Introducing Jacobin Magazine

Given how often Conservatism Inc. labels even the most milquetoast Democrats “socialists” and/or “communists,” it can be easy to forget about the continued existence of genuinely Marxist intellectuals and activists — the kind that hate Democrats for being sellouts, neoliberals, and imperialists. As bad as the Cultural Marxists of the mainstream left are, they still don’t hold a candle to the evil of those who openly admire Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky.

A good example of this school of thought is Jacobin Magazine, which was recently profiled by the liberal website Vox. Named for the French revolutionaries who killed over 40,000 people in ten months, the publication’s radicalism knows no bounds. Some examples:

—It is a measure of our current ideological morass that liberals, in their own enlightened and open-minded way, still masochistically embrace a throne-and-altar orthodoxy that subordinates the people’s will to a virtually unalterable diktat handed down by an ancient council of aristocratic, semi-deified lawgivers. — “Burn the Constitution” by Seth Ackerman

—[T]he standard liberal motto — that violence is never legitimate, even though it may sometimes be necessary to resort to it — is insufficient. From a radical emancipatory perspective, this formula should be reversed: for the oppressed, violence is always legitimate (since their very status is the result of the violence they are exposed to), but never necessary (it will always be a matter of strategy whether or not to use violence against the enemy).

— “The Jacobin Spirit” by Slavoj Žižek—The populist reactionaries of the world — Ron Paul, Marine Le Pen, and others like them — propose to re-nationalize capital, which is a complete impossibility. It is for the Left to square the circle the other way, by globalizing labor; that is, eliminating borders….The unification of the world’s workers demands this. — “The Case for Open Borders” by Jesse A. Myerson

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The trouble, as Vox more-or-less neutrally notes, is that Jacobin is winning. “The magazine [Jacobin is a print magazine and a website] is up to a paid circulation of nearly 20,000, from both subscriptions and individual issue sales. The website gets nearly 1 million unique visitors and 2.7 million pageviews a month.” Given that the magazine/website was only started five years ago, in the founder’s dorm room, this is shockingly impressive — can you name another politically oriented magazine founded in 2011 that has gotten such a following? It should also be mentioned that there is nothing in the magazine that has to be paid for that cannot be found online for free, and still nearly 20,000 people are buying it. By way of comparison for online popularity, Vdare currently ranks as the 19,166th most popular website in the US — Jacobin ranks 12,085th.

The numbers are pretty clear, and having spent plenty of time on more than one leftist college campus, I can vouch for how popular Jacobin is, but Vox misses the mark in its summary:

—Jacobin has in the past five years become the leading intellectual voice of the American left, the most vibrant and relevant socialist publication in a very long time. And in 2016 it’s bigger than ever, thanks to Bernie Sanders, who’s making his millions of supporters curious about what democratic socialism actually means. That’s an opportunity that Jacobin is seizing to great effect, even if Sanders isn’t far enough left for their taste.—The Sanders campaign “could begin to legitimate the word ‘socialist,’ and spark a conversation around it, even if Sanders’s welfare-state socialism doesn’t go far enough,” [Jacobin founder] Sunkara wrote earlier this year.—

The relationship between Jacobin and the Sanders campaign is much more symbiotic than Vox implies, and if anything, they have flipped the chicken and the egg — it was Jacobin (and outlets like it) that laid the groundwork for legitimizing radical leftism that has allowed the Sanders campaign to flourish.

The proof of this, like with so many things, is in the demographics. For starters, the supporters of Senator Sanders are overwhelmingly young. Only a fool would think a bunch of millennials got swept up in a radical presidential campaign by a relatively little known senator, and now, because of them, far-left ideologies are becoming more mainstream, thus popularizing a publication like Jacobin.

No, the kids were already filled with Jacobin-inspired ideas when Sanders came around, that’s why they supported him. After all, not only are Sanders supporters young, they also tend to be college educated — and an overwhelming number of Jacobin contributors are college professors, administrators, or grad students who teach undergraduates. Vox conveniently forgot to mention it in their profile of Jacobin, but here’s something of a list.

