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Jonah Goldberg: The liberal media doesn’t have any influence

Jonah Goldberg recently wrote an op-ed emphasizing how powerful media influences are (“If speech can inspire good actions, it can inspire bad actions, too“). His point: Liberals decry the toxic rhetoric of the right, conservatives blame the toxic rhetoric of the left. When attacked – again heedless of ideology or consistency – the gladiators instantly […]


Jonah Goldberg and Harold Meyerson on the election: It’s all good

Two op-eds in the LATimes illustrate two Jewish reactions to the election. Although they supposedly are on the opposite sides of the political spectrum, they have much in common. On one hand is Jonah Goldberg, editor of National ReviewOnline. Goldberg is a neocon—a faux conservative who recently was noted as supporting the firing of John Derbyshire for telling the […]


Anti-White hostility in the media: Menachem Rosensaft, Jonah Goldberg, Steve Weinberg, and Arthur Goldwag

The media police are at it again, and in honor of these recent outrages, TOO has a new “Policing the Media” category. This time let’s start with Menachem Rosensaft’s “Jewish Nationalism: A Scourge That Won’t Go Away,” presenting views that are common throughout the Middle East. Sorry, I got the title wrong. It’s “White Nationalism: A […]


Eine Rezension von Daniel Jonah Goldhagens „Das Böse stirbt nie aus”, Teil 2

Juni 2015— Teil 1 „Antisemitismus” als „wahrhafte böse Ausgeburt des Christentums” Statt dass Feindschaft gegen Juden ihre Ursprünge in der Gruppenkonkurrenz um Ressourcen hat, behauptet Goldhagen „Antisemitismus” sei „die wahrhafte böse Ausgeburt des Christentums.”[1] Er ignoriert passenderweise die Tatsache, dass Antipathie gegen Juden während der vorchristlichen Zivilisationen Ägyptens, Griechenlands und Roms weitverbreitet war und meint stattdessen, […]


A Review of “The Devil That Never Dies” by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, Part 2

Part 1 “Antisemitism” as “The Real Devil that Christianity Spawned” Rather than hostility toward Jews having its origins in group competition for resources, Goldhagen contends that “antisemitism” is “the real devil that Christianity spawned.”[1] He conveniently ignores the fact that antipathy to Jews was widespread throughout the pre-Christian civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome, and […]