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The Real Ernest Hemingway?

On June 20th, 2016, in an post entitled “The Real Ernest Hemingway,” The Occidental Observer reprinted the first few paragraphs of a writing that had appeared in the February, 1979 issue of Instauration, a white interests magazine, along with a link to the complete source.1   In introductory remarks, the TOO post characterized the Instauration material […]


The Big Short: Film and Book

I’ve never worked a day of my life on Wall Street and, in fact, have never knowingly spoken with someone who has. Still, it is child’s play to uncover the vast roles Jews play in New York’s financial district. For that matter, it is not that hard to show how Hollywood consistently covers up those […]


The Friends of Boris Johnson: Plugging into Jewish Networks as the Key to Success for Ambitious Politicians

There are two pilgrimages which any ambitious British Conservative politician should undertake if he wants to seriously improve his chances of getting the top job. One is to Israel to be pictured with wearing a skull cap at the Western Wall. The second is to the most exclusive Jewish charity event in the London social […]


The Cult of Camila: More on the Scandal at “Kids Company”

It’s a short step from “respected” to “ridiculed.” Just ask Camila Batmanghelidjh, the charismatic Anglo-Iranian founder of the now-defunct children’s charity Kids Company. A year ago, she was a secular saint, idolized by thousands of British liberals: Camila Batmanghelidjh is a world-renowned child psychotherapist and expert on the rehabilitation of maltreated children. … When I […]


On Jews, History and “Refugees”

“There landed yesterday at Southampton from the transport Cheshire over 600 so-called refugees, their passages having been paid out of the Lord Mayor’s Fund. . .There was scarce a hundred of them that had, by right, deserved such help, and these were the Englishmen of the party. The rest were Jews. . . . When […]


Hearts of Darkness: Minority Worship and the Scandal at “Kids Company”

Over the past nineteen years Britain’s liberal elite, including three prime ministers, the Creative Director of the BBC, and the rock band Coldplay, have regularly been asked for money by a female Iranian psychotherapist who dresses like a Nigerian transvestite and has the exotic name of Camila Batmanghelidjh. The liberal elite have responded by giving […]