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Review of The Transgender-Industrial Complex by Scott Howard

The Transgender-Industrial Complex Scott Howard Antelope Hill Publishing Paperback (447 pages) available through the Antelope Hill website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble It is certainly apropos that Antelope Hill Publishing moved the announcement of the release of Scott Howard’s debut book The Transgender-Industrial Complex to one of the seemingly-infinite LGBTQ “holidays”—the Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20th). […]


Andrew Joyce Reviews Richard Houck’s Liberalism Unmasked

Liberalism Unmasked Richard Houck Arktos, 2018 Available at Arktos and Amazon (all 5-star reviews) One of my favorite old Irish ballads is ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley,” written by the nineteenth-century poet Robert Dwyer Joyce. The song (sung magnificently here by Dolores Keane) revolves around a young Wexford rebel who sacrifices his relationship with his beloved, and then […]


Jewish Fear and Loathing of Donald Trump (5): Would Trump’s Defeat Be Blamed On Jews?

Posted at See previous articles in this series. Almost exactly a year ago, Editor Peter Brimelow raised the question of whether America’s Jewish groups would turn on Donald Trump (who after all has Jewish grandchildren and a lifetime of Jewish business associates) with the hysteria they employed against Patrick J. Buchanan. I have been tracking […]


Donald Trump, Judge Curiel, and (((Mean Tweets))): The Reality of Ethnic Identification in Multicultural America

Strong ethnic identifications for non-Whites remain controversial in multi-cultural America. On the cuckservative right, such identifications are half-heartedly condemned because they like to imagine that an ideal America should be blind to ethnicity as a way of justifying their non-opposition to massive non-White immigration (“after all, they’re just like us”) and their own lack of identification as […]