Seth Ackerman (author of the earlier quoted “Burn the Constitution”), grad student in history at Cornell University

Nicole Aschoff (whose most recent piece for Jacobin is “Feminism Against Capitalism”), serves in the sociology department of Boston University

Alyssa Battistoni (who has declared, “The Left doesn’t need to go green — to save the planet and the people on it, it needs to go red”), a grad student in the political science department of Yale

Mike Beggs (a frequent critic of Keynesian economics from the left) a professor of political economy at the University of Sydney

Erin Schell (the magazine’s art director), a grad student in political science grad at the City University of New York

Jonah Walters (read about his deep admiration for the French revolution here), a grad student in geography at Rutgers

Jason Schulman (“Marx’s work still provides…. the only coherent critique of Enlightenment rationality with the notion that the Enlightenment was, in fact, a good thing.”), an adjunct professor of political science at St. Francis College

Bashir Abu-Manneh (an obsessive Israel critic), is Director of the Centre of Colonial and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Kent

Jonah Birch (contributing editor), a sociology grad student at New York University

Eileen Jones (who cannot bear the implicit whiteness of Wes Anderson films), visiting assistant professor of film at the University of California–Berkley

Matt Karp (contributing editor), assistant professor of history at Princeton University

Gavin Mueller (contributing editor, with quite a bit to say about gentrification), professor at George Mason University

Kate Redburn (author of such edifying essays as “An Unlikely Transgender Rights Vanguard”), a grad student in history at Yale

Corey Robin (contributing editor), a professor of political science at the City University of New York

Miya Tokumitsu (author of the book Do What You Love: And Other Lies About Success and Happiness), a professor of art history at the University of Melbourne—

If this list seems exhaustive, it probably is not. I am sure an insider of Jacobin is reading this thinking, “well there’s a few you missed…” Insiders always know more, no matter how good the opposition research.—My point is that the university system is occupied territory. Frankfurt School transplants like Herbert Marcuse and Theodor Adorno who became American university professors may be dead, but their legacy lives on in the academy. The radical-chic of publications like Jacobin is the product of a kind of ideological trickle-down effect from the professors down to the students, who then turn around and vote for someone like Bernie Sanders.

And as much as both the Sanders camp and the Jacobin crew would like to see themselves as the heroes of the working masses, they are not. As liberals like Thomas Frank occasionally agonize over, the American proletariat is by-and-large on the right, and these days is supporting Donald Trump. The egalitarian dreams and critical theories that undergird both this socialist publication and this socialist presidential run are the playthings of our highly educated, affluent, overwhelmingly White or Jewish, cultural and academic elite who could care less about the fate of your average reactionary construction worker. Jacobin is but a small example of this. And when it comes to that elite’s stranglehold on our nation’s colleges, I am inclined to recommend the advice of a radical leftist from another era:—Tune in, turn on, drop out

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13 Comments to "Introducing Jacobin Magazine"

  1. May 17, 2016 - 12:48 pm | Permalink

    James O’Meara had some interesting things to say about the US constitution, but he could precede remarks about this US constitution noting that it is the Second US Constitution. The First US Constitution, the Articles of Confederation (of sovereign states) was elbowed out following secret deliberations. Long story, won’t go into it here, but the constitution that conservatives so love was simply the fruit of the second revolution in a way that is so often true in history. The first revolution (1776) was for independence from the most powerful monarch on earth, but the second revolution (1789) was top-down, considered in secret, allowed central banking, and extended the life of the slave trade for a quarter of a century.

    The telling thing about the First US Constitution is how relatively successful it was compared with the efforts by contemporary historical experts to deflect, to deny, and to degrade its value. Wikipedia is jammed full of misdirection.

  2. christian's Gravatar christian
    May 16, 2016 - 10:08 am | Permalink

    Anyone noticed that they have a portrait of Toussaint Louverture as a logotype?

  3. James O'Meara's Gravatar James O'Meara
    May 12, 2016 - 10:30 am | Permalink

    “—It is a measure of our current ideological morass that liberals, in their own enlightened and open-minded way, still masochistically embrace a throne-and-altar orthodoxy that subordinates the people’s will to a virtually unalterable diktat handed down by an ancient council of aristocratic, semi-deified lawgivers. — “Burn the Constitution” by Seth Ackerman”

    Actually, I agree with this entirely. The Constitution, and the idea of “judicial review,” is both Judaicly inspired (Founding Fathers, Holy Writ, wise rabbis, Latinas or no, issuing “interpretations,” etc.) and a means of subverting the will of the people (i.e, democracy). The American experiment was a nice try, but a failure. The Brits got it right, which is why NO govt on Earth has or ever has adopted the American system. Some exceptionalism. That’s how Britain ended slavery in 1825, sans civil war, and delights in a popular national health care system. Same with Israel. As usual, Judaics impose Constitutionalism on Americans while Israel gets by quite well without it.

