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Worse is better? The end of electoral democracy in the UK

Those who say that the electoral road is finished for White advocates in heavily Muslim populated areas of the UK, have had their argument boosted by a perverse by-election result in one of the Labour Party’s safest seats. Indications were that Oldham West and Royton near Manchester would be close, with the anti-immigration UKIP breathing […]

Imagine No Narcissists: Liberal Responses to the Vibrancy in Paris

Thames Valley Police are the tireless crime-fighters responsible for protecting the people of Oxfordshire in southern England. But their resources are limited, so they have to make sure they respond only to genuine crimes, not to trivial complaints. This, for example, is how they treat a trivial complaint: One girl, referred to as Girl A […]

‘Get that White!’: A Gaze into a Coming Nightmare of Non-Prosecution of Hate Crimes Against Whites

It started off like any average ‘First Friday’ in Florence, Alabama. It ended with a glimpse into the racial nightmare that awaits the European peoples in the coming racial apocalypse. Earlier this month, the Dawes family participated in the familiar civic event before starting to make their way home as evening descended. A group of […]

SwedishSurveyor: White Flight in Sweden

A new study from Linneuniversitet confirms that Sweden is becoming more and more segregated along ethnic lines as a direct result of mass immigration from the Middle East and North Africa. Those who move first are highly educated and/or have a high-income giving credence to my post from last year. –Yes, we’ve found a so-called […]

Truth, Honesty and Faith in Allah: The Rise and Fall of Lutfur Rahman

Do you have a deep respect for the integrity of lawyers? Do you have an abiding trust in the veracity of Muslims? Then I’m afraid you’re going to be sadly disappointed by Lutfur Rahman and his many supporters. This highly trained lawyer made history as Britain’s first Muslim mayor, winning two elections in the proudly […]

Terror and Treason: The Wilful Evil of Western Elites

Muslim savages setting fire to a helpless captive. Did that happen in the Middle East in 2015? Yes, it did. But it also happened in Scotland in 2004. It was perhaps the worst and most sadistic hate-crime ever committed on British soil, but the mainstream media paid it little attention and long ago ceased to […]

Frank Salter on Race and Nation in Australia

Frank Salter has published a collection of essays titled The War on Human Nature in Australia’s Political Culture, reviewed favorably by John Derbyshire at It consists of six essays, five of which previously appeared in Quadrant, an Australian political magazine. Below is an essay I wrote on two of the three essays that deal with the national […]