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A Blood Libel Against the Christian West: Gil Anidjar’s “Blood”

Blood: A Critique of Christianity Gil Anidjar Columbia University Press, 2014 Trained in comparative literature, religious studies and Jewish thought, Gil Anidjar is a professor at the Department of Religion at Columbia University. His courses include Vampires, God and Freud and Derrida — a concatenation that immediately informs us that this will be a post-modern excursion, […]

Commemorating Mathilde Ludendorff on the 50th Anniversary of Her Death

The work of German “völkisch” philosopher Mathilde Ludendorff (October 4, 1877– May 12, 1966), wife and soulmate of General Erich Ludendorff (who led the victory against the Russians at Tannenberg in WW1), remains obscure to this day, even in right-wing circles. Although this is probably not a coincidence, it is high time to shed light […]