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Serbia, July – August 2008: A travelogue

Punctuated Equilibrium July 24, 2008.  I arrive with my Serbian-American wife and Christopher, my teenage son, in Belgrade after a connecting flight from London on an old Yugoslavian Airline 735.  Pedrag, my wife’s affable, wry, and hospitable cousin, is there to meet us.  We go together to Pedrag’s apartment.  The outside of his apartment building is old, dilapidated, and covered […]

A Spreading Fire

Punctuated Equilibrium It is easy to become discouraged when contemplating the stranglehold the Israel Lobby has on American policy in the Middle East.  One could compile a long list of actions taken by our government at the behest of the Lobby that serve the interests of Israel but not America. Exhibit A in this list […]

Who Is Responsible for Fatherless Black Families? The Reverend Jeremiah Wright: A Memory from the Army

Few people I know had a more abrupt transition from their college education to the workplace than I did.  I was enamored of the liberal arts, majoring in philosophy, with a minor in English literature.  Practical studies were anathema.  But then I graduated. I soon learned that there is not much you can do with […]

Serbia and Kosovo, November 2007 History as War by Other Means: Demographics as Destiny

Punctuated Equilibrium On November 18, 2007, Hashim Thaci, the former leader of the Albanian Kosovars’ Kosovo Liberation Army, claimed victory in Kosovo’s parliamentary elections. Thaci has promised to declare independence for the Serbian province immediately after December 10, 2007, the deadline set by the United Nations for the conclusion of talks on the future status […]

An Exercise in Political Epistemology: Mukasey, Schumer, Chertoff, and the AIPAC Trial

Punctuated Equilbrium Epistemology – the critical study of what we know (or think we know) and how we know it – is a distinctive and admirable aspect of Western culture.  From Socrates to the proponents of scientific method we learn the importance of caution in reaching conclusions.   In Anglo-American law, with its rules of evidence […]