The Freedom Party and Austria’s Jewish Community

Georg Immanuel Nagel

The Freedom Party (FP) has for a long time been the pariah of Austrian politics, but that time is over. In the last presidential election their candidate Norbert Hofer almost won with 49.7 percent of the vote, which was the best result that the party had ever had in its history. Due to “possible” fraud, the election had to be repeated, and with 46.2 percent the result was almost the same.

In the next parliamentary election in October there is a lot at stake. The Freedom Party could become the strongest faction. But maybe the stupid normies will believe the lying cuckservatives, who are at the moment are announcing they will do everything the FP demanded for years (but won’t actually do it). Even the socialists are trying to establish their Minister of Defence as a “strong man,” who actually wants to defend the borders. The big question, of course, is what is stopping the government from doing this right now?

However, the important difference at this election is that both the Socialists and the cuckservative Austrian People’s Party are openly discussing the forming of a coalition with the FP. This is a transformative metapolitical change! The cordon sanitaire has been broken.

A while ago the FP announced that it considers itself now to be “the new center.” A big part of this strategy is to do everything to become more “respectable,” i.e., to tone down its rhetoric to the tamest way possible level and to get rid of representatives considered too provocative. This politically correct charm offensive also includes grovelling before Jewish institutions in an almost embarrassing manner. The obligatory pilgrimage to Israel is now a standard procedure for party bigwigs. The FP eagerly professes that it is “not anti-Semitic” at every opportunity and even has Jewish officials within its ranks.

The result of these efforts is not exactly exhilarating. The “Vienna Israelite Community” (Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien, IKG) is the largest Jewish organisation in Austria, and has around 7,000 members. Austria has a population of 8.7M, so the IKG represents about 0.08% of Austrian citizens. The usually wide media coverage of the IKG’s opinions is highly disproportionate with this figure. The chairman of the IKG, Oskar Deutsch, appears often on the news and comments regularly on domestic political issues. It’s no surprise that the IKG always stands on the far left and sees the FP as its enemy. It does not look like the FP’s charm offensive is going to change that anytime soon.

In a recent interview with the Austrian daily Kurier, Mr. Deutsch was asked if he will support a specific party in the upcoming election battle. He answered that “you can vote for every party, but not for the FP.”

The main topic of the interview was the rise of hatred against Jews due to massive Islamic immigration. Mr. Deutsch expressed his fear that the life of Jews in Europe could therefore become very unpleasant. Thus “every refugee should visit Mauthausen [an Austrian concentration camp memorial] to see where antisemitism leads to.”

I suspect that the transfer of White guilt to middle eastern “refugees” is not a realistic strategy. Interestingly, Mr. Deutsch classifies the condemnation of the activities of George Soros by the Hungarian government as “anti-Semitic,” although Mr. Orban did not criticize Mr. Soros simply because he is a Jew, but because of his furtherance of immigration and multiculturalism. So what does Mr. Deutsch want now? If he wants the Jews to live in peace, without the fear of Islamic attacks, he has to support the right. If he continues to support the left and its championing of Muslim immigration, it will worsen the situation of Jews in Europe. There is no third way.

As the election date gets closer the usual smear campaigns of the Leftist media are beginning. The first target of this planned outrage was Johannes Hübner, who is an educated and articulate man and a long-serving member of parliament of the Freedom Party. Last year he was giving a speech at a right-wing conference. As luck would have it, witnesses have now appeared who say that they heard Mr. Hübner making an “anti-Semitic joke,” among other things.

What was the substance of this? It seems that Hübner referred to the Jewish legal philosopher Hans Kelsen in his speech. Kelsen is celebrated here as “the father of the Austrian constitution,” but was a leftist and a radical positivist. Hübner repeated a historic joke that Kelsen’s contemporaries made about him, saying that the well-known Jewish family name “Kohn” would fit him better.

Why is it “anti-Semitic” to identify someone as a Jew? Is it inconceivable that Kelsen’s Jewish identity influenced his opinions? Are we supposed to believe that Mr. Deutsch’s Jewish identity and sense of Jewish interests are irrelevant to his political opinions? Imagine the same situation but with different ethnic groups involved. For example, think about a prominent American jurist with the name “Miller” and a German mother. If someone would say that the attitude of this man is very German and that “Müller” would therefore be a better name for him, absolutely nobody would care. No one would freak out and cry about “anti-Germanism.” But such an example already exists in Donald “Drumpf” the blatant Germanization of the sitting US President’s name.