    • mari's Gravatar mari
      May 13, 2016 - 11:26 am | Permalink

      My sister has a saying, Socialism is Feudalism
      “subordinates the people’s will to a virtually unalterable diktat handed down by an ancient council of aristocratic, semi-deified lawgivers. ”

      It would be nice if more conservatives realized this instead of endlessly quoting the constitution instead of reading the judicial rulings since Marbury vs Madison 1804.

      Our constitution is descended from the Germanic and Celtic tribal law in which the biggest baddest bully in the clan established himself or his relatives as judge and they just made up the laws as they went along.
      That is how our system works, now. The biggest baddest bully, the President appoints other big bad bullies to the federal courts and they make up the law according to whatever they want. And since 1956 the federal and state courts have done nothing but create anti White laws and over turn pro White laws

  4. RD's Gravatar RD
    May 12, 2016 - 9:30 am | Permalink

    What the alt right or whatever you want to call it should do is actually attempt to emulate the success of The Jacobin. Instead of posting endless deconstructions of superhero films or trying to rationalize Trump in blogs that are often hard to distinguish from each other, see if you can have an impact like these guys are having. When was the last time someone in the WN community was able to sustain a publication over the years and reach out to as many subscribers?

    As for Jacobin’s ideological bent, sure, they’re Marxists. Primarily economic Marxists although some identity politics unfortunately creeps onto its pages. However, the fact that they are Marxists means their outlook is far more critical of the neoliberal system in place than the libertarian nonsense so many alt righters believe in (and don’t get me started with those who think they can somehow subvert the Republican party, the very antithesis of what the alt right supposedly holds dear.)

    In any event, 20K subscribers and a handful of people in academia doesn’t mean The Jacobin has huge reach. The Sanders phenomenon would have happened with or without such a publication. Most millenials voting for Sanders have absolutely no idea what The Jacobin is. Likewise, these people are just as much part of the proletariat as what’s normally identified as the working class. Sure, they have a college education, but they have as much money (and sometimes much less) than your average blue collar worker, who’s at least not in as much debt as the average college graduate. If anything, alt righters should try to attract more people from this constituency (or any constituency, for that matter. It’s not as if blue collar workers actually identify themselves with the alt right or that most of the people who attend events such as those organized by Amren and the NPI have much interaction with their blue collar, White brethren.

    Finally, I don’t see why the author of this piece makes such a fuzz about some of The Jacobin’s writers being critics of Israel or critical of phenomena like gentrification (while at the same time extolling the virtues of blue collar Whites.) The Jacobin might be wrong on many things, but it’s unequivocally less reactionary (and politically useless) than those who think gentrified neighborhoods for White liberals are a good thing or that Israel is somehow a potential ally.

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey's Gravatar Laguna Beach Fogey
    May 11, 2016 - 11:35 pm | Permalink

    Jacobin is winning because it goes all the way and advocates political violence and direct action. This is a lesson that the Alt-Right and WNism should take to heart. It works.

    • May 13, 2016 - 7:20 pm | Permalink

      “What the alt right or whatever you want to call it should do is actually attempt to emulate the success of The Jacobin.”

      This is impossible as the MSM, schools, publishers and every other cultural venue supports Jacobin type thinking. You need the support of the moneyed powers and their media to receive the kind of attention the Jacobins enjoy. Therefore, trying to alter Jewish propaganda by emulating them in this instance, is swimming upstream at Niagara Falls.

      “Jacobin is winning because it goes all the way and advocates political violence and direct action.”

      Jacobin is winning because the entrenched power structure supports them. Look at the situation in Greece. The “antifa” in Greece also advocate violence and direct action. However, in contrast with their opposition, the antifa gang quite literally gets away with murder because Jew sycophants running Greece supports them and their agenda while actively opposing Golden Dawn. They do this by using the most underhanded techniques imaginable, including photoshopping, images. Violence and direct action are only possible if the police and military look the other way.

      Adolf Hitler was a prime example of the use of such techniques. He wound up serving a prison term for his efforts at “direct action”. In the end, he turned to legitimate politics to rise to power. On the other hand the bloody, violent Russian revolution was successful because Lenin was financed and supported by “western capitalists” (read Jewish capitalists). It was their money that allowed him to overthrow the existing Tsarist regime.

      There is a story that at one point Lenin thought the revolution was lost. In fear Lenin fled Russia to Germany. Along the way, the train he was traveling on stopped at a border crossing. There a mysterious individual boarded the train and approached Lenin, an angel of the Jewish flavor one might suppose, telling him to return to Russia, as the desperately needed funding for the revolution had been supplied to his revolutionary cohorts. Lenin got off the train and boarded the next train back to Russia. The rest is Jewish history.

