The academic left’s involvement in politics

Right now some radical students at the university where I work are having a major anxiety attack about the fact that I continue to teach there. They are promising a long campaign to get me fired. The big new issue is my involvement with the A3P. As a student leader said, this may have “upped the ante … Now you’re going from belief to action.”

Ah yes, the horror that a professor would actually be involved in politics. In today’s LA Times, the op-ed page was dominated by comments on Howard Zinn (“An experts’ history of Zinn”), who by all accounts was a leftist political activist as well as a professor of political science at Boston University. Zinn, who probably deserved a chapter in The Culture of Critique as an exemplar of a leftist Jewish intellectual activist, was involved in all the leftist causes of the last 60 years. He wore his political beliefs on his sleeve and was proud of his lack of neutrality in his writing, titling his memoir You can’t be Neutral on a Moving Train.  As one of the commentators, Sean Wilentz, notes,

He saw history primarily as a means to motivate people to political action that he found admirable. That’s what he said he did. It’s fine as a form of agitation — agitprop — but it’s not particularly good history.

To a point, he helped correct mainstream popular conceptions of American history that were highly biased. But he ceased writing serious history. He had a very simplified view that everyone who was president was always a stinker and every left-winger was always great.

But other historians are much more sympathetic to Zinn. Eric Foner, who is described by one reviewer as the “sainted PC commissar for US history and Reconstruction fabulist” is, like Zinn, an academic radical activist. Foner says about Zinn:

The idea that historians have to be neutral about everything they study is the death of history. Every historian has beliefs and feelings about what they’re studying. Howard made them very explicit. The teachers you remember are the ones with a passion for history who made it clear what they thought. They were not polemicists. They respected the canons of historical scholarship, as Zinn did, but they cared deeply.

Well, I’m not sure how much Zinn respected the canons of scholarship in creating what one commentor called an “eternal struggle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness.” The print version of the Times op-ed provides some quotations from Zinn’s work A People’s History of the United States. The Western culture = evil, native peoples = good theme is obvious. Europe of the Renaissance was “dominated … by the religion of the popes, the government of kings, the frenzy for money that marked Western Civilization and its first messenger to the Americas, Christopher Columbus.” The natives, on the other hand, are all about hospitality and sharing, and they have no concept of war. (Imagine the horror if someone made blanket assertions about Jews as having a frenzy for money.)

As an evolutionist, the idea that Western culture is uniquely evil is ridiculous, but the idea that it is uniquely evil has been common among Jewish intellectual activists, most notably the Boasian anthropologists. As I noted in The Culture of Critique,

one consequence of the triumph of the Boasians was that there was almost no research on warfare and violence among the peoples studied by anthropologists (Keegan 1993, 90–94). Warfare and warriors were ignored, and cultures were conceived as consisting of myth-makers and gift-givers [or, as hospitable, loving, and sharing people, as Zinn would have it]. (Orans [1996, 120] shows that Mead systematically ignored cases of rape, violence, revolution, and competition in her account of Samoa.) Only five articles on the anthropology of war appeared during the 1950s. Revealingly, when Harry Turney-High published his volume Primitive Warfarein 1949 documenting the universality of warfare and its oftentimes awesome savagery, the book was completely ignored by the anthropological profession—another example of the exclusionary tactics used against dissenters among the Boasians and characteristic of the other intellectual movements reviewed in this volume as well. Turney-High’s massive data on non-Western peoples conflicted with the image of them favored by a highly politicized profession whose members simply excluded these data entirely from intellectual discourse. The result was a “pacified past” (Keeley 1996, 163ff) and an “attitude of self-reproach” (p. 179) in which the behavior of primitive peoples was bowdlerized while the behavior of European peoples was not only excoriated as uniquely evil but also as responsible for all extant examples of warfare among primitive peoples. From this perspective, it is only the fundamental inadequacy of European culture that prevents an idyllic world free from between-group conflict. 

The reality, of course, is far different. Warfare was and remains a recurrent phenomenon among prestate societies. Surveys indicate over 90 percent of societies engage in warfare, the great majority engaging in military activities at least once per year (Keeley 1996, 27–32). Moreover, “whenever modern humans appear on the scene, definitive evidence of homicidal violence becomes more common, given a sufficient number of burials (Keeley 1996, 37). Because of its frequency and the seriousness of its consequences, primitive warfare was more deadly than civilized warfare. Most adult males in primitive and prehistoric societies engaged in warfare and “saw combat repeatedly in a lifetime” (Keeley, 1996, 174).

Howard Zinn was obviously in this tradition. But because he plugged into the anti-Western zeitgeist of the academic left, he had a long and happy career at Boston University — untroubled by student activists trying to get him fired.

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46 Comments to "The academic left’s involvement in politics"

  1. Dante Ardenz's Gravatar Dante Ardenz
    February 11, 2010 - 3:58 am | Permalink

    Not until the phony Left-Right continuim is broken will there be any progress in breaking the Judiac hold over our world.Face it:Its the Judio-Christian enablers,the ‘good middle class types’,with’values’who follow ,or pursue alliance with the Jews and there fronts!The most extreme amongst them;John Birchers/ Evangelicals/Tea Baggers, dont see ‘Social Marxism,or Zionism as the enemy at all!But oh the how they buy the lies about Hitler,and the Axis powers in WW2.’Fascisem!’they ignorantly shout!’ there baseball caps a poppen ,as there slob women pull up there stretch pants in those duped crowds.The rhetoric of these people prove the mighty imprinting of the Jews power over Americas minds. This is the brilliance of the Neoconservatise front.The defeat of the Axis by Finance/Capital/Marxisem was the the end for Western Culture.Millions of the best racial stock on earth perished in the Jew vs Europe confronation.(SEE IMPERIUMby Varange-Yockey)Whatever sustaining beauty,or progress in the present decadent world since 1945 was,or is mere momentum,or residue.Today,conservatives are the new Bolshivicks!