Mr. Hübner is also accused of having made a statement that suggests that there are a lot of Jews in Austrian freemasonry—a view that is considered to be an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.” Are there really a disproportionate number of Jews in Austrian freemasonry? I do not know, but if this is true, it is not “anti-Semitic” to say so, but a mere statement of fact. If it is not true, it is only an insult if you think that freemasonry is a bad thing.

The former chairmen of the IKG Ariel Muzicant, the predecessor of Mr. Deutsch, has been the president of the Jewish organization B’nai B’rith, that is organized in a similar way to freemasonry but claims not to be the same. However, once again imagine the same situation with different ethnic groups involved. If someone were to say that there are “more Protestants than Catholics in American freemasonry” would anybody say that this is “anti-Protestant”?

In a statement the IKG said that Mr. Hübner is “a shame for the Austrian parliament and unbearable as a member of parliament.” Mr. Deutsch also proclaimed, “Now is the moment of truth for the FP, when it can show how serious they take their announcement to have nothing to do with antisemitism.”

At first, the Freedom Party declared that they would not take this obvious smear campaign so seriously. But this was quickly followed by Hübner promising to mind his words more carefully and then declaring that he would not run for office in this election. I leave it to the reader to learn something from this story.

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13 Comments to "The Freedom Party and Austria’s Jewish Community"

  1. John H's Gravatar John H
    August 24, 2017 - 4:50 am | Permalink

    Can Arnold Schwarzenegger run for a seat? He wanted to be the US president but Obama beat him to being the first non-USA native born citizen to hold that office.

    • Jud Jackson's Gravatar Jud Jackson
      August 24, 2017 - 7:02 am | Permalink

      Arnie would never help the cause of whites in Austria, the USA or anywhere. He is married into the Kennedy family. He is, at best, a totally Cucked Republican. That is his best; I don’t know what his worst is.

      • Lou's Gravatar Lou
        August 27, 2017 - 6:34 pm | Permalink

        As a resident of Los Angeles, and former friend of his MD, [and former friend of on of his many ex es] I can assure you that AS is an unsavory opportunist.

    • AnotherAmalekite's Gravatar AnotherAmalekite
      August 25, 2017 - 4:05 pm | Permalink

      Obama beat him to being the first non-USA native born citizen to hold that office

      I used to think he was born in Kenya, but the truth is actually worse. I now believe this:

  2. Mr. West's Gravatar Mr. West
    August 24, 2017 - 5:54 am | Permalink

    Mitteilungen fur die Truppe (Information for the Troops)
    We would be insulting the animals if we were to describe these men, who are mostly Jewish, as beasts. They are the embodiment of a satanic and insane hatred for the whole of noble humanity.

  3. Pero Ercegovac's Gravatar Pero Ercegovac
    August 24, 2017 - 9:14 am | Permalink

    It is amazing how many so called nationalists in Europe in order to curry favour with the opinion makers will eventually bow down to Jewish demands on holocaustality, the new state religion. This was a mistake by the FP because they should have known that the Jews would never give them support and by supporting certain Jewish demands they have isolated themselves from a good 10 to 15% of their voting corpus. Stupid move. This 10 to 15% drop in votes is the difference between having three to 20 seats in parliament.

    • Lucy's Gravatar Lucy
      August 25, 2017 - 3:26 am | Permalink

      @Pero. In Poland this new state religion has merged with the official religion, Catholicism. As Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal declared that the ban on ritual slaughter was in conflict with the constitution, it was lifted. Not that the ban was respected in a country as thoroughly corrupt as Poland in fact is (not to mention that many of the in Poland non-existent Jews need kosher meat), but revoking of the ban has opened for ritual slaughter in close to all large abattoirs. With regard to the fact that Poland in November 2016 enthroned Jesus Christ as King, ritual slaughter seems to have enriched the Christian tradition.

      • August 25, 2017 - 5:58 am | Permalink

        There’s quite a bit of evidence that ‘Holocaustianity’ is being abandoned. E.g. a Youtube by ‘Fascist Lemming’ called Best Thing Ever#Hologate discusses Trump’s attitude to “Holocaust Memorial Day” and other things. Not for the first time, the various churches may find themselves saddled with obsolete lies.

