UK bloc that is contending with them for the domination of Germany and which must be swept clear. The Germans themselves have had no say in any of this since the conclusion of WWII.

    By the way, when I say ‘since the 50’s’ at the beginning of the previous paragraph, I am not speaking of the Cold War era 1950’s but rather I am referring to the pre US Civil War era 1850’s. The entirety of the geopolitical scenario I’ve just described was presented in an easy to read but some times dry book of less than two hundred pages published in the US in 1853 entitled The New Rome; or, the United States of the World. That book is free and scanned in online at

    There were numerous book reviews of this work at the time most not knowing what to make of it other than with a few exceptions to dismiss it as fantasy. Bear in mind, besides forecasting the US/UK bloc and their quest to control and dominate Germany, at a time when the US and Britain were still at odds due to the 1776 Revolution, the book also describes the future domination of the air militarily by the United States, a solid half century before the Wright brothers. Karl Marx in his writings at the time of this book’s publishing mocked its adherents as ‘the Romans’. This book and much of its contents has been explored on a thread at another site linked here

    A 37 page booklet published in 1912 in the US besides providing biographical background on The New Rome’s two writers, Poesche and Goepp, it also gives historical context. Most interestingly it delves into a German view of the future empire the book descibes, seeing it as one to be dominated by Germany. So, it would seem Anglo-Saxon elites of the US and UK and their hangers on have had dreams of a global empire, in theory a democatic republic, called the ‘New Rome’ which they believe they are to dominate. The German elites too, and their followers, as described in the 1912 booklet, have believed they are to dominate this global empire which they are to have spearheaded as ‘the hammer of Thor’ perhaps. And those powerful elements of the elites of the Jewish people that have been involved in the creation of this world empire (Poesche and Goepp write about Rothschild in their 1853 book) and the all too many amongst the Jewish people going along with it, this pattern seeming to be largely the same with the various elites and the peoples involved, do they see this future global state which they think they are to dominate as something to be called ‘New Israel’ or perhaps ‘New Jerusalem’? As self deception, and in turn the deceiving of others with those same self deceptions, would seem to play a massive and recurring role in all of this, one can only conclude that it most likely is all headed toward perdition rather than the future global paradise they tell themselves about. The fascinating 1912 booklet A Political Prophecy of the 48ers in America is free and scanned in online below

    The perpetual demonization of Trump serves broadly as a demonization by proxy of Caucasions in general in the US, Trump being presented by the media as an overall representative of that shrinking part of the population. Whether one supports him or not, whatever their ethnic or racial background may be, is besides the point in regards to this.

    By linking Trump closely with the Russians in these attacks the powers that be are getting a ‘two fer deal’, i.e. attacks against two declared enemies for the price of one.

  12. HK Wills's Gravatar HK Wills
    July 16, 2017 - 6:39 pm | Permalink

    The mistake is in believing the “debate” is an honest good faith search for the truth when in fact it is an increasingly desperate attempt to create a faux reality where a perceived ethnic enemy, President Trump, is presented as guilty of some vague malfeasance. This faux reality is aimed at a large segment of the American population who read no further than the headlines. At the deepest level of analysis it is found to be a form of ethnic aggression intended to tarnish, weaken, cripple or destroy not enlighten.

    I think it is a mistake to reasonably rebut every one of the attacks de jour: this what the Left wishes us to do; squander our resources of time and energy chasing their phantoms. It is to play their game. It has been said that if you are on the defensive you are already losing. But if it is too early to take the most effective tact: swinging back by pointing out to all just who the media really are and what they are engaged in there may be no alternative – except of course at venues such as TOO. Information consumption continues it’s trend of segmentation and there is hope as people select on the basis of self interest.

    It is a struggle for the hearts and minds of whites.

  13. pterodactyl's Gravatar pterodactyl
    July 18, 2017 - 4:25 am | Permalink

    “case, we see again and again that the concept of “evidence” is ever elastic,”
    The left own the MSM so the debate will never be a fair one. That is a factor against the patriots and in favour of the globalists. But on the other hand, the true left are fully aware that in the end they are the small minority and the vast majority do not think as the left do, and are very far from them in terms of behaviour and thinking. In other words the vast majority are patriotic and ‘right wing’ but too ignorant/stupid/politcally unaware/ to know it, and the left know this. That is why the left/globalists need such a tight control of the media to keep up their dominance of the narrative and hence keep the people in a state of submission to the messages of the left, such as always favouring other races over your own, or you will be committing the ultimate sin of racism. Once the left lose control of the narrative (as they might do as the West’s wealth and comforts diminish) they know the natural state of the people is to reject and their hatred of anything better.

  14. Sam J.'s Gravatar Sam J.
    July 18, 2017 - 5:01 am | Permalink

    “The mistake is in believing the “debate” is an honest good faith search for the truth when in fact it is an increasingly desperate attempt to create a faux reality where a perceived ethnic enemy, President Trump,…”

    I agree and I sure hope they keep it up. In the past this kind of rumor mongering had power but now they’re just proving themselves lairs more and more every day. People see this. They’re doing Gods work in ruining their own reputations. Idiotcracy in action. I mean who really believes that Russia is in charge of Trump? Is there anyone that actually believes this? It’s got to be a vanishing small number. One that would hard to measure above statistical noise.

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