      • David Ashton's Gravatar David Ashton
        May 15, 2016 - 10:59 am | Permalink

        Re Lenin’s sealed train: the issue of Jewish personnel, finance and ideas in the two Russian revolutions has been muddled by both simple-minded misinformation and cunning disinformation.

        All the relevant complex material needs to be sifted, verified and evaluated most carefully. I am not offering to attempt this here and now, but it needs to be done – preferably by impartial scholars fluent in Russian and German

  6. Teri Hart's Gravatar Teri Hart
    May 11, 2016 - 6:57 pm | Permalink

    I hope Trump is the real deal and not a Jewish puppet since he’s so deep in Jewry, with two of his kids married to Jews, and his main advisors Jewish. Plus I heard his foreign policy speech and it’s almost status quo.
    As of now I’m trying to “red pill” people and wake up family and friends. It truly amazes me how ignorant and blind most people are of politics, racial differences, and current events. I realize myself that those of us in the know are a small minority.
    Below is a bit I put together to help awaken others. Feel free to share.

    Why Your Country Is Going To Ruin (Nation Wreckers; Jews’ Modus Operandi)
    Basic internet research shows that Jews control the US monetary system via the Federal Reserve (Rothschild, Lazard Brothers, Israel Moses Seif, Warburg, Lehman Brothers, Kuhn Loeb, Goldman Sachs, National Bank of Commerce NY, Hanover Trust of NY). Jews also control the six largest media conglomerates in the world (Disney, Time Warner, Comcast, Viacom, 21rst Century Fox, CBS Corp.) Seven Jews collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records. Jews own the three largest advertising agencies on earth (WPP, Omnicom, Interpublic). Jews have the most powerful lobbies in Washington (AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, ACLU, AJC). Jews also control much of the internet (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, My Space, Instagram, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, Pay Pal) and readily share your personal information with government agencies. Most Ivy League schools have Jewish presidents or provosts (Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Brown) with Jews constituting 13-24% of the undergraduate class of all Ivy League schools. Jews control most US professional sports (NBA commissioner Adam Silver, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred). Jews also own half of all NBA teams and one-third of NFL teams. Three of the nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices are Jewish (Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan) with a fourth Jew Merrick Garland recently nominated, making Jews almost 50% of the Supreme Court judges. Though Jews constitute only 1.73% of the U.S. population, Jews literally control politics, banking, media (television, movies, advertising, magazines, newspapers, radio stations, music industry), internet, sports, and education.
    Jews work in unison on the local, state, national, and international level. Jews are genetically psychologically aggressive, hyper ethnocentric, have a superiority complex, and have an historical grievance against Whites. Unlike other races, Jews possess a unique group strategy which is inherent by nature. Rather than using conventional means of war or diplomacy, Jews possess a parasitic nature which allows them to slowly gain control of their host nation by employing a top-down approach of targeting the three pillars of power; banking, media, and politics. This pattern of scheming for control has been repeated many times over the millenniums, and it is this destructive genetic force that is the reason why Jews have been expelled from 109 different locations. As a by-product and one example of parasitic behavior, Jews are responsible for 24% of financial crime in America, costing taxpayers $75-$100 billion dollars annually.
    Jews censor free speech, ban public religion, ban guns, force massive third-world immigration and integration, promote open borders and racial discord, promote reverse discrimination through Affirmative Action, exalt minorities and vilify Whites, promote gay rights, feminism, transgender, and depravity in the media and fine arts to divide and morally corrupt the populace. Jews have instituted political correctness to aggressively publicly punish dissenters and instill fear. In essence, Jews are a hostile elite. And as one example of Jews promoting non-White immigration, more than 62% of illegal aliens in the US receive some form of government welfare assistance.
    On a global scale, Jews control the European Union, banking (IMF and World Bank), media, and politics. Jews foment perpetual strife to uproot and realign nation states (Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine) with Russia, China, and Iran currently being targeted. Jews’ goal is to dilute all White nations with massive third-world immigration while creating a global borderless plural society with a single police-state government and single currency. At present, the White majority populations of Europe, US, Canada, and Australia are being systematically displaced by massive non-White immigration. And to those that say only a small fraction of Jews are to blame, the facts prove otherwise. Of the hundreds of Jewish political organizations, to the local synagogue, to political donations and the voting habits of Jews, Jews work in unison towards the demise of Whites, Christianity, and nation states and in favor of globalization.
    Most of the information above can easily be verified on the internet. Misinformed readers will quickly claim the moral high ground and dismiss these facts as racist or anti-Semite which is the conditioned response taught by the Jewish-owned media to thwart public discourse.

