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Emma’s Dilemma: Defend Europe or Destroy Europe?

In “Attitudes on Immigration,” I looked at how Jewish attitudes differ depending on whether Jews are a minority or the majority in a population. In European-majority nations, they tirelessly promote open borders; in Israel, they build big fences and drape them with razor-wire. One of the Jewish journalists I looked at was Emma Barnett of […]

American Freedom Party Proportional Representation Initiative in St. Helens, Oregon

The American Freedom Party’s Board of Directors commissioned activists in Oregon to campaign for Proportion Representation (“PR”), also known as “ranked choice voting”, by getting it on the ballot this November through the initiative process. AFP will then have candidates run for office under a more accountable, expanded St. Helens City Council using PR in […]

Greville Janner goes to court

The decision to prosecute former President of the British Board of Jewish Deputies Greville Janner on 22 charges of historic child abuse means a long hot summer is ahead in London. The surprise new twist comes after an independent QC — senior lawyer — reviewed the case and said that a prosecution go could ahead. […]

The NYTimes will only go so far in exposing divisions (and over-the-top tribalism) among Jews

Despite the well-known Jewish influence, the MSM in the US will often (surprisingly) take a pro-Palestinian tack regarding perhaps the most well-known of the perennial problems in the Mideast. Some of the media feel the need to present different viewpoints (if only to go through the motions?), employ left-wing journalists who are consistently pro-Israel, find […]

Declining effects of pre-school interventions

Apropos of Prof. Ray Wolters’ article on his journey to race realism, this chart from James Thompson’s blog shows the decline in effect sizes of pre-school interventions over recent decades. In other words, since the optimistic 1960s, there is less and less evidence that pre-school interventions have any effect. Back to the drawing board on […]

Was Ed Miliband’s father a KGB stooge? (cont)

The lack-lustre British general election campaign has been spiced up somewhat with the news of a link between a party leader and one of the greatest murderers of the twentieth century Genrikh Yagoda. According to the Daily Mail, the  Liberal Democrat party leader Nick Clegg —  who was the Deputy Prime Minister — had an […]

Lee Rigby: A Memorial to Victory, not Victimhood

You’ll remember Lee Rigby, the unfortunate British soldier who had his head nearly hacked off by a couple of Black Muslims…in a London Street…in broad daylight…in full view of passing members of the public — many of whom treated the event with the same disinterest and disdain that Metropolitans reserve for panhandling street musicians and street […]

We’re up and running

I apologize for all the inconvenience of the past two weeks or so. But things seem to be entirely corrected now, with the help of a new server setup. Please comment here if you encounter any difficulties.

Cyber Attack

We seem to be under some kind of cyber attack. Pages may be very slow to load, or you may get a Service Unavailable message. We are doing all we can to rectify the problem. It appears the hosting company has also taken care of its issues on database connections.

Guardianista Goosestep #2: Further Outbreaks of Hate at the World’s Greatest Newspaper

I got it wrong — the Guardian hadn’t forgotten after all. In “The Joys of Jihad,” I discussed a double murder in 2012 by an Afghan “asylum-seeker” called Ahmad Otak, who killed two young White women in an exceptionally violent and sadistic way. It was a textbook case of toxic “male entitlement,” but it was […]

Babel and the Capitalist Babelization

Review of Babel Inc.: Multiculturalism, Globalisation, and the New World Order by Dr. Kerry Bolton Black House Publishing Ltd, 2013 The tower of Babel is rightly used as a metaphor for contemporary rootless and mongrelized masses stashed together in the towering inferno of end times. As an allegory, however, the process of “babelization” signifies a distorted […]

Letter from a reader to his Congressman

February 25, 2015 Dear Congressman: With the impending speech to congress this March 3 by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I respectfully submit one of your constituent’s opinions regarding this presentation.  I hope you’ll entertain a small morsel of levity in my following introduction, but in all fairness this is a letter of serious context. […]

Alain de Benoist on Charlie Hebdo

From Greg Johnson’s translation of Alain de Benoist’s comment on the Charlie Hebdo affair: Here we are dealing with attacks planned in France by individuals radicalized more or less independently. They went gradually from delinquency to jihadism, but they are usually failures at it. They have great composure, know how to use weapons, and are completely indifferent to the lives of […]

