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In the Matter of Leo Frank, Part I

In 1913 Mary Phagan, a 13-year old girl, was murdered. The absolutely barebones account of the fascinating story behind this event and all that followed is that Leo Frank, a Jewish businessman who managed the factory in Atlanta where Mary worked, was convicted of the murder and sentenced to death by hanging. His sentence was […]


Kevin MacDonald: Series on Leo Frank, Part I

Kevin MacDonald: I am beginning a series of articles on the Leo Frank case, beginning with an account of Albert Lindemann’s important work in his 1991 book, The Jew Accused. The Frank case is important because it is part of the lachrymose view of Jewish history in America — a defining event that has been used […]


Heart of Darkness: Hip Hop, Existentialist Theology, and the WASP Cult of the Other

Introduction Hip-hop is another cultural artefact attracting the attention of Christians working with young people.  Back in January, at the five-day intensive university course for Youth Culture and Ministry, Andrew Root, a professor of youth ministry from Luther Seminary in Minneapolis, devoted an afternoon session to the subject.  His very effective audio-visual presentation reflected what […]


Haiti the quintessential dysfunctional society

In doing some reading of Tom Watson’s writing on the Leo Frank case I came across an interesting comment on Haiti from 1915. (Watson was the only media figure who argued for Frank’s guilt and for the justice of Frank’s lynching.) Watson quotes a passage from a New Republic article on Frank’s lynching that illustrates the common perception of Haiti at the time. […]