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Edmund Connelly Archives: Index and Permanent Links 

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10/03/2010: Rick Sanchez on Jewish Media Power

08/14/2010: Jews Mocking the Tribe?

07/15/10: Edmund Connelly: What Would It Take?

06/29/10: Life at 50

04/18/10: Faux Conservatives

04/08/10: Take the Money and Run

04/22/10: Selective Moral Panics in Higher Education 

03/04/10: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves, Part 2

03/03/10: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves, Part 1

02/12/10: Farewell, My Dear WASP

01/10/10: Goyland: Where the Wild Things Are

12/18/09: Daniel Jonah Goldhagen: Peddler of Hate

11/02/09: Channeling Steve Sailer

10/22/09: Steve Sailer, an Indispensable Pundit


09/16/09: Is America, Too, Breaking Up? Or, Nothing Succeeds Like Secession


08/30/09: Decapitation


08/18/09: The Culture of Deceit, Part II


08/01/09:  The Culture of Deceit


07/20/09: Spies like us


06/20/09: Does the U.S. Naval Academy (and Sonya Sotomayor?) Hate Whites?


06/03/09: Fly Me to the Moon, or Whites Need Not Apply 


05/15/09: On the Visual Displacement of the White Race


05/01/09: Morgan Freeman: America's "Spiritual Presence-in-Chief"


04/08/09: On VDARE.com’s Peter Brimelow and “Electing a New People”


03/18/09: Jeff Gates’ Guilt by Association 

03/05/09: The appointment of Charles Freeman and the coming war with Iran

02/24/09: Richard Perle's outrageous lies

02/16/09: Harvard Hates Whites—Does America too? 

The system is not broken

For Whom the Gaza Bell Tolls, Part 2

For Whom the Gaza Bell Tolls, Part 1 

Merry Christmas Movies . . . NOT! Part 2 — Anti-Christmas Movies

Merry Christmas . . . NOT!

Strange Bedfellows: E. Michael Jones and Israel Shamir “A Report from Planet Mammon” 

Edmund Connelly: Pearl Harbors Past and Present 

A perfect storm? Obama and the Zionist Power Configuration

A hate with no name

The Washington Post’s Willing Executioner? 

Letter of Termination to the White Race

Reel bad anti-Semites

The Holocaust in American Film 

Reel bad WASPs 

Reel bad whites 

"Jews instinctively fear and feel threatened by nationalistic, particularistic societies." Part I

"Jews instinctively fear and feel threatened by nationalistic, particularistic societies." Part II

Reel Bad Arabs


The Race Films of Denzel Washington: Déjà Vu All Over Again



Eye on Hollywood: No Country for Old Men

Derbyshire on MacDonald

Eye on Hollywood:  The Interpreter

James Petras Is Another Powerful Voice on the Neocons

Naming Neocons

Move Along, Folks.  Just Another Conservative Here at the New York Times