TOO comments and censorship

An obvious rejoinder to Tobias Langon’s article on censorship at The Guardian is that TOO itself does not believe in free speech because we do not post certain comments. My view is that it is entirely reasonable for publications to censor comments, and that is particularly the case with a publication like TOO. We have never censored […]

Being Critical of Jews Is the Ultimate Taboo

Nobody — or hardly anybody — ever talks about how Palestinian Christians are treated in Israel. The reason is very probably what I found out for myself when I published an article on my blog about how Israel is not such a haven for Christians and received abusive comments from a couple of (anonymous) usual suspects. As […]

Richard Spencer Under Fire

The  Flathead Beacon  has a story on the mobbing of Richard Spencer consequent to the publicity over the Budapest conference. The city council is being asked to “an ordinance barring hate-group activities in the community.” As several of the comments note, the First Amendment seems to be of no concern to these activists.  The article is […]

Get into Twitter. Be Depressed.

They always say it’s darkest before the dawn, but I must admit to being really depressed by all that’s happened lately on the immigration front. I think it’s Twitter’s fault. For example, a recent tweet linked to a statement by Sen. Jeff Sessions that is a horrifying summary of the tsunami from abroad that our hostile elites […]

The Silencing of the NPI in Budapest: Update

Addendum, 10/5, from a correspondent: Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute expects to be deported from Hungary on Monday morning after being kept in police detention more than 48 hours after being arrested at a gathering of nationalists, traditionalists and identitarians at a bar Budapest on Friday evening. He is still in detention though […]

The Silencing of the NPI in Budapest

From a correspondent: Richard B Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute, was arrested in Budapest last night as Hungary’s government stepped up its attempts to disrupt a gathering of nationalists, traditionalists and identitarians. It is not known if he is still in custody or has been deported. It is the latest development in a […]

The Joy of Jail: Free Speech and other White Toxins

In Jewish folklore, a Golem is a monster that escapes the control of the magician who created it. The politician George Galloway is a bit like that. Inspired by ideologies associated with Jews, such as leftist politics and anti-racism, he’s become one of Britain’s greatest champions of Islam and opponents of Israel. I think he’s […]

The Israeli exception to US foreign policy advocating gay rights

From an op-ed by James Bamford in the NYTimes on his conversations with Edward Snowden (“Israel’s NSA Scandal“): Among his most shocking discoveries, he told me, was the fact that the N.S.A. was routinely passing along the private communications of Americans to a large and very secretive Israeli military organization known as Unit 8200. This […]

Diversity Chronicle Purges Reactionary Racists Posing as Progressives, Apologizes to Readers

The following article was originally posted by Diversity Chronicle, a satirical website. It is reposted here by  permission.  August 10, 2014 · by Diversity Chronicle By Ray Charlston It is a sad fact that today, even within progressive circles, the majority of white people are racist. They were born racist and they will always be racist. Experts, including professors, […]

Controlling Hollywood’s message on Gaza

The most recent Gaza slaughter presents another situation where the public pronouncements of people who matter have to be squelched. This is a community that most definitely does not believe in free speech (see Brenton Sanderson’s current article on the situation in Australia.) Of course, as in the “Jews control Hollywood” theme (see below), these […]

Sayonara, Sayeeda: Departure of the Vibrant Baroness

Suppose there were a political party in Japan that hated the native Japanese and wanted to do them as much harm as possible. What would it do? Campaign for mass immigration, of course. But some immigrants would be more harmful than others. Any party that hated the native Japanese would look very favourably on Muslim […]

Gaza fallout: Playing the Holocaust Card

Taki won a bet that “the New York Times and its international excuse for a newspaper would report on anti-Semitism in Europe the minute the civilian dead in Gaza reached 1000.” Now that it’s getting close to 2000 and civilians, including many children, have been killed in schools, hospitals and UN shelters (to the point that even the […]

Lords Feldman and Finkelstein: Guiding the Tories to Oblivion

In 2009, a British broadcaster made a simple prediction: Pro-Israeli organisations in Britain look set to see their influence increase if the Conservatives win the next election, a film scrutinising the activities of a powerful but little-known lobby warns today. At least half of the shadow cabinet are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel […]

Что делает Западную цивилизацию уникальной? (Russian translation of “What makes Western culture unique?”)

