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Jewish Fear And Loathing Of Donald Trump [2]: “New York Values” vs. Muslim Immigration

Previously posted at See also: Why So Much Jewish Fear and Loathing of Donald Trump? The uproar over Sen. Ted Cruz’s jibe that Donald Trump reflected “New York Values” said a lot about contemporary American political debate. Given New York is the deepest of blue states, Cruz was quite obviously insinuating liberalism. But commentators […]


Is Immigration Really A “Jewish Value”?

 Also posted at GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s ominous squishiness in the face of the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge drive, which has provoked a primary challenge from Economics professor Dave Brat, may be due to personal greed, but Jewish organizations clearly think he can be motivated by ethnic appeals. A friend recently forwarded me this email (links in original except where noted): […]


Traditional Jewish Separatism and De-humanization of Gentiles: A Review of Stephen Bloom’s Postville

[W]hat the Postville Hasidim ultimately offered me was a glimpse at the dark side of my own faith, a look at Jewish extremists whose behavior not only made the Postville locals wince, but made me wince. Stephen Bloom Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America Stephen G. Bloom Mariner Books, 2001 (originally published by […]


Le rôle des intellectuels juifs dans la réforme des lois de l’immigration aux États-Unis

Kevin MacDonald Department of Psychology, California State University–Long Beach, Long Beach, CA, USA                                         …… En bref: Le rôle de l’activisme juif dans les bouleversements qui se sont produits en Occident au cours des dernières décennies continue d’être controversé. Je réponds ici à plusieurs questions réputées liées à l’influence juive, en particulier «l’hypothèse par défaut» […]


Tristan Tzara and the Jewish Roots of Dada — PART 3 of 3

Jacques Derrida Go to Part 1. Go to Part 2. Dada and Deconstruction as Jewish Attack Vectors A final destructive legacy of Dada, and one which merits more attention, is how its anti-rationalism prefigured Jacques Derrida’s deconstruction as a Jewish intellectual movement arrayed against Western civilization. The parallels between Dada and Deconstruction have been noted by […]