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Promoting Israel in the world of literature: A tale of Jewish ethnic networking

I was looking over Brenton Sanderson’s TOO article on Mark Rothko (“Mark Rothko, Abstract Expressionism, and the Decline of Western Art“). For Rothko, an artist without any of the skills that are traditionally associated with being a professional artist,  it was all about Jewish networking. Towards the end of 1943, all of the ethnic networking finally […]


The Big Short: Film and Book

I’ve never worked a day of my life on Wall Street and, in fact, have never knowingly spoken with someone who has. Still, it is child’s play to uncover the vast roles Jews play in New York’s financial district. For that matter, it is not that hard to show how Hollywood consistently covers up those […]


Can the Ossis save Europe? Part 3 of 3

Part 1 Part 2 Putin’s Russia: Imperfect Allies It would be wrong to either idealize or demonize the government of President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation. He is neither as sound as White Nationalists would like nor as devilish as many mainstream democrats assert. But Russia has one great, indeed unique, virtue. Gregory Hood […]


La Judaïté importe-t-elle ?

English version: “Does Jewishness Matter?” Article d’origine publié le 10 avril 2015 Il y a quelque temps, une mini tempête médiatique a éclaté à l’UCLA [Université de Californie – Los Angeles] au cours de la procédure de confirmation d’une étudiante juive à un poste au Comité Juridique du conseil des étudiants. L’étudiante s’est vu poser une […]