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Jews and Money

Editor Kevin MacDonald has just written about Our Unethical Financial Elite. This is a worthy topic, especially to the extent it openly discusses Jewish involvement. Two things stand out here: First, the level of deceit and corruption is stunning. Second, the combination of Jews and financial malfeasance has a historical record thousands of years long. […]


Farewell, My Dear WASP

“Here’s a WASP joke. Question: Why do WASPs not engage in more orgies? Answer: Too many thank-you notes to write.” Thus began a NYTime’s book review last fall about the new book Cheerful Money: Me, My Family, and the Last Days of Wasp Splendor by Tad Friend. I read the review and highlighted a phenomenon […]


The Culture of Deceit

For those conversant with the Bible, the twin themes of Jewish resource acquisition and deceit will be familiar. For example, in A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, Kevin MacDonald describes this: The biblical stories of sojourning by the patriarchs among foreigners are very prominently featured in Genesis. Typically there […]


Spies Like Us

Just after St. Patrick’s Day of this year, my review of Jeff Gates’ new book Guilt by Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War appeared. The reference to deception and self-deceit in the subtitle are apt, for Gates explains that these techniques are responsible for America’s war in Iraq, among other things. “The […]


Jeff Gates’ Guilt by Association

Not many people think about Jews as much as I do. Decades of research have exposed me to a number of classic books on this topic, beginning with John Murray Cuddihy’s rollicking Ordeal of Civility. Next comes Paul Johnson’s A History of the Jews, or Albert Lindemann’s Esau’s Tears. Or course readers of this site […]