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White Anger Surfaces Again

Kevin MacDonald: Today’s LA Times op-ed by David Paul Kuhn (“Revenge of the White Men“) is yet another indication of the increasing  racial polarization of American politics. “Among whites, only 35% of men and 43% of women say they will back Democrats in the fall election. Women’s preferences have remained steady since July 2009. But […]


Anger in White America

Sarah Palin emerged in the presidential campaign of 2008 as the candidate of the Republican base — the people the globalist elites in the party pander to every four years so that if everything breaks right, they may have a chance of winning. Palin is the very image of White fertility and small town Americana […]


Preach Equality, Practise Hierarchy: How Leftism Elevates Translunatics above Women and Trans-Westerners above Whites

The political parties that most loudly proclaim their love of Celtic languages and cultures are crystal-clear about their vision for a better future. They believe that those languages and cultures need to be marginalized much more and driven much faster into oblivion. They also believe that the people who speak the languages and practise the […]


The Island of Slave-Keeping Cannibal Saints: Neglected History and Anti-White Ideology in New Zealand

I love islands. Real ones, metaphorical ones. I’ve spent happy holidays on Iceland, Malta, and Hawaii. I’m fascinated by linguistic isolates like Basque and Sumerian, which are islands in a sea of unrelated languages (“isolate” is from Latin insula, meaning “island”). And part of my interest in groups like Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals comes from […]