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Smells Like White Guilt: Christian Lander’s Whiter Shades of Pale

Christian Lander: Whiter Shades of Pale: The Stuff White People Like, Coast to Coast, from Seattle’s Sweaters to Maine’s Microbrews; New York: Random House, 2010 I saw Christian Lander in San Francisco on Tuesday, December 2nd, speaking to a tiny sweater-clad audience at a small independent bookstore in the Marina District. Lander told the story of […]

Christopher Donovan: The Media Eclipse That is Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is riding high these days.  The Jewish funnyman — born John Leibowitz — hosts the top-rated Daily Show, released the best-selling book Earth:  The Book and is set for a satirical rally designed to mock the conservative Whites who attended the Glenn Beck rally.  President Obama is scheduled to appear on his show. He is of […]

Christopher Donovan: By Our Comments Ye Shall Know White Resistance

The media is as anti-White as ever these days.  I’ve dedicated hours of my life to showing how, on this blog and elsewhere. But the comments — the Internet postings of the everday nobodies in reaction to stories and blog items — are heartening. The trend is definitely “pro-White.” Take the New York Times — […]

Christopher Donovan: The USS LIberty: True Tales of the Jewish Memory Hole

The USS Liberty was an American ship attacked by Israel during the Six-Day War. The Israelis killed 34 Americans and wounded many more. The attack was either designed to hide Israel’s designs on the Golan Heights or some other territorial target (the Liberty was a spy ship) or draw the U.S. into the war by […]

Christopher Donovan on Melvyn Weiss: Being Jewish Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Jews amass great fortunes by unethical means, can depend on a network of high-powered figures to defend them, and continue their shamelessness even after having been convicted of a crime.  Released from prison, they sit around their Florida homes with deep tans and gold jewelry and want to wax serious about Israelis and Palestinians with a […]

Christopher Donovan: "We Pay $4,000 a Month to Live Here"

I lived in New York City for seven years.  It was quite a time:  I grinded through the hellfires of law school, watched as Plane No. 2 hit the World Trade Center, and came to racial and ethnic consciousness.   I do not miss living there.  It had its excitement, its restaurants and museums, its bright lights and maximum […]

Christopher Donovan: Mental Illness and White Resistance

Blogger Mark Nestmann expresses skepticism about the newly-minted psychiatric diagnosis of “oppositional defiant disorder“, noting that resisting authority isn’t necessarily a sign of mental illness.   Indeed, it’s not.  Opposing authority can be a sign of robust mental health.  Especially if that “authority,” as Whites find it today, is openly antagonistic to Whites’ group concerns […]