Manufacturing a Hate Crime, Deflecting the Gaza Fallout

Francis Carr Begbie

Which Twitter message sounds more objectionable — a Jewish Member of Parliament threatening to punch an elderly Muslim woman in the throat, or a tweet to a female Jewish MP that read “You can always trust a Jew to show their true colours eventually.”?

Prosecutors in England have no doubt. In the first case no action was taken against the Jewish MP in question. He issued a full apology and that was the end of the matter.

But in the second case Garron Helm, a 21-year-old working class pro-White activist, has just been sent to prison for four weeks, for sending an “offensive, indecent or obscene message” to a Shadow Labour minister called Luciana Berger. In addition he was fined and expelled from college. An equally fulsome apology and payment of ab £80 “victim surcharge” to Ms. Berger did not help him.

An undeniable example of a double standard then, and one which highlights some growing trends. One is the use of social media by mainly leftist women and minority groups to create a platform for bogus victimisation claims — effectively a market for “hate crime hoaxes”.

But another is the way that Jewish political establishment have shrewdly integrated this into their strategy of ramping up scares that their community is under attack. With the UK Israel lobby somewhat at bay over the atrocities in Gaza, they have been working relentlessly to paint the picture of a Britain infested with rabid, psychotic anti-Semitism. Read more »

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The Racialization of American Politics Accelerates

A recent survey by the Pew Center indicates an accelerating polarization of American politics around race, summarized by Jonathan Chait in his ill-titled “This Statistic Shows the Republican Demographic Crisis Is Still Getting Worse.”  The poll, based on likely voters in the 2014 elections, shows that non-White voters splitting 77-15 for Democrats, up 68-21 8 years ago. White voters split for Republicans 55-39 in 2014, but only 49-42 in 2006.


Based on the CNN exit polls, the disparities were actually greater in the 2012 presidential election, when Whites of all age groups and both sexes voted for Romney, and the White vote split as a whole split 59-39 for Romney. But in any case, the trend in three consecutive off-year elections is clear.

American politics has become racialized, with non-Whites being far more likely to vote as as a bloc than Whites. But Whites are catching up. I suspect that all the publicity given to the b0rder surge and the promise of immigration amnesty will actually boost the Republican-Democrat split for Whites to be much higher than Pew predicts.


AIPAC rabbi calls for ‘militant nonviolent resistance’ to “racial injustice” in St. Louis
Caption in Huffington Post: "Rabbi Talve marches in Ferguson with Terrell Jr., a young man who knew Michael Brown."

Caption in Huffington Post: “Rabbi Talve marches in Ferguson with Terrell Jr., a young man who knew Michael Brown.” “Observing Yom Kippur In The Shadow Of Ferguson

A theme around here has been that Jews  have posed as moral paragons while relentlessly pursuing their ethnic interests, resulting in cognitive dissonance among many White liberals. A good example of the resulting hypocrisy is Reform Rabbi Susan Talve who is aiding and abetting the Ferguson protesters masquerading as an exemplar of enlightened liberal morality while also supporting AIPAC and its program of apartheid and ethnic dispossession of the Palestinians  (Philip Weiss: “AIPAC rabbi calls for ‘militant nonviolent resistance’ to racial injustice in St. Louis).

The Ferguson “gentle giant” Michael Brown story continues  to unravel , but of course facts don’t matter, least of all to Rabbi Talve.

Susan Talve is the progressive rabbi in St. Louis who has been active in racial justice issues in Ferguson while supporting Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem and its onslaught on Gaza during her Israel lobby-sponsored trip to the Jewish state last summer.

Now one might suppose that she is simply living in a state of blissful ignorance, but the good news is that she is being confronted with her hypocrisy. Tweeters at one of her talks condemning “racist Whites” focused on her hypocrisy, and there were hecklers who were unimpressed with her sanctimony:

 “What about , Susan?” AIPAC supporter Ravbi Susan Talve gets heckled at her talk about civil rights.”

“Black and brown lives matter,” says rabbi Susan Talve. She forgot to add the disclaimer, “except for in Gaza.”

Pro-AIPAC rabbi Susan Talve now speaking against racism in STL while supporting racism in Israel.

To be sure, Talve claims to oppose the occupation, but, as Weiss notes, “she’s worked with an organization, AIPAC, that supports everything Israel does in the occupied territories.”

This is a common pose of liberal Jews in the Diaspora in the West — maintaining a veneer of moral consistency while doing nothing to change their own ethnic community by trying to change AIPAC, Israel, or the US government on Palestine. All their energies are directed against White America. If they were serious about criticizing Israel, they would spend as much time protesting at the Israeli embassy or at the AIPAC offices as they do in aiding and abetting the Ferguson insanity.

There is a consistency here, of course. Activists like Talve are consistently pursuing their ethnic  interests. It’s just that their interests differ dramatically depending on whether it’s about Israeli actions vis-à-vis the Palestinians, or in promoting the anti-White coalition in the U.S.

Morality has nothing to do with it.