Is Civil War Inevitable?

The conclusions regarding France and Europe more broadly in Guillaume Faye’s final book Ethnic Apocalypse—like The Culture of Critique and my own book The God that Failed: Liberalism and the Destruction of the West banned by Amazon for said conclusions being “inconvenient” to the Establishment, ie-true—were that yes, the regime has made it inevitable. The conditions imposed upon us have made life intolerable, and Faye states that for Occidental Man to survive and reclaim his homelands from usurpers and aliens that violence has become the natural consequence of the Establishment’s actions. Indeed, the daily indignities and violence visited upon us in our nations is enabled and encouraged by the occupation government’s shock troops, be they hostile aliens or indoctrinated white janissaries. This ranges from so-called petty crime to acts of terrorism and everything in between; they are on the same continuum. The violence, which has been a fixture within formerly peaceful nations for generations now and continues to increase in prevalence and intensity, can be directly attributed to those in power who arrogantly build their Tower of Babel and laugh in the face of decency. Their legion of ready censors work overtime to ensure that anyone who dissents is silenced and destroyed.

Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall after all.

The meek, however, will not inherit the earth, but will go quietly to their destruction along with the entire rotten system. Nature always wins in the end, but at what amount of sheer wreckage and collateral damage? Faye predicts that the civil war will be terribly savage (Selco Begovic is a great resource for the realities of what it might look like having lived through the worst of the conflict in Yugoslavia in the 1990s). If there is to be open conflict, it will be equal parts civil war and revolution. A revolution is, however, what is required.

America as an entity has very obviously lost the will to live; I’ve been feeling this way for a while, but the overturning of the death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on account of “prejudice” has solidified it. Nietzsche’s Last Man rules, and maggots crawl over his corpse. He (it?) is dead and doesn’t even realize it. A healthy society would never tolerate a terrorist to live—or have even allowed the Tsarnaev brothers to be in the country in the first place—and though Circuit Court Judge Ojetta Rogeriee Thompson affirms that Tsarnaev will remain incarcerated for life, do we even really expect that at this point? How about the fact that the US re-settled almost five hundred “refugees” over the months of May, June, and July in the midst of the on-going pandemic?

It is as always not my intention to demoralize the reader when publishing my extensive research into the ins and outs of the system and its operations, but rather to illustrate its comprehensiveness and the inextricability of its constituent parts. Most whites still have a mental block where they have some modicum of trust in the system and believe it can be reformed. It cannot. This is actually a major “white pill” to use the parlance of the Alt-Right because the noise does not matter. (As an aside, I’ve never referred to myself as Alt-Right, despite its brilliance as a term, because to me there is no alternative.) The system is not capable of reform and must be discarded.

You must ask yourself: what benefit do YOU get from this system, from America as it is, not as it was. More so, what benefit do your children, your children’s children, the bedrock of your people and your civilization get from this system? None—it is a downward spiral we want no part of. There can be no American nationalism and certainly no conservatism because there is no nation and there is nothing to conserve: America is dead, and I refuse to be trapped in its decaying corpse. I want to live.

We don’t want the assimilation of alien peoples. We don’t want integration. We want our own homelands free from aliens foisted on us by the occupying regime and we want that for all of the other peoples of the world as well. To quote Alexander Solzhenitsyn, “Nations are the wealth of mankind, its collective personalities; the very least of them wears its own special colors and bears within itself a special facet of divine intention.” Let us work to construct a world in keeping with natural law and the universal order of truth. This is to break from enslavement to a system that dehumanizes us and ultimately wants us dead after it’s sucked us dry, discarded as husks, grist for their mills. I reject the premise that this is what progress looks like.

But what of the inevitable urgings that we need to DO SOMETHING? Only a fool wants to be drawn into conflict with the system, and we want to divorce ourselves from this rotten system because of the violence visited against us on a daily basis, not cause more. There may be a universal truth but there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. The future of the West will be decided in the real world at the local level. What works for and resonates with the New Atlantic Nation cannot be replicated wholesale in Texas or Alberta, and why would we expect that? The federated nature of the American and Canadian systems is one of the major reasons we are in the situation we’re in today; the European Union is a useful analog here as well. As for New Zealand, Australia, and the Cone Countries of South America, those are ready-made nations waiting to be re-claimed, just as are those most of those in the EU, though there are some new/old nations waiting to be reborn there as well. Southern Africa is slightly more complicated, but to my mind it seems it could perhaps break down along the lines of a Boer Nation, an Anglo Federation, and possibly an allied German-Namibian micro-state.

The point is this: regardless of what’s coming we need to be prepared. Like a zombie virus, the system continues to animate “our” “societies” post-mortem, but it is in an advanced state of decay, and the final bullet in its brain will be most welcome. It will also signal a monumental opportunity, and everyone should know what it is they want, and what better world they envision. Out of chaos, order, but what order? A California that looks like Mexico and a Quebec that looks like Cameroon, or something else? These are questions everyone must answer for themselves and then get busy building an action plan. Start at home and build outward. Find workable solutions for your community, and if you don’t have a community, then build one. For men, the Mannerbund is a good place to start.

The New Atlantic Nation (New Albion) now has a prospective constitution, a flag, and a historical and ethnic basis. The movement to seize the mantle of our collective—and I stress collective—destiny and leave the dissolving union is growing, but it needs more. Right now there are just murmurs, but in every little corner of the Occident those murmurs are rising into an emphatic shout.

We do not want war and conflict. We want peace, which why we put ourselves out there and speak the truth when telling the truth has become a revolutionary act. The ideal is the Velvet Divorce of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but if large-scale confrontation is to come to pass, the ideal must then be Slovenia of the Yugoslavian wars—the wars, it must be said, precipitated by the very Establishment trying to crush us today. The violence has been here, and it has been perpetrated against us in terrible fashion for generations. Confiscatory taxation of our wages while we’re on the hamster wheel, alien criminality, intolerable living conditions, suppression of birthrates, censorship, and open warfare are all on the same continuum, the continuum of violence visited against us by the alien occupation government that wants our history, our civilization, our people, and everything good we stand for erased.

What is more important: the survival of your people and civilization, or that of a rapidly-“browning” ideological and contractual project built on faulty premises of human nature at the tail end of the so-called Enlightenment?

We stand on the precipice of history. Do not despair for we have been chosen to re-light the torches and guide our people forward into the future we create, keeping the essence of the past and our ancestors while forging something new, dynamic, and True. This system is the enemy of all peoples, a rotten perversion of nature and a denial of the universal order that originates from the central timeless truths any legitimate system representing its people must be in accordance with. It is to those ends we dedicate ourselves.