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Implicitly White themes in “The Hobbit”

  The Hobbit is a bit long, and some of the scenes could have been edited down. But I am not really complaining. It held my interest. The only thing is that it has a sort of “one thing after another for no good reason” feel—the result of a lot of padding needed to make […]

All that is good and beautiful

A new Order is arising! We will drive the Machine of War with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of the Orc! Saruman                                                           […]

Thanksgiving: “Lincoln” and “Django Unchained”

The problem with holidays like Thanksgiving is that they give White people the impression that nothing has really changed. Just like when we were young, there is a huge Thanksgiving dinner, football on TV, and family get-togethers. The only difference is that now it’s all followed by an orgy of shopping on Black Friday, which […]

The One Hundred Fifty Million Dollar Sock (Part 2)

 Solemn DoSS Inauguration in New York’s fabled  MoMA I have learned the worst lesson that life can teach – that it makes no sense. Philip Roth The shyster’s name was Bernie Goldshtick, and he resided in an opulent office overlooking Central Park. Big in REPHAM (Reparations for mentally disturbed Third Degree Cousins of H. Victims […]

The One Hundred Fifty Million Dollar Sock (Part 1)

Portnoy in Middle Age  (Lucien Freud) Editor’s Note: And though it’s nonsense, it has method. Michael is, as far as I know, one of  the few contemporary essayists with a penchant for traditional Satire. Or, as he calls it, pulling our foes with their noses through the mud. What follows is an example.      […]

Lee Siegel: Exuding Jewish Triumphalism

A bit of Jewish triumpalism by Lee Siegel in the Wall Street Journal (“Rise of the Tiger Nation“). The basic plot line is that Jews overcame WASP dominance to attain the high ground in American culture. Now there is a rising Asian minority which, according to a Pew  Research Center Study is “the highest-income, best-educated and fastest-growing […]

The Crimson Goddess

  Not Hell! Purgatory! That’s the price men like me have to pay for keeping the world a sane place! General Nicola Mas y Redondo  THE CRIMSON GODDESS Permit me to mention a book. Nothing grand, though. Just a spot of decent reading for a long and lazy summer evening, preferably supported by a pint […]