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Zwei Beispiele jüdischer Doppelmoral: Wie sich Moral innerhalb der Gruppe von der Moral gegenüber Außenstehenden unterscheidet

German translation of “Two ingroup morality items,” by Thora Wie auf den Seiten von TOQ schon oft festgestellt wurde, propagieren Diaspora-Juden im Westen  ständig Einwanderung und Multikultur als unverzichtbare Werte und moralische Ideale, die nicht in Frage gestellt werden dürfen, während die gesamte Politik des Staates Israel darauf gerichtet ist, dessen jüdischen Charakter zu bewahren. […]


Pakistani Collectivist Political Culture at the Root of the Rotherham Pathology

An article from the Daily Telegraph points up ethnic differences in political culture that enabled the horror that unfolded in Rotherham (Rotherham: politics ‘imported from Pakistan’ fuelled sex abuse cover-up – MP). Although we at TOO have stressed the pathology of the White community for not prosecuting industrial-scale rape of White British children by Pakistani males for fear of […]


Two Ingroup Morality Items

As noted ad nauseum at TOO, while Diaspora Jews in the West continue to promote immigration and multiculturalism as intrinsic goods and unquestioned moral ideals, in Israel the whole point of public policy is to retain its Jewish character. The most recent example is shipping to Sweden dozens of African refugees living in Israel. Patrick Cleburne’s […]


Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Ethics: Gaming the System

At TOO we have had several articles on the culture of corruption that pervades many traditional Jewish communities. Edmund Connelly’s “The Culture of Deceit” presents examples going back to the 18th century, citing Wilhelm von Dohm, a Prussian official that Jewish communities were engaged in “the breaking of the laws of the state restricting trade, […]


Diversity in Outremont

Here in Outremont, a borough of Montreal, things are heating up for yet another episode of “Purim” during which our thousands of Hassidic Jews have a bang-up party with adults getting totally smashed and very noisy, while the kids are supposed to go around to visit friends and relatives, all costumed in bizarre outfits, to […]


Menachem Mendel Schneerson: The Expedient Messiah, Part 4

CONTROVERSIES Criticism of Schneerson, limited among non-Jews mainly to his supremacist views, has been more varied among Jews. Some have questioned his mental competency and his veracity, criticized his professional manners and condemned his theology. Perhaps because they did not believe in the authenticity of Schneerson’s mid-life born again experience, many senior non-Lubavitch Chassidim opposed […]


Altruism’s Bloody Roots: Cultural and Genetic Selection for Altruism in Humans

Altruism and the question of group selection continue to generate heated debate among biologists. Because there are so many misunderstandings of these issues, it’s worthwhile discussing how they relate to my writing on group evolutionary strategies. A recent paper, by Sam Bowles, “Altruism’s Bloody Roots“, argues that group selection could have evolved among humans as a […]