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Donald Trump and the American Counterrevolution, A.D. 2016

Julius Nisle, “Pact between Faust and Mephistopheles” (engraving 1840) Sooner or later even the darkest cloud must have a silver lining. This poetic justice is a central theme in the seminal work of European literature, with the incarnate cosmic Evil, the satanic Mephistopheles, admitting to young Faust: “I am part of the Power that would […]

Intellectual Terrorism against Free Speech

Ed. note: Apropos the University of Chicago’s Orwellian stance on free speech, Dr. Sunic, based on his experience growing up in Yugoslavia, ties the war on free speech to communism. Originally published in Pravda, February 9, 2002. The modern thought police is hard to spot, as it often seeks cover under soothing words such as “democracy” […]

Croatia: the State of Affairs, the State of Emergency

What follows is the English translation of my piece originally written in French for a French publication. *   *   * Since the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991, Croats have faced an ill-defined identity. Their recent war of secession, awkwardly called the “Patriotic War” and “War of Defense,” lends itself to serious legal misconceptions. […]

“The Past That Won’t Pass Away”; Ernst Nolte (1923–2016)

On the occasion of the death of the renowned German historian and philosopher Ernst Nolte on August 18, 2016, there has been quite a few of both laudatory and critical comments about his work in the mainstream media in Germany and France. Nolte’s work on the link between Communism and National-Socialism stirred a great deal […]

What to read? (Part 6): A White Character Survey; Envy in Literature and Politics (Part 2)

Carlo Saraceni (“The Fall of Icarus”) 1606, oil Physical blindness and the verdict of ignorance, meted out to envious politicians in Dante’s epic poem, can often be bliss.  Eyelessness can have advantages, as demonstrated by the blind, poor, uneducated, self-effacing, albeit very intelligent seer, Tiresias, who is brought to the court of King Oedipus, only […]

What to read? (Part 5) A White Character Survey: Envy in Politics and Literature (Part 1)

  Among Europeans, since antiquity, envy and jealousy have been main driving forces in the political process, resulting in a treasure trove of different literary genres. All European languages make a fine distinction between envy and jealousy, although both notions often overlap. The Germans have an additional nuanced word for this character aberration, i.e. “Schadenfreude,” […]

“It takes a Village on July 27”: Srb, Yugoslav Antifa, and Croatia’s Bare Bones

The common antifascist narrative in the media and academia consists in a frequent reversal of World War II victimhood—a procedure once tested by communist commissars in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. The label of communism, once proudly sported by a large number of intellectuals and journalists, has come out of fashion today. A more […]