“Что делает Западную цивилизацию уникальной?” Russian translation of “What makes Western culture unique?“

Richard Spencer Interviews Kevin MacDonald: The Insider as Outsider

Richard Spencer interviewed me on July 18 on a variety of topics, including Slavoj Žižek, The Culture of Critique, and the Western culture of guilt, and “the insider as outsider.” The podcast can be found on the Radix website.

Development of Jewish Strategies for Survival in the Multicultural World

For an entity which allegedly only exists in the minds of pathological racists, international Jewry seems very much alive and kicking. JTA, the “global Jewish news source,” reports that Israel’s government has approved “an initiative to strengthen the connection between Israel and world Jewry, as well as to strengthen the Jewish identity of young Diaspora […]

Review of ‘Reuben’ by Tito Perdue

Reuben By Tito Perdue Washington Summit Publishers, 2014 290 Pages; $24.95 Reuben, Tito Perdue’s eighth published novel, is by far the 75-year-old author’s most subversive, incendiary, and defiantly reactionary work yet. It is bound to offend. It is sure to provoke. It is an apt and needful epic for our times and for our kind. […]

UK: The Labour Party sells out its White working class constituency but wants their votes

The current leader of the Labour party is Ed Miliband, son of the Marxist academic Ralph Miliband, who preferred East Germany to Britain and may have been a KGB agent. Marxists pretend concern for the working-class while working hard to immiserate and enslave them. So Ralph would have been very proud of his son’s work for […]

The Fanaticism of Ruth Wisse

Ruth Wisse, a prime exemplar of a Jewish academic ethnic activist, is retiring from Harvard  (“The Remarkable Career of Ruth Wisse, Yiddish Scholar and Political Firebrand; Harvard Prof’s Neo-Con Views Often Stirred Controversy“). In honor of her “remarkable career” I am posting a slightly revised version of an article I wrote on her before TOO was established. All […]

Goy Figure #2: How Gentiles Just Don’t Get It

In Yiddish, a goyishe kop, or “gentile head,” is someone with a  “dull mind” or “someone who thinks like a non-Jew.” I freely admit that I’m a goyishe kop in both senses of the phrase. That’s why I’m baffled by the behaviour of the ADL, or Anti-Defamation League, America’s premier Jewish organization fighting anti-Semitism, racism […]

Whole Lotta Lutfur: Ethnocracy vs Democracy in Brave New Britain

Britain needs a new national anthem. I suggest Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.” Just look at the vibrancy here, for example: An investigation is not Islamophobia Lutfur Rahman is Britain’s first directly elected [West] Asian mayor. On 22 May [2014], he seeks re-election. He says he aspires to the highest standards of […]

“Normal People”: British White Nationalists in Recent Academic Studies

“People are really rather afraid that this country might be swamped by people of a different culture. The British character has done so much for democracy, for law, and done so much throughout the world that if there is any fear that it might be swamped, then people are going to be rather hostile to […]

Pak Attack: Human Rights with a Vibrant Twist

“May you live in interesting times” runs the Chinese curse. You could also say: “May you live in an interesting country.” Pakistan, for example. It’s full of corruption, violence, misogyny, sectarian hatred and all manner of other pathologies, from cousin marriage to state torture. Any advanced Western democracy would be lunatic to accept immigrants from […]

Grand Chess and Great Flops in Ukraine

Materialists and madmen never have doubts G. K. Chesterton If you wonder how the above birds could fit into the heading of this piece and I told you it’s because of Global Strategies as I understand them, you might even go so far and lift an eyebrow in consternation. Thus permit me to commence with […]

The Germans refuse to play Ball

Transl. Michael Colhaze The German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel (Daily Mirror) launched an online survey on March 6th, asking its readers in faulty German of how the West should react with regard to Russia’s incursions into Ukraine. What follows were the different answers from which the readers could choose. Russia’s exclusion from the G8 summit should […]

