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Was Ed Miliband’s father a KGB stooge? (cont)

The lack-lustre British general election campaign has been spiced up somewhat with the news of a link between a party leader and one of the greatest murderers of the twentieth century Genrikh Yagoda. According to the Daily Mail, the  Liberal Democrat party leader Nick Clegg —  who was the Deputy Prime Minister — had an […]


The Sharks of Marx: Science vs Censorship

Some people want to understand the world and some want to control it. But some want to understand the world in order to control it. Science is offering better tools to tyrants, but this means that tyrants may be better able to deny science. If certain facts about the world are ideologically unacceptable, modern technology […]


Jewish Journalism: A TOO Case File, Part 2

Part 1.  Now executive editor at the Guardian, the work of Jonathan Freedland (1967– ) may not be greatly familiar to TOO readers, at least when compared to some other high-profile Jewish journalists active in the United States. However, it is for precisely that reason that I felt he should number among the earliest of […]


Was Ed Miliband’s father a KGB stooge? (contd.)

With a year to go before the next British general election, the strategic brains behind an increasingly confident looking Labour Party are trying to tackle a matter of some delicacy — how are the British going to react to a Jewish Prime Minister? It is a tricky one because there is no disguising the fact […]