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The Southern Point: The Identity of “We”

I go, but not to Avalon Or any cloud-capped promontory hid Beyond the eyes of men. The battle’s end Is now my fortune, but this change of state Confounds me not. A duller magic rules Until the blood shall speak again. -Donald Davidson, from “Geography of the Brain” Montgomery, Alabama is a strange place. I […]

The Southern Point, Part 2: Agrarians and Cavaliers

Up until recently it has been very difficult to combat the Northern domination of the press and its ability to manipulate public opinion both here and abroad. This was true in the 19th century and even more so in the 20th when Jewish forces joined the radical left in America, rallying around the press and other media […]

The Southern Point, Part I: The Political Thought of John C. Calhoun

…the monster little heeding… Pounces with his mouth of venom At the head of Lemmikainen But the hero quick recalling Speaks the Master words of knowledge Words that came from distant ages Words his ancestors had taught him From the Kalevala, ancient Finnish epic The great tragedy of American History is that the South had […]