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More Marriage, Less Rape

Reginald Thompson: Research shows that remaining unmarried greatly increases the chances that a woman will be raped, while living with a husband greatly decreases her chances of being raped. According to the FBI Crime Victimization Survey, the average unmarried female over the age of 12 had a 0.37% chance of being raped or sexually assaulted […]

Legalized Pornography and Demographic Genocide

Reginald Thompson: “A primary cause of low fertility in the Greco-Roman world was a male culture that held marriage in low esteem.” -Rodney Stark, The Rise of Christianity A problem with legalized pornography is that if you allow pornography to become too widely consumed, its degraded vision of women will eat away at the capacity of men to […]

How Pro-Life Are White Evangelicals?

Reginald Thompson: White Evangelicals talk a good game when it comes to being Pro-Life, which is here defined as words or actions that cause more children to have life, and less unborn children to be annihilated in the womb. But are they just putting on a show to make themselves look righteous, with the possible […]

How Should a White Female Evaluate Potential Rape Threats?

Reginald Thompson: If a White female encounters a White man and a Black man in the same day, the Black male is at least 9 Times More Likely to Rape her. Obviously, if a woman is wary of being raped she’ll assess a Man in his twenties as a greater potential threat than an old man or […]