    • dan's Gravatar dan
      May 11, 2016 - 9:36 pm | Permalink

      Trump is totally compromised, the only thing he doesn’t do is wear a yarmulke. He reminds me of Bush in the 2000 election, hinting at protectionism, not wanting to be the policeman of the world, and we all know how that played out. Only this time the pre election pitch is more organized, more practiced in it’s generalities, while he looks like he’s shooting straight from the hip, going to the rallies without a prepared speech to display how it comes from his heart, for any informed person knowing that jews are behind him, ergo it can’t be so. He has a prepared speech for AIPAC, being at a banquet of vampires, the obvious fear of making a mistake eliminated, so he doesn’t fall victim, the jews are listening. He’s showing that not only is he subservient, he hints at delivering to them Jerusalem.
      I must confess I don’t watch the vids of the rallies, just sound bites. He talks about bad deals, like nafta, but never comes out and says he’ll rescind it, renegotiate, such a nice word, he could have been a lawyer. I know that because I haven’t seen the headline anywhere, which can mean that he actually said it and the jews have censored it, or as I believe he hasn’t crossed that line. How long will it take if he wins the election for his true colors to appear? Will they need to manufacture another excuse like 9/11? It’s just more political sodomy, and the perceived belligerence of the glorious leader, is the lubricant. The jews will once again be high fiving each other, with the oil jews out, and the real estate jews in, with a surprise appearance of the Neo con follies doing the zionist can can. Such a deal.

      • May 13, 2016 - 9:50 pm | Permalink

        “It’s just more political sodomy.”

        The poor sodomites are, thanks to Jews, perhaps the most maligned people in history; they’re even worse than Naadzees. Truth be told, the Jew’s lord god was planning the theft of Sodom’s precious water resources. To that end, the lord god of the Jews invoked a moral imperative of overarching evil to justify his genocidal policy.

        When the two “angels” went in to Sodom, it was not to assess the inherent evil of the people, but to go to the well in the center of the village where they would deliver the lord god’s ultimatum – your water or your lives.

        The angry people of Sodom decided they would not wait that long to deliver their answer, so all the people: men, women and even children gathered around the Jew’s house where the lord’s agents were being sheltered.

        Knowing what the angelic administrators were up to, the Sodomites challenged them by yelling out something to the effect, “send them out so we may know their true intent and deliver our response to their theft of our water.”

        Obviously the intent was not a challenge of a sexual nature, but to beat the bloody living daylights out of the Jews intent on stealing their water.

        Leave it to the Jew’s to turn a story of an innocent people upside down, making them the ultimate evil moral degenerates in need of ethnic cleansing. After all, didn’t Jews repeat this very story with Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi? Yet what paragon of moral virtue raped Gaddafi’s corpse with a bayonet? Only the most twisted, psychopathic mind could come up with such ideas of retribution.

        Don’t say “sodomy”, instead use an accurate description like, “it’s just more politically Jewed buggery”. Think of that charming story of Rahm Emanuel and Obama’s bathhouse membership in gay old Chitown.

    • David Ashton's Gravatar David Ashton
      May 12, 2016 - 3:27 am | Permalink

      This is a convenient summary of the case, mainly as it applies to the USA. It requires an analytical response, not abuse, dismissal or suppression. The motivations arising from the “longest hatred” predicament, especially after WW2, need careful examination. The moral high ground is objective truth plus humanitarian decency.

      There is at least serious doubt whether Jews are still so interested in “massive non-White immigration” into Europe with its adverse implications, especially from Muslim political influence, for Israel. Q.v. Gatestone Institute, Standpoint magazine, Zionists like Melanie Phillips or Giselle Littman, or the late Robert Wistrich.

      Also, there is Jewish opposition to the attacks on family values.

      The next question is: what is the adroit, sensible way to deal with proven harms listed here? I can think of a few counter-productive responses!

    • mari's Gravatar mari
      May 12, 2016 - 10:37 am | Permalink

      Great summary of Jews. I once went down to the local federal courthouse and compiled a list of all the attorneys on the anti White side of all the affirmative action lawsuits that ended up in the federal courts from Griggs vs Duke power on. I found that more than 90 percent of the attorneys on the anti White side had obviously Jewish names. I didn’t count names like Kaufman and Becker which could be just German.

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