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Desdemona’s “Just Understanding” of Othello’s Virtue

Editor’s note: A theme of TOO is that the entire culture of the West has been corrupted. This includes essentially all the arts and academic fields in the social sciences and humanities. It is therefore not surprising that Shakespeare criticism has been influenced by the reigning culture of the academic left. This essay is an […]

Léon de Poncins: The Problem with the Jews at the Council, Part IV

Go to Part I Go to Part II Go to Part III X: ISRAEL AND THE REVOLTS OF THE MIND[1]  The Jewish antagonism has been manifested in a continuous—even if underhanded—manner in the two thousand year course of the Judeo-Christian clash. “The Jew—James Darmesteter tells us—was the champion of reason against the mythical mind; in the intellectual […]

Léon de Poncins: The Problem with the Jews at the Council, Part III

Go to Part I Go to Part II VII: JUDAISM’S STRUGGLE AGAINST THE CATHOLIC TRADITION In fact, behind the appearance of an ecumenical search for a reconciliation between religions and other equally seductive words, it was a matter of demolishing the bulwark of Catholic Tradition, defined by Josué Jéhouda as “the ancient fortress of Christian […]

Léon de Poncins: The Problem with the Jews at the Council, Part II

IV. Jules Isaac and the Church Fathers In the second of these works—Genèse de l’antisémitisme—published in 1956, Jules Isaac strove to discredit the Fathers of the Church. It is impossible to summarize in a few words a volume of 350 pages. Let us limit ourselves to mentioning some of its most characteristic passages: It is […]

Léon de Poncins: The Problem with the Jews at the Council, Part I

Editor’s note: The following are excerpts from George F. Held’s translation of a work by Léon de Poncins, a French traditional Catholic highlighting the role of Jules Isaac in bringing about Nostra Ætate. de Poncins focuses on the influence of Jules Isaac whose work emphasized the anti-Jewish themes in the Gospels and in the writing […]

Maurice Bardèche’s Vision of the Future: Excerpts from “Nuremberg or the Promised Land”

Excerpts from Maurice Bardèche’s Nuremberg or the Promised Land, translated by George F. Held The appearances of justice [at the Nuremburg Trial] were maintained perfectly. The defense had few rights, but these rights were respected. … Several defendants were discharged. In the end the forms were perfectly well observed, and never was a more debatable […]

Maurice Bardèche’s Vision of the Future, Part I

Translator’s Preface to Maurice  Bardèche’s Nuremberg or the Promised Land, edited for TOO Maurice Bardèche’s Nuremberg or the Promised Land was the first extended critique of the Nuremberg Trial. For a Frenchman to criticize that trial and especially the French role in it in 1948 took great courage: the book was banned in France, copies of […]