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The Real Obama Legacy, Part 4: Chicago as a case study of liberal failure in American cities

Link to Part 1: Foreign Policy Link to Part 2: The Economy Link to Part 3: Race Relations We have chosen Obama’s adopted hometown of Chicago and the actions taken by his friend and former Chief of Staff Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel as a case study to illustrate how liberal ideologically driven interventions actually exacerbate […]

The Real Obama Legacy, Part 3: Race Relations

Link to Part 1: Foreign Policy Link to Part 2: The Economy Obama was voted into office on the promise of “Hope and Change,” and chief among the many hopes for many voters was that there would be a dramatic improvement in race relations. This did not occur. In fact, Gallup polls showing historical trends […]

The Real Obama Legacy, Part 2: The Economy

See also: Part 1: Foreign Policy Shortly after his inauguration in 2009, President Obama invited Republican leaders in Congress to the White House to discuss their proposals for stimulating the economy. In this gesture of goodwill he failed to mention that House Democrats had already drafted and passed a stimulus bill without consulting them. Every […]

The Real Obama Legacy, Part 1: Foreign Policy

How will Obama be viewed historically? The obvious answer is: in two completely different ways. First, he is now, has been, and will be remembered as one of our greatest, most consequential presidents … by the far left “Mainstream” Media who have uncritically supported him all along. According to a recent CNN broadcast, Obama’s leading […]