      • Poupon Marx's Gravatar Poupon Marx
        August 25, 2017 - 10:13 am | Permalink

        Christianity, I have realized late in life but apprised by a student colleague in the 1960s, is a derivative and incomplete and incoherent in many ways of Buddhism. It should never have risen beyond a regional curiosity and phantasmagorical phenomenon. “Christ as King”, the institutionalizations resembling a marketing organization, extravagant claims, proselytizing, and the totally repellent and vacuous claim of “Christ The Redeemer, whose belief as “The Savior” is a requisite to enter the Pearly Gates of Heaven. The further unnecessary and useless construct of the “Holy Ghost”, “The Farther”, and “The Son” are capricious and reek of clever marketing and abstractions for the purpose of unimportant creation of stray and unproductive thoughts.

        Contemporarily, Christianity is a thoroughly “plastic” religion, the metaphor of “silly putty” exposits well. The pretzel religion, bent and shaped to suit any Jewish, Satanic, or temporal use. Shapeless and shifty.

        No wonder Western Man has no terra firma morality, duty, loyalty, or bravery left to draw upon within himself. He is an empty vessel, depending on outward and external fillers to fill his Swiss Cheese psyche and persona. From Popes to Protestant carnival barkers and religious retailers (including the Billy Graham Family), this belief system is similar to a power plant composed of bad design, poor equipment choice, and sloppy work and inferior machines and components.

        How much more does Western Man have to endure in order to reject what does not work, does not serve him, and what does not kill him makes him weaker, in order to postpone his imminent death and disappearance?

        Only by separation and nation creation will Indo-European Man survive. Beyond that, he will need a belief system that is complete, coherent, and that results in observable “Right Behavior”.

        • pterodactyl's Gravatar pterodactyl
          August 28, 2017 - 3:00 am | Permalink

          Poupon Marx
          Christianity helped the West become successful as it attached importance to the virtues, and when life was a struggle (ie a struggle to get food and clothes and warmth) the virtues were a huge asset to the races that valued the virtues, as oppose to the races that value family connections and dishonesty and ‘family honor’ above what is just and right.
          But the reason these races were so successful after they embraced Christianity is that the individuality in the genes of these races made the people happy to embrace the virtues as the ‘rules’ or guidelines for society. This led to looking down on corruption, dishonesty etc in their society – and society shunning such traits made the West successful. Meanwhile those with tribal genes willingly embrace a religion that encourages their tribalism (Islam). And their tribalism keeps their countries backward, as the person who gets the job is never the best one, he is the one with the connections.

          But in the West these days attaching value to the virtues is not longer a feature that leads to success/advancement/authority/power in Western society. Due to the great wealth, all you have to do is position yourself where this wealth is flowing. And the biggest flowing river is the one from the government with all its taxed income to spend. But this is not the only river and Zuckerberg types use private income rivers .

          In the past the leaders had to be able to command men and armies to win land and guard it. ie they needed to earn/keep/win the respect/fear of others. These days Zuckerburg does not need to do this. You can get on with entirely different characteristics these days. Zuckerburg needs to be able to command Lawyers and legal people and to be ruthless with rivals (and friends?) – similar to Gates.

          It is a curious feature of our times that the super rich these days are on the far-left and hate the countries that made them so wealthy (there is no billionaire donor for the right, but plenty of Soroses) , whereas in the past the super rich were all connected to land ownership and were all totally loyal to their countries, as their wealth was locked into that country via land ownership. Except perhaps the Jews whose wealth was connected to their networks.

  4. Santoculto's Gravatar Santoculto
    August 24, 2017 - 1:35 pm | Permalink

    This people is so pathetic. Whites must have huge patience to deal with this clowns.

  5. Dan's Gravatar Dan
    August 24, 2017 - 4:46 pm | Permalink

    I’m no supporter of Trump but he showed that alienating the media by saying what the “electorate” wanted to hear rather than being a media sycophant can still win elections.
    FP should not be pandering to, or falling for the “anti-antisemitism” nonsense. On the contrary, they should be telling the electorate what’s really happening.
    But who knows, they could have just lost their nerve or be infiltrated and soon become controlled opposition much like it appears Trump to be!

  6. John Walton's Gravatar John Walton
    August 25, 2017 - 2:48 am | Permalink

    Obviously many people have ethnic loyalties. There is no need to argue for this. Suppose in the 1990s the US was interested in the question of Northern Ireland and the president named a panel consisting of Feeny, Sullivan, Finnegan, O’Reilly, and O’Leary, who recommended military support for the Irish nationalists. Do you think nobody would ask obvious questions? Or suppose our middle east policy team consisted of Jamal, Kalil, Akbar, Ahab, and Mohammed, and they recommended dropping Israel.

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