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Alex Kurtagic Archives: Index and Permanent Links 

09/20/1020: American Students Overseas, Then and Now

08/19/2010: Women Are Our Allies

07/25/10: Facing Journalistic Fraud

06/18/2010: Learning from the Right

05/10/2010: I Have Better Things to Do with My Time 

04/20/2010: What's In It For Me?

03/29/10: Are Leftists Cleverer?

03/02/2010: Should We Have Our Own "Kosher" Certification? 

02/22/2010: It's Not the Arguments 

01/25/10: Haiti Must Not be Rebuilt

12/12/09: D. E. Hobson's Review of Alex Kurtagic's Mister: Lurching Towards Pandemonium

12/04/09: Deconstruction: I Know How to Do It Too

11/7/09 –11/11/09: Intellectual Radioactivity: How Science Documentaries are Used to Pervert the Course of Science and Advance Political Aims; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4,Part 5

10/24/09: BBC's Question Time: A Shameful Spectacle

10/13/09: Your Choice of Treatment

9/26/09: Diverse Workforce = Rubbish Customer Service

09/08/09: Guerrilla Economics: Stop Funding the Enemy 

08/30/09: What Will It Take?

08/26/09: From Virtuality to Reality: Memoirs from a Reformed TV Addict

08/06/09: They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

07/14/09: Black Metal Lord Attends Quaker Meeting (and Discovers the Victorian Capitalists)

06/07/09: “I am Not Racist, but…” 

5/24/09: They Insult Our Intelligence

5/11/09: Air Travel in the Kali Yuga

04/27/09: The Folly of White-Sponsored Development

04/06/09: Memoirs of a Dissident Student in Postmodern Academia