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Feckless European Leaders

It is impossible to exaggerate the complacency and irresponsibility of the ruling class in Europe today. European leaders are not stupid, nor are they unaware. Consider the following speech from October of last year by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker: I do not often cry, but when I look evening after evening at this long […]

Terror in Paris: What did the Elites Know?

Translated from the German by Gregory Ritter Original article on Info-Direkt. Note: The hyperlinks in the original Info-Direkt article were to German-language media. Where possible, these have been replaced by links to English-language articles covering similar material. Terror in Paris: What did the Elites Know? Flying blind usually ends in disaster. The disaster in Paris […]

Croatia Under Siege: Migrants vs. Mad Germans

 Jean J.A Lecomte du Nouy (“The White Slave”, 1888, oil) The article below is the slightly abridged English translation of the Croatian original published in 7Dnevno. The Afro-Asian and Middle Eastern mass migration to Europe, falsely labeled by the mainstream media as the “refugee crisis,” is being examined from all angles. Why use the word ‘refugee’ if […]