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Witnessing the Death of a Secular Turkish State, Part 3

According to the sources available on internet, Gulen movement was designed as a moderate or even progressive Islamic movement that stresses the role of education. In a way, it resembles Cultural Marxism with its stress on the role of education and propaganda in the schools. Some Western news sources praise it as truly progressive and […]

Witnessing the Death of a Secular Turkish State, Part 2

Go to Part 1 After my wife had returned home we expected a police raid or something, but nothing happened. Immediately, my wife was on the phone, trying to connect with her new employer, which she so prudently had found well beforehand, and now she was imploring them to help us. We did not have […]

Witnessing the Death of a Turkish Secular State, Part 1

It was a few hours past midnight when we were awakened by the insane blaring of countless cars’ horns directly outside of our apartment building. It was Friday night of July 15, 2016; the location was one of newest districts of Istanbul. We jumped out of bed and stared out of the window. What we […]