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David Cameron règle le problème des “extrémistes non-violents”

Original article: David Cameron takes on “non-violent extremists” Article d’origine publié le 26 juillet 2015 Poursuivant sa longue carrière très productive, l’historien David Irving vient d’ajouter une nouvelle plume à son chapeau: le gouvernement britannique l’a en effet choisi comme emblème de sa nouvelle campagne contre l’extrémisme, une distinction qu’il partage avec le bourreau d’internet […]


Moderate Extremism: Fantasy and Reality in Modern British Politics

Let’s play “Spot the Difference.” Here are some beliefs held by dangerous Islamist extremists: ∙ Islam is the one true faith and should tolerate no competition or criticism. ∙ Muslims who abandon their faith should be executed. ∙ Anyone who insults the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should be executed. ∙ Homosexuality is an abomination and homosexuals […]


Nouvelle Manifestation Anti-Shomrim à Londres

Original article: Another Anti-Shomrim demo in London Article d’origine publié le 7 juillet 2015 “On est en Angleterre, c’est notre terre. On a fini d’avoir peur, car on n’a plus rien à perdre.” C’est avec ces paroles que Jez Turner, l’organisateur du Forum de Londres, a fait face à une foule vociférante de Juifs et […]


Another Anti-Shomrim demo in London

“This is England, this is our land. We’re not scared anymore because we’ve nothing left to lose.” With these words Jez Turner, the organiser of the London Forum, faced a howling Jewish and antifa mob at the latest ‘oppose the Shomrim’ demonstration in central London. About 30 White nationalist and patriot demonstrators from a variety […]


The Jewish hidden hand behind Muslim ethnic antagonism in the UK

You could fill the pages of TOO with examples of hostile Jewish strategies designed to advance the cause of White dispossession, but here are two case studies from the UK which are particularly instructive. One involves an organisation which has been exposed for false or exaggerated claims about White violence towards Muslims. The second involves […]


Jihadi John

The unmasking of the internet executioner known as Jihadi John has driven the British chattering classes into a frenzy of hand-wringing. What strange forces can have turned an ordinary London schoolboy into a depraved monster able to decapitate another human being? His puzzled schoolteachers, parents, Mosque and the media have all wrestled  with various possible […]