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Drowning in Altruism: Thoughts on White Pathology and the Invasion of Europe

‘The worst of charity is that the lives you are asked to preserve are not worth preserving.’      Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Conduct of Life (1860)  Here at TOO we are increasingly concerned with the origin, nature, and expression of pathological altruism in Whites. While there are a number of causes behind our rapid […]


Are Whites Pathological? Yes and No: Part 1

Kevin MacDonald recently noted,  “Whatever blame for our situation that we [Whites] place on others, the bottom line is that we are allowing the unfolding disaster to happen.  It is unprecedented for a civilization to voluntarily cede political and cultural hegemony to others, particularly when so many of these people harbor hatreds and resentments toward […]


Moral Outrage as a Sign of Trustworthiness and Long-Term Mate Value

One of the themes of Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition is that the West is characterized by the paramount importance of moral communities rather than communities based on kinship. Another fundamental feature of the West is monogamous marriage. Thus I found it fascinating that a recent study undergoing the review process found that moral […]