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Ron Unz on Jewish Strategizing to Maintain 1000% Overrepresentation in the Ivy League

Ron Unz has an important article on Jewish overrepresentation in the Ivy League. Essentially the subterfuge was likely counting only religious Jews as Jews which resulted in a sudden very large drop in Hillel’s claims about Jewish enrollment in the Ivy League. As Unz notes, this is beautifully reminiscent of Jewish strategizing to avoid the […]


Ron Unz on the JFK Assassination: Strong Suspicion LBJ and Mossad Responsible, as recounted in Michael Collins Piper’s “Final Judgment”

Ron Unz casts strong suspicion on LBJ and the Mossad as responsible for JFK assassination. “By all accounts, Johnson was an individual of towering personal ego, and … I was struck by the extent of his astonishing subservience to the Jewish state. … — Kevin MacDonald (@TOOEdit) June 25, 2018 Seymour Hersh’s 1991 The Samson […]


Ron Unz on Janet Mertz

It is likely dawning on Ron Unz that writing a solid, well researched article that conflicts with Jewish interests is fraught with peril. If nothing else, there will be no end of carpings and criticisms — assuming it’s not completely ignored. The minimal goal in such attacks is to render the article in question “controversial” so […]


Pourquoi Ron Unz a-t-il cessé de parler de la discrimination contre les Blancs non-juifs?

Kevin MacDonald; translated by Anatole L’article de Ron Unz sur la méritocratie est une analyse importante de la discrimination contre les Blancs non-juifs en ce qui concerne les admissions aux universités prestigieuses. Mais on ne le saurait pas en suivant ses présentations publiques et écrits récents. Par exemple : un article récent qui s’affiche sur […]


Reply to Ron Unz

Ron Unz has been busy lately dealing with his critics. This is good news because it means that the word is getting out about his meritocracy paper. His most recent excursion was a beat down of of a 3500-word comment by Prof. Andrew Gelman (“Meritocracy: Response to Prof. Gelman on Jewish Elite Overrepresentation“). Unz defends his analysis […]


Why has Ron Unz stopped talking about discrimination against non-Jewish Whites?

Ron Unz’s meritocracy article is an important analysis of discrimination against non-Jewish Whites in admission to elite universities. But you wouldn’t know it by following his recent writing and public presentations. For example, a recent article posted on National Review Online (“Racial Quotas, Harvard, and the legacy of Bakke“) focused entirely on his findings on Asian Americans. […]