Christianity and the Ethnic Suicide of the West

Kevin MacDonald

Several comments on my post “What’s wrong with the Swedes?” mention Christianity as a problem in the dispossession of Whites. I agree that Christianity is part of the problem, but I think there are several difficulties with supposing that it is a root cause of the problem.

  • First and foremost, Christianity was the religion of the West during its expansion around the world. A century ago, with the exception of China, Japan, Siam, Korea, Ethiopia, and Liberia, the rest of the planet was dominated by Christian Europeans. Christianity was at least consistent with this incredible expansion and with the very large increase in the European population that occurred during this period of expansion. If anything, the decline of the West has co-occurred with the decline of religion among Western elites. If the world had stayed the way it was in 1960, no one would be talking about the suicide of the West.
  • Christianity has been many things throughout the centuries—an ideology of ethnic defense during the Iberian Reconquista, a pillar of exploitative monarchies and aristocracies in Europe and Latin America, a force for ethnic defense against usurious exploitation of peasants by ethnic outsiders at times during the Middle Ages, supporting slavery and segregation in the American South and apartheid in South Africa. And there are also the Puritans, Quakers and several other Protestant sects that figure so prominently in my account. Christianity has not had a consistent message of ethnic suicide or moral universalism. People on both sides of the slave trade in 17th–18th-century Britain were Christian. Both sides of the American Civil War were Christian.
  • Throughout history, Christianity has been quite adept at rendering unto Caesar—accommodating to the powers that be. In the U.S. and I suppose elsewhere in the West, Christians had much more influence on culture prior to the 1960s and the rise of the secular left — e.g., spearheading the successful drive to rein in Hollywood depictions of sex and Christianity beginning in the 1920s. But all that ended with the cultural revolution of the 1960s which was certainly not Christian in inspiration. Right now, the powers that be are the secular, multi-cultural, pro-non-White-immigration left, and one of their main goals is the eradication of public displays of Christianity and traditional Christian views on marriage and the family. Christianity itself has been corrupted by the secular left, most obviously in the case of the Second Vatican Council but also including the mainline Protestant sects. The Church had stood for cultural conservatism and had been a bulwark against Jewish influence for centuries.

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Es leben meine Toten! (Die Antifa-Dämonologie und die kroatische Opferlehre)

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Neue Ordnung (Graz), I/2015

Es leben meine Toten!

(Die Antifa-Dämonologie und die kroatische Opferlehre)


Dr. Tomislav Sunic

Die dämonologische, mythologische und kriminologische Schilderung Kroatiens im  Zweiten Weltkrieg bildet noch immer die Grundlage für die Historikerzunft. Die verzerrte Geschichtsschreibung über Kroatien seitens der ehemaligen Systemhistoriker war die Hauptursache für das entstellte Geschichtsbewusstsein jugoslawischer Völker, was schließlich den Zerfall Jugoslawiens und den anschließenden Krieg in 1991 ausgelöst hatte. Im Lichte der neuen Forschungen, die zum Teil auf forensischen Untersuchungen basieren, deuten heute manche kritische kroatische Historiker, sogar in den etablierten Medien, auf viele fragewürdige Einzelheiten in der Prosa der ehemaligen Systemhistoriker hin. Im heutigen Kroatien, ähnlich wie in der BRD, will die Vergangenheit nicht vergehen. Das Hexenspiel mit Opferzahlen des Zweiten Weltkriegs tobt heftig weiter. Das Ustascha-KZ-Lager Jasenovac und der Schreckensname Ante Pavelić, der Name des Ustascha Staatsführers, der von 1941-45 in Kroatien regierte, wird weiterhin als Sinnbild für das absolute Böse hervorgehoben. Gelegentlich wird sein Name auch in bekannten Weltzeitungen als “einer des größten  Massenmörder Europas” als Warnzeichen gegen alle europäische Nationalisten verwendet. [i]

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