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On’s Peter Brimelow and “Electing a New People”

John Derbyshire has rather pointedly described the fate of those who would criticize Jews in a remarkable exchange with Joey Kurtzman, a Jewish editor of the website So far as the consequences of ticking off Jews are concerned: … I was making particular reference to respectable rightwing journalism, most especially in the U.S. I […]


Pourquoi tant de haine et de peur de Donald Trump chez certains Juifs ?

Original article: Why so much Jewish fear and loathing of Donald Trump? Article d’origine publié le 29 octobre 2015 Traduction: Blog Blanche Europe Chez certains Juifs, on constate une angoisse extraordinaire, à la limite du dérangement mental, à propos de la campagne de Donald Trump pour obtenir l’investiture du Parti Républicain. Cette angoisse ne se […]


Why so much Jewish fear and loathing of Donald Trump?

Also at There has been extraordinary, almost unhinged anxiety among some Jews about Donald Trump’s campaign for the GOP Presidential nomination. It has no solid basis, but unfortunately it does speak to their profound neurosis and alienation from the historic American nation. It’s worth asking how, from the general Jewish point of view, Trump […]


Jenji Kohan och den judiska hypersexualiseringen av västerländsk kultur

Original Article: Jenji Kohan and the Jewish Hyper-Sexualization of Western Culture Sexualisering Som det utförligt redogörs för Kritikkulturen, ansåg Freud och hans anhängare att antisemitism var en universell sjukdom som bottnade i undertryckt sexualitet. Den teoretiska grunden för detta finner man i Freuds Tre essäer om sexualiteten där han kopplade aggression till frustreringen av mänskliga drifter […]


The Indoctrination Game, Part 2: Jewish media influence as decisive in creating a positive public culture of homosexuality

Part 1 The recent Jewish sanctification of Alan Turing as noble gay victim and Nazi nemesis is the photographic negative of pre-and post-World War II Jewish efforts to smear Hitler and his National Socialist comrades as “sexual perverts.” For decades the supposedly sordid sex lives of Hitler and the Nazi leadership filled tomes. Allegations of […]