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Kevin MacDonald Archives 

10/01/10: Solzhenitsyn’s “The February Revolution”: Chapter 13 of 200 Years Together

09/25/10: Recent research on Individualism-Collectivism

09/12/10: Solzhenitsyn's "During the Civil War" — Chapter 16 of200 Years Together

09/05/10: Chapter 23 of 200 Years Together: “Before the Six-Day War”

08/15/10: Alexandr Solzhenitsyn's “During the Soviet-German War” Chapter 21 of 200 Years Together

08/10/10: Chapter 5 of 200 Years Together: “After the Murder of Alexander II”

07/20/10: Is the Madoff Scandal Paradigmatic? (John  Graham is the  first author)

0717/10: Chapter 22 of 200 Years Together: “From the End of the War to Stalin’s Death”

07/05/10: Alexandr Solzhenitsyn's “The 1920s.” Chapter 18 of 200 Years Together

0613/10: Translation of Solzhenitsyn’s “In the Camps of GULag” — Chapter 20 of “200 Years Together”

05/24/2010: Peter Beinart on the future of American Zionism

5/12/10: John Mearsheimer and the Future of Israeli Apartheid

01/15/10: In the Matter of Leo Frank, Part I

01/06/10: Wilhelm Marr’s The Victory of Judaism over Germanism: Viewed from a Nonreligious Point of View

12/07/09: The ADL: Managing White Rage


11/15/09: Review of Thomas Wheatland's The Frankfurt School in Exile, Part III: John Dewey, Sidney Hook, and Herbert Marcuse


10/28/09: Review of Thomas Wheatland's The Frankfurt School in Exile, Part II: The Critique of Mass Culture

10/19/09: Review of Thomas Wheatland's The Frankfurt School in Exile, Part I: Authoritarianism and the Family

10/03/09: The Roman Polanski Case: Once Again, It’s Hollywood vs. America

09/06/09: The Morality of Majority Rights and Interests

08/24/09: Anger in White America — Again

08/19/09: Fundraising Appeal: Why support The Occidental Observer? 

07/29/09: Eric P. Kaufmann's The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America

07/23/09: Anger in White America 

07/12/09: Joe McCarthy and the Jews

07/01/09: Pat Buchanan on Darwin

06/21/09: Evolutionary Psychology: The Real Dangerous Idea Is That It's Wrong

06/14/09: Comments on Takuan Seiyo's Screed

06/05/09: Obama as a Modern Pharaoh 

05/28/09: The Sotomayor Nomination: More Glimpses of Jewish Activism — and a Warning to Republicans 

05/11/09: Elena Kagan: Jewish Ethnic Networking Eases the Path of a Liberal/Leftist to the Supreme Court

05/08/09: The Big Dog Wins Another One

04/25/09: Jane Harman, Haim Saban, and AIPAC: The Disloyalty Issue in Multicultural America

04/18/09: A comment on Paul Gottfried’s review of Cultural Insurrections

04/11/09: Defaming America's past: Henry Ford and the Eugenics Movement

03/27/09: Comments on "Memories of Madison": White ethno-nationalism and Zionism

03/22/09: The Oakland police murders, President Obama's teleprompter, and implicit processing

03/13/09: Charles Freeman’s disloyalty allegations

03/07/09: How Jews See Themselves, 2008

02/24/09: What's wrong with white men? In search of an explanation

02/19/09: "My race is just nothing": Some thoughts on the political psychology of women

02/10/09: Talking with Jews (or not)

02/02/09: The Church and anti-Semitism — again

01/27/09: The Global Anti-Semitism Report: The organized Jewish community opposes free speech

01/19/09: The problem with intellectually insecure whites

01/08/09: Bernie Madoff's Jewishness

01/01/09: Racial and ethnic self-segregation


12/15/08: The problem with explicit processing: Christian evangelicals


12/09/08: Race as a social construct? No — and Yes! (with Anthony Hilton)

12/01/08: Ben Stein's Expelled: Was Darwinism a Necessary Condition for the Holocaust?

11/21/08: Stalinism lives — in the CSULB Women’s Studies Department

11/13/08: Jews as allies (with Anthony Hilton)

11/10/08: Memo to the Republican Party: You are a party of European-Americans. Accept it or die.

10/13/08: The Sandlers and the Arnalls: The subprime meltdown funds Jewish political activism

10/06/08: Now comes the anger

09/30/08: Ethnicity and the bailout: Wall Street and the  Democratic Party

09/24/08: The Sandra Bernhard monstrosity

09/18/08: Promoting genocide of whites? Noel Ignatiev and the culture of Western suicide 

09/13/08: Secession and implicit whiteness

09/06/08: The 2008 election will increase the racial polarization in the US

09/03/08: Fantasizing about the Palin–Buchanan connection

08/23/08: The specter of Russian nationalism

08/16/08: The neocons versus Russia

08/07/08: Joe Klein and the Loyalties of the Neocons

07/10/08: Philip Weiss on AIPAC

05/28/08: Rachel Abramowitz on Mel Gibson: Are the Goyim making an empire of their own in Hollywood?

05/09/08: Canada is a Police State

02/27/08: Stuff White People Like: The beginnings of racial self-consciousness?




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