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Pope Francis tells “no longer fertile” Europe to “ensure the acceptance of immigrants”

  It’s not every day that the Pope addresses the European Parliament (the last time was John Paul II in 1988). So the amiable Pope Francis I’s coming to give speak before the Strasbourg assembly and a to the Council of Europe (a Cold War-era pan-European institution including Russia, not an EU body) was a […]

Vibrancy and Viruses: Free Advice for Struggling Conservatives

It’s heart-warming how generous liberals can be. On both sides of the Atlantic, they’re giving their political opponents free advice on how to win elections. And it’s uncanny how similar the advice is: “Conservative party’s problem with ethnic minority voters is costing it seats: Ignoring the UK’s significant non-white population could diminish political parties’ reach […]

Croatia’s Patron Saints; the House of Habsburg and the Idea of the Reich

What follow is the English translation of my lecture given in the German language for the gentlemen of the Order of St. George, held on September 29, 2012 in the city of Varaždin, Croatia, under the patronage of the House of Habsburg and the crown prince Karl von Habsburg. The speech was subsequently published in […]