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Making the Hispanic vote as “invisible” at the macro level as the Black vote

  There are always a number of ways to read data, and especially data from something as vast and complex as a US Presidential Election. In fact, the devil is in the detail, but one can also get lost in the detail, like a wanderer lost in a swamp (that needs draining), in which case […]

The Irrepressibility of Ethnopolitics and the Death of the Labour Party

Newton’s third law of motion is, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Sometimes this applies to politics as well as physics, as we see with the present perilous state of the Labour Party, which has been reacting to its previous co-option by globalists and metropolitan elites, by going in the opposite […]

“The Trail of the Viking Finger” by John Bean

The Trail of the Viking Finger by John Bean I was amazed when John Bean, the veteran British nationalist, came out with an excellent novel a couple of years ago at the grand old age of 87. This even put Grandma Moses in the shade for late starts, and was a sign of hope to all […]

The Future of British Nationalism After Brexit

Brexit has come and gone, and like Wellington said of the Battle of Waterloo it was a “damn close run thing.” Indeed, that was one of the reasons I supported Scottish independence two years ago — to stop Scotland dragging England to the left on important issues like this. (My other reason was so that […]

Review of “Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country”

Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country by Greg Johnson The picture on the cover and the title of Johnson’s latest collection of essays may seem at first glance to offer something of a bromide view of White nationalism: “A nice White country” it reads above a somewhat saccharine image representing healthy White demographics from […]

Trump Dukes It Out with the Media and Wins Again

Donald Trump is repeatedly attacked by his enemies and gently critiqued by well-wishers for being an ill-informed, brash, broad-strokes kind of politician. But careful analysis suggests that he is actually a lot more intelligent than both friends and foes realize. A careful look at his speech patterns reveal that he has a whole meta-view of […]

“The Return of Odysseus” by Michael Walker

The Return of Odysseus by Michael Walker This is a well-written and highly readable play, and I got through it in a couple of normal working days. It tells the famous Homeric tale of the prolonged absence and final return of the eponymous Greek hero to his home island, and the resulting revenge he exacts […]