Moshe Kantor’s Campaign to Stalinize Europe

Tobias Langdon

Stalin fan Moshe Kantor

Stalin fan Moshe Kantor


Moshe Kantor has a dream — a dream of a Stalinist Europe:

Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC), said that Europe is on the cusp of “a New Dark Ages” during the opening of the Fourth International “Let My People Live!” Forum, held in Prague on the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Recent atrocities in Paris, Brussels and Toulouse are visible manifestations of the deep structural problems embodied in European society today,” Dr. Kantor said. “This, coupled with the continuing electoral successes of extremist parties in Europe, demonstrated in recent elections across the continent, shows that unfortunately, Europe is on a dangerous path. We need practical solutions and so we have prioritised the adoption of the European Framework National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance.”

This Model Law, drafted by leading European experts and legislators, and supported by the EJC, defines the limits of tolerance, which is the demand for security. This is intended to be a pan-European law that for the first time deals with not only the general commitment to tolerance, but defines the values that need preserving and the limitation of tolerance towards minority groups who risk the security of other minorities and of their host countries. …

“In the immediate term, intelligence-gathering and sharing across Europe must increase. It is now well known that all of the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris were on the radars of intelligence and police officials. The question of prevention must be readdressed, because the current paradigm is simply not working,” Dr. Kantor said. “Police and law enforcement also need to be strengthened. This includes actively enforcing laws against incitement and anti-Semitic speech, and taking a firmer approach against those who promote hate and violence.

“Never before, has Europe’s intellectual elite joined with the continent’s senior political leadership and top-legal experts within the same conference to genuinely address the very real threats faced by all Europe’s citizens. Now we must transfer these important words into real action.” Kantor said. (EJC President Moshe Kantor: Europe on the Cusp of ‘New Dark Ages’ at Forum to Combat anti-Semitism, Racism and Radical Jihadism, European Jewish Congress website, 28th January 2015)

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“Courageous Conversation” on Diversity

Television programming isn’t exactly something I enjoy, so the amount of time I spend aimlessly gawking at the propaganda machine is limited.  However, the perpetual frigid weather of late found me with remote in hand searching for the local forecast. As fate would have it, I tuned in just in time to view KOLR’s Courageous Conversations: Schools Foster Diversity Engagement.”  From what I gathered, the premise behind this “courageous conversation” was the excitement over the recently increased amount of “diversity” (i.e. fewer White students) within the Springfield, MO public school system.  As Lawrence Anderson, Springfield’s “Public Schools Manager of Diversity and Inclusion” says:

There are statistical trends showing our students of color are slightly increasing year after year. We are almost at a percent increasing students of color since last year.”  Anderson goes on to say, “We are at about 20 percent but nationally, things tell you that will continue to change. When I was looking and applied for the job it was at around 16 percent and that was only about three years ago.

The article makes comparisons with other public school systems in the geographic region, like Tulsa and Des Moines:

While the percentage of students who are not White continues to grow, data still shows that number is smaller than in similar cities. Read more »

Letter from a reader to his Congressman

February 25, 2015

Dear Congressman:

With the impending speech to congress this March 3 by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I respectfully submit one of your constituent’s opinions regarding this presentation.  I hope you’ll entertain a small morsel of levity in my following introduction, but in all fairness this is a letter of serious context.

In my twenties and thirties I served in combat for the U.S. Navy, and at that time in my life I was a diehard supporter of Israel…probably due to the immense pro-Israel propaganda forged into our minds.   Now, with a few more decades under my belt, I see three things which impress me even more about their country:

  1. They know how to build large-scale walls that separate people! And better yet, they don’t let any politics stop them from building them…not even when international law and U.N. resolutions condemn them for it (e.g. the wall with three control gates around the “little town of Bethlehem” that create virtual prisons for some of their citizens).  Our congress should learn from their expertise on how to build similar walls on our southern border to control the flow of illegal immigrants.

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