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Dysgenics of a Communist Killing Field: The Croatian Bleiburg

In the study of communist terror different methods from different fields have been applied, ranging from the fields of political science, historiography, philosophy, to international justice. An impressive number of books about communist crimes have enabled observers to grasp this unique phenomenon of the twentieth century, which inevitably brings about a large and emotional outcry, followed […]


Richard Lynn Recounts His Life, Part 3 of 3

Editor’s note: I have added the MP3 versions of all three parts of the review derived from Google’s advanced text-to-speech algorithm. I thought that it came through quite well. Comments appreciated.  Written version, Part 1; MP3 version: Written version, Part 2. MP3 version: MP3 version of Part 3: Lynn’s account of his years in Ulster […]


100-Year Retrospective on the Great Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020

One hundred years ago, the people of 2020 endured the Great Coronavirus Pandemic which directly propelled us into the health safety campaigns we wage today. We will cast a retrospective analysis one hundred years back to gain perspective on our own current Globaldemic. Before continuing reading, be assured that my comments have been approved by […]


Irresponsible Immunocompromised

In our inverted ‘reality’, any of the overwhelming majority of immunocompetent who deviate even slightly from the extreme protocols—such as crossing the 6′ barrier —and thus threaten the small minority of immunocompromised, are considered irresponsible and even hated for causing potential agonizing death to innocent people. Let’s assume that a tiny minority of the tiny […]


Darwin on the Rise and Fall of Human Races, Part 2 of 2

Go to Part 1. On the Human Races According to Darwin, human races have emerged as a natural consequence of their spreading across the globe, leading to their separate evolution in relative reproductive isolation. As a result of their prolonged separation in different environmental and socio-cultural conditions, humans show differences on a variety of traits; […]