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Biden’s Anti-White Speech Writer

On April 28, 2021, unelected President Joe Biden spoke the following statement in his address to the Joint Session of Congress: “We won’t ignore what our intelligence agency determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today: White supremacy’s terrorism.” An examination of how “our intelligence agency” came to this determination will […]


The War on Whites: Harold Covington’s Northwest Novels

The War on Whites is moving to a higher level — fast. Signs are everywhere; they are undeniable. First and foremost, understand and accept that this is happening. For many, there will be no escape. If you are White and don’t yet grasp what is happening, quickly find out from someone who does. Lives will […]


White Replacement Isn’t a Conspiracy Theory

Tucker Carlson’s recent monologue on demographic replacement has sent leftists into a frenzy. It’s not that they categorically deny the fact that Whites are being demographically replaced, they just think it’s “racist” for Whites to talk about it. The few influential people (like Tucker) who draw attention to “conspiracy theories” (like White replacement) are made […]


Tucker Carlson Doubles Down on Replacement, Explicitly Mentions White Replacement, and Targets the ADL’s Hypocrisy(!)

In a previous article I noted that Tucker Carlson’s comments on ‘replacement’ in the context of immigration had unleashed a torrent of hatred from the ADL and the liberal media. When the ADL goes after public figures, the usual response is groveling apology in a typically futile effort to prevent getting ostracized or fired. After […]


“White Identity Politics” by Greg Johnson, Part 2 of 2

Go to Part 1. Johnson’s Suggestions Johnson has been very involved with the European scene, making many trips there to address conferences (two of the essays in this compilation are from lectures he made in Sweden and Lithuania and another is one he was prevented from delivering in Norway) and meet with European identitarian activists, […]


“White Identity Politics” by Greg Johnson, Part 1 of 2

Since he founded the Counter-Currents website over ten years ago Greg Johnson has been one of the most prolific writers in what I would call the “pro-White” movement, and since his active involvement began some ten years before that it is probably safe to regard him as one of the “Old Hands.” Most of his […]


Three Heroic White Films

I’ve put aside two hard-hitting essays regarding the ongoing assault on Whites in the United States because I suspect readers need a break from the relentless negative news we’ve all been exposed to. I confess I’m more than guilty of pointing out how rapidly the situation of Whites has become exceedingly bleak, I suffer from […]