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Israel bans book on affair between Israeli and Palestinian

From the indispensable New Observer, “Israel Bans Interracial Marriage Book“: Israel’s Education Ministry has formally banned a book about an interracial affair between a Jew and a Gentile because, the Jewish state’s government says, the book “threatens Jewish identity” and does not deal with the “significance of miscegenation” between “Jews and non-Jews.”   This seems to be […]

Benzion Netanyahu: Jewish Activist and Intellectual Apologist

Benzion Netanyahu, father of the current Israeli PM, has died at the age of 102. Uri Avnery, an Israeli peace activist, describes Netanyahu  fils  as “a Holocaust-obsessed fantasist, out of contact with reality, distrusting all Goyim, trying to follow in the footsteps of a rigid and extremist father – altogether a dangerous person to lead […]

Jews and Race: A Pre-Boasian Perspective, Part 2

PRE-BOASIAN JEWISH DISCOURSE ON INTERMARRIAGE The Zionist Elias Auerbach viewed Jewish intermarriage as not necessarily a problem providing the endogamous Jewish racial core population remained unpolluted by the taint of non-Jewish blood. The offspring of mixed marriages (Mischlinges) are, he noted, overwhelmingly lost to the Jewish community — leaving the “sacred chain” of Jewish heredity […]

Jews and Race: A Pre-Boasian Perspective, Part 1

PART 1 Whether the Jews comprise a religion, a nation, an ethnic group, or a race (or a combination of these) has always been central to the Jewish Question. The recently published Jews & Race — Writings on Identity and Difference 1880–1940 (edited by Mitchell B. Hart) is an anthology of Jewish writing which offers […]

American Jews: “We can be racialists in the Diaspora”

Under pressure from American Jews, the Israeli government has withdrawn TV ads urging Israelis to return to Israel to avoid being contaminated by intermarriage and non-Jewish culture. The ads emphasize a central motivation of Zionism: Jewish racial purity. That is, prominent early Zionists (most notably Vladimir Jabotinsky, the father of the Likud faction that now […]

A Dissident Meditation on Jewish Identity: A Review of Gilad Atzmon’s “The Wandering Who?”

Gilad Atzmon, The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics (Winchester, UK and Washington, DC: Zer0 Books, 2011, 202 pp.) Gilad Atzmon is one of those rarest of all birds—the sort of person who would be called a “self-hating Jew” by Jewish activists. Except that he doesn’t really hate himself and really doesn’t have […]

A new study on Jewish genetics

Kevin MacDonald:  Gil Atzmon and colleagues have come out with the largest study yet comparing Jewish and non-Jewish populations. (See here and here.) Ted Sallis will be coming out with a longer summary for TOO, but I thought I would highlight a couple points. The study is remarkable for the number of genetic loci studied (3904 […]