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Thilo Sarrazin: An Unlikely Champion

Germans have to abandon the Illusion that Germany belongs to the Germans Çigdem Akkaya Something is brewing in Europe. And even though it does so under a deceptively calm surface, the bubbling and hissing can be heard by anyone who has recognized the officially enforced credo for what it is: a destructive scheme that gives […]

Grand Chess and Great Flops in Ukraine

Materialists and madmen never have doubts G. K. Chesterton If you wonder how the above birds could fit into the heading of this piece and I told you it’s because of Global Strategies as I understand them, you might even go so far and lift an eyebrow in consternation. Thus permit me to commence with […]

Boozing with Ben

Satire, n. (Rom. ant.) use of ridicule, irony, sarcasm, etc. in speech or writing for the ostensible purpose of exposing & discouraging vice or folly. The Concise Oxford Dictionary  A solid groundwork is the secure basis for a stable foundation. Ben Shalom Bernanke To be truthful, I’d never thought myself capable to pull off anything […]

Barbarous Beyond Belief

Editor’s note: A recurring theme at TOO is the media and government coverup of crime by non-Whites against Whites (see, e.g., Tobias Langdon on crime in the U.K.). This is happening throughout the Western world. In the U.S., attacks by Blacks against Whites that are obviously motivated by racial hatred disappear from the media quickly or […]

How to smoke out an Anti-Semite

The Essayist in a precarious Situation                                                              In my early twenties, while roaming through Europe by way of hitchhiking, I hung out for a few days in one of Rome’s many youth hostels. As the usual cheap Chianti evening soiree got into full swing, a Jewish gentleman of Eastern provenance approached me and asked for a […]

A New Set of Heroes

I think Children want to believe that they can be Heroes too. Eleonore Caron It took them some time to materialize, and the old guard among us feared at times that they wouldn’t show up at all anymore. But lo and behold, slowly they began to appear. Not that many, it is true, yet of […]

When Heidi went to Heaven

  Satire, n. (Rom. ant.) Use of ridicule, irony, sarcasm, etc. in speech or writing for the ostensible purpose of exposing & discouraging vice or folly.                 The Concise Oxford Dictionary Note: This is a slightly revised version of the satirical little piece that appeared about a month ago in TOO. Which effected a few delighted […]