Breaking up Ukraine along ethnic lines

In an earlier article on competing nationalisms in Ukraine, I suggested that states like Ukraine with large ethnic divisions should be divided into relatively ethnically homogeneous societies. This derives from the idea of what Frank Salter terms “universal nationalism”—that all peoples should be able to live in ethnically homogeneous states free of the conflict that […]

Arnon Milchan at the Oscars

In my article on Abe Foxman’s retirement, I discussed Foxman’s letter complaining that Jonathan Pollard’s continuing incarceration is “an intimidation that can only be based on an anti-Semitic stereotype about the Jewish community, one that we have seen confirmed in our public opinion polls over the years, the belief that American Jews are more loyal […]

Tony Obama: A Guide to Gas, Greed and Gold

A progressive young leader sweeps into power on a tide of euphoria, consigning a discredited right-wing regime to history. He promises huge changes to his jubilant supporters, vowing to re-shape politics and govern for the benefit of the ordinary and the oppressed, not for the mega-rich who waxed fat under his predecessors. Adoring profiles of […]

Canard sighting: Jonathan Tobin in Commentary

One has the feeling that the pro-Israel community in the U.S. is increasingly on the defensive. Jonathan Tobin’s “Anti-Zionists Must Not Be Allowed to Hijack the Jewish Community” is Abe Foxmanesque in its tone of embattled righteousness — and for two (two!) uses of the canard strategy (i.e., the strategy  that if a belief related […]

Letter to the Editor on Alain Soral

Dear Dr. MacDonald, I stumbled upon your work today which, by a strange coincidence, is the same day you published a blog post about Alain Soral and the Dieudonné affair, issues I know a little about, having explored a good deal of Soral’s work and movement. A small correction: it is not quite accurate to […]

RACE exhibit displays misinformation PLUS Announcment

Announcement:  Craig Bodeker and Kevin MacDonald highlight this week’s episode of The Political Cesspool Radio Program Don’t you dare miss Saturday night’s (February 8) live broadcast when we are rejoined on air by Dr. Kevin MacDonald and acclaimed filmmaker Craig Bodeker, director of the gripping documentary, A Conversation About Race. The Political Cesspool Radio Program broadcasts live each […]

‘Patriots’ Owner’s Wife Says Her Sons Could Fight for Israel, Not U.S.

I’ve been urged to do more newsy blog items. It’s a good idea because there’s lots of news items where there is little to add. Here’s one: Philip Weiss calls out Myra Kraft, wife of the owner of the New England Patriots football team (‘Patriots’ Owner’s Wife Says Her Sons Could Fight for Israel, Not […]

Let’s Dawk: Science and the Supernatural

The hum of the hive-mind. If you thought it was loud at the Guardian, you should try the New Statesman. Or maybe you shouldn’t. You might get tinnitus. Particularly if you read an article by the famous religious leader Richard Dawkins, who leads the world-wide cult of liberal atheism. He’s been writing about the greatest […]

The Catholic League on the Weinstein Brothers

As part of our Christmas program here at TOO we highlighted Bad Santa, a film by the Weinstein brothers. The Catholic League has a number of posts on another Weinstein film, Philomena, which is currently in release. This brief comment notes several other anti-Christian movies by the Weinsteins: [An ad for Philomena in the New […]

Cultural Insurrections Reissued

The hardcover edition of Cultural Insurrections has been reprinted after being out of print for some time. (There’s also a recent Kindle edition of The Culture of Critique.)  Cultural Insurrections  is available at the Charles Martel Society website (here), described as follows: Cultural Insurrections: Essays on Western Civilization, Jewish Influence, and Anti-Semitism By Kevin MacDonald Jewish intellectual and political […]

Hive Alive: Something’s Stirring in the Liberal Subconscious

Is the liberal hive-mind in Britain about to shift its thinking on mass immigration? Maybe it is. If so, it’s a very encouraging sign that elites are at least having difficulty defending their program of displacement of the White population.  Here are two important buzzes from the Queen Bee, a.k.a. The Guardian: Most glaring was […]

After the Fall: Beyond Nationalism

What follows is my speech delivered at the NPI conference at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington DC, on October 26, 2013 Ladies and Gentlemen, We could replace the noun ‘the fall’ with other related words having stronger, more loaded meanings, such as ‘the end time’ or ‘chaos’ — or ‘the end of a world,’ […]