Jews, Hollywood, and Gaza: Some Thoughts

Andrew Joyce


A few days ago I noticed the appearance of a truly remarkable full-page ad in the Hollywood Reporter. The ad, which I initially saw as a piece of poorly conceived propaganda, was concocted by the Anti-Defamation League, and called upon world leaders and ‘decent people everywhere’ to make sure that ‘Hamas terrorists’ cannot be rearmed so the ‘people of Gaza and Israel can move toward a more peaceful future.’

My immediate impression was that the ad failed on two levels. The first is the quote from the truly hideous Golda Meir: “We can forgive [them] for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with [them] when they love their children more than they hate us.”

Presented in bold, the quote reeks of an ADL desperate to counter the images of slaughtered children that continue to fill our television screens. A couple of important textual and contextual changes have been made to the quote — note the substitution of “the Arabs” from the original quote with the less pejorative “them.” But even more significantly, the original quote was referring to the deaths of sons and daughters on either side — soldiers rather than infants. The ADL has simply adapted the quote contextually in order to fit the current Israeli policy of mass child murder.

Even examining it in its new context, the central message being conveyed is that Israel is being forced to kill Palestinian children, and further, that Israel is distraught at being made to do this. Such a claim is ridiculous given world has seen images of Israelis making the bombing of Gaza’s schools and hospitals into a social occasion complete with snacks, drinks and selfies. Read more »

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Pakistani Collectivist Political Culture at the Root of the Rotherham Pathology

An article from the Daily Telegraph points up ethnic differences in political culture that enabled the horror that unfolded in Rotherham (Rotherham: politics ‘imported from Pakistan’ fuelled sex abuse cover-up – MP). Although we at TOO have stressed the pathology of the White community for not prosecuting industrial-scale rape of White British children by Pakistani males for fear of being labeled a “racist,” it goes without saying that the Pakistani community must bear ultimate responsibility.

Part of the Pakistani pathology was that such large numbers of men would engage in such behavior. But in addition, the industrial-scale rape of children had to have been common knowledge within the Pakistani community because of the large numbers of men involved.

Nevertheless, nothing was done to stop it. As Tobias Langdon notes, White sex criminals do their deeds secretly and in private because they are well aware that such behavior is looked on with horror by the vast majority of other Whites. This is what one would expect in an individualist culture.

However, Pakistan is a typical Middle Eastern collectivist culture, so the emphasis is on supporting one’s own kinship group, no matter what. This is also the case in the Orthodox Jewish community, another typical Middle Eastern collectivist culture (see here on the SY’s, a group of Syrian Jews living in New York). The Mesirah phenomenon in these  Orthodox Jewish communities has led to covering up a wide range of crimes, especially sex crimes against children and financial crimes.  Read more »

Roger Scruton on Rotherham: Taking Revenge on Traditional Britain

Roger Scruton has penned a characteristically brilliant article on the Rotherham madness (“British Police Ignored 1,400 Cases Of Pakistani Muslim Gangs Raping And Abusing Children In Rotherham“). He traces the hyper-political correctness apparent in Rotherham to the Stephen Lawrence case which was a watershed event resulting in the complete victory of the anti-White left in the UK (see Tobias Langdon’s article on the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry).

Fifteen years ago, when these crimes [in Rotherham] were just beginning, the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry into the conduct of the British police was made by Sir William Macpherson a High Court judge. The immediate occasion had been a murder in which the victim was black, the perpetrators white, and the behaviour of the investigating police lax and possibly prejudiced. The report accused the police – not just those involved in the case, but the entire police force of the country – of ‘institutionalised racism’. This piece of sociological newspeak was, at the time, very popular with leftist sociologists. For it made an accusation which could not be refuted by anyone who had the misfortune to be accused of it. …

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Nacimiento y muerte de la Unión Europea: La breve historia de un gran fracaso (translation of “The Rise and Demise of the EU: A Short History of A Big Failure” by Tom Sunic)

Nacimiento y muerte de la Unión Europea: La breve historia de un gran fracaso (Spanish translation ofThe Rise and Demise of the EU: A Short History of  a Big Failure by Tom Sunic)

Los padres fundadores de la Unión Europea (UE) cometieron diversos errores costosos:

-          Se creyó que la economía, y no política, era la mejor herramienta para llevar a cabo la unificación de Europa;

-          Los planes acerca de los límites de la expansión de la UE no estaban claros;

-          Los flujos inesperados y crecientes de inmigración no europea como resultado de la ley de hierro del capitalismo, combinados con el sentimiento de culpa cristiano inspiró el ecumenismo “ama al vecino de color”.

Las primeras señales de la decadencia no tardaron mucho en llegar. El Tratado de Amsterdam de 1997, el Tratado de Niza de 2001 y panisel Tratado de Lisboa de 2007 fueron intentos de lavar la cara y rectificar errores contenidos en el mito fundacional del Tratado de Maastricht de 1992.

Bastante relevante es el hecho de que el predecesor de la UE, la Comunidad Económica Europea, siguiendo el Tratado de Roma de 1957, adoptase el nombre de “Económica” y no el de “Comunidad Política”. La creencia subyacente, inherente al liberalismo, era que solo a través del  beneficio económico – solo a través de la eliminación de barreras comerciales y fronteras estatales, y con la libre movilidad de personas, bienes y capital – el antiguo odio entre los europeos desaparecería. El resultado de semejante delirio se hace visible cada día.

La UE no ha mostrado un pensamiento muy democrático hacia sus estados miembros. En 1992 Dinamarca voto en un referéndum contra el Tratado de Maastricht; en 2001 Irlanda voto contra el Tratado de Niza e Irlanda votó de nuevo en contra del  Tratado de Lisboa. El resultado popular de estos referéndums nacionales fue menospreciado por los líderes de la UE con las palabras: “vuelve a intentarlo más adelante.” Respecto al principal motor de la UE, Alemania, todo referéndum en cualquier aspecto está prohibido por ley, debido al estatus legal de Alemania tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Por decirlo de forma clara y políticamente no muy correcta, Alemania es un país ocupado con 50.000 tropas americanas asentadas en su suelo. Read more »