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David Morris on the Pathology of Moral Universalism

David Morris has a very nice article, “The Contemporary use of Philosophy and Ideas,” on the BNP website. Much of it reflects recent blogs on this site (here and here), with a British twist. A major theme is that the British have a strong attraction to universalist abstractions, often pursued with a moral fervor. The […]


The Psychology of Moral Communities, Part 4 of 5: Psychological Challenges to Developing an Explicit Culture of White Identity and Interests

Go to Part 1 Go to Part 2 Go to Part 3 Psychological Challenges to Developing an Explicit Culture of White Identity and Interests The foregoing has discussed psychological mechanisms underlying the power of human cultures to influence behavior and attitudes. Clearly, the wider culture of the West, now dominated by the anti-White left, poses a major […]


The Psychology of Moral Communities, Part 2 of 5: Ethnocentrism and Its Control

Go to Part 1. Controlling Ethnocentrism: Implicit and Explicit Processing As noted in Chapter 5, psychological research indicates two different types of psychological processing: implicit and explicit processing. These modes of processing may be contrasted on a number of dimensions.[1] Implicit processing is automatic, effortless, relatively fast, and involves parallel processing (i.e., processing going on independently […]


A Quest for a Morally Based Ideology for Pro-White Activism

Abstract What strikes me from reading the Kevin MacDonald’s book, Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition, is that, over the course of many thousands of years, the key to power over European peoples has always been based on the power of moral communities to make people conform. Because of our individualism, our social glue is […]


The Moral Darwinian Argument For White Interests: Chapter 9 of Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition

  We have now reached the last chapter of Kevin MacDonald’s Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition. This indispensable book argues that both the rise and decline of the West can be explained in terms of the genetically selected predisposition Europeans have for creating communities that emphasize the moral reputation of individuals for honesty, hard work, and […]



INDIVIDUALISMO E TRADIZIONE PROGRESSISTA OCCIDENTALE. Origini evolutive, storia e prospettive future. traduzione italiana di Marco Marchetti   La conclusione del capitolo precedente è stata che la Chiesa medievale pose le basi della fine della propria egemonia promuovendo, almeno in una certa misura, il primato della coscienza nella fede religiosa, cosa che alla fine creò le […]