  2. Obviously's Gravatar Obviously
    February 10, 2010 - 7:28 pm | Permalink

    Adam, a lot of religions and organizations quite openly state they are anti-racist when they behave to the contrary. The Mormons openly decry racism but privately many of them will tell you that was a move made to get a lot of the media of their backs, which didn’t work out all that well. Because we know who owns the MSM and they hate whites, while proclaiming their “religion” and organizations to be anti-racism.

  3. Captainchaos's Gravatar Captainchaos
    February 9, 2010 - 12:14 pm | Permalink

    The implication that I am myself am a ‘false flag’ or that some portion of my commentary is a ‘false flag’ is ridiculous. What I will not deny is that I aggressively employ satire and provocation in a deliberate attempt to instill in others what I believe to be the proper outlook and attitude in advocating for the Folk. There must be a place where we can say everything, and that is obviously not here. I’m willing to bet that at least a third of the comments at Majority Rights would see the cutting room floor under the ostensible editorial policy here as they are too cuttingly trenchant and subversive to the existing order, and order we do not believe any accommodation with is possible, or in fact desirable. Are you telling me Majority Rights is a ‘false flag’? And, I suppose that is why TOQ Online refuses to link to that, the best, most cutting-edge racialist site on the net? Further, I suppose, letting the implicit ‘logic’ play out, that James Bowery, probably the best pure intellect in the service of our cause, a man whom Harpending and Salter consult concerning their work even though it is outside Bowery’s professional bailiwick, is in on the scam. No, of course that is absurd.

    Now you need no longer wonder where I am coming from, as I have told you.

    P.S. It is ironic that Gruber sees fit to moralize as he was once a frequent poster at VNN. Btw, Adwarf (now there’s your false flag) used to post quite often at VNN as well. But I’m the bad guy? Too funny.

  4. Sean Gruber's Gravatar Sean Gruber
    February 9, 2010 - 8:23 am | Permalink


    Part of the problem with having a comments section is that you get a fair number of Feds and Jews deliberately posting schizoid nonsense in an effort to discredit WN and your blog.

    You could moderate the comments; however, this would involve a significant investment of time and effort and would probably be not worthwhile.

    My suggestion is to shut down the comments section, or, failing that, to have some trusted person moderating.

    • admin's Gravatar admin
      February 9, 2010 - 10:11 am | Permalink

      You are correct about all that–I can’t really look at all of them. I have deleted a few obvious false flags. I encourage people to report suspicious comments to me:

  5. February 7, 2010 - 1:24 am | Permalink

    “One thousand years of socially-imposed monogamy created the ‘white’ race, ie. woman who couldn’t attract a mate wouldn’t reproduce. This led to population stability and genetic fitness.”

    The Ancient Greeks were both White and far ahead of any other ethnic group in the World, in spite of not having evolved through one thousand years of socially enforced monogamy.

    The Homeric Heros were noted for their Polygnous reproductive practices, and they were but a few centuries removed from Socrates, Pindar, Pericles, Sophocles, etc.

  6. Captainchaos's Gravatar Captainchaos
    February 7, 2010 - 12:59 am | Permalink

    “How ’bout dem white folks?!? All ya gots ta do is rape dey bitches, an’ dey jess caint get enuf a ya.”

    Man, it is almost as if Adwarf is programmed to self-destruct on cue. Which is why it is well worth pressing his buttons.

    “he stinks pretty bad because he often soils himself”

    Again with the scatology, a walking, breathing stereotype, there is little point in dehumanizing Jews, it is a task they accomplish all too readily themselves.

  7. Adam's Gravatar Adam
    February 7, 2010 - 12:42 am | Permalink

    Captainchaos says:

    I especially like this one:

    “Eldridge Clever (former Black Panther leader on why he raped white women) “Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women …” [Eldridge Clever, Soul on Ice, McGraw-Hill, 1968, p.14.]

    And since I abhor pretentiousness (unlike Adwarf) I’ll not pretend I am more eclectic than I truly am and give away the source:

    No, when I used the Cleaver (note correct spelling) quote about a month ago, mine was longer, more complete. It was in this post, which I’ll duplicate here to avoid everyone having to scroll back.

    From the article:

    Probably the closest thing we can find to a meaningful estimate of what percentage of the Males encountered by a White female are Black is to look at how Black a neighborhood the average White lives in.

    Not likely to be valid. A lot of interracial rapes happen when black rapists venture into white neighborhoods deliberately to search for a victim. Eldridge Cleaver, a 60s activist, convicted rapist, and former Black Panther (later turned Republican celebrity) said it best in his confessional book Soul on Ice:

    “I started out practicing on black girls in the ghetto where dark and vicious deeds appear not as aberrations or deviations from the norm, but as part of the sufficiency of the Evil of a day. When I considered myself smooth enough, I crossed the tracks and sought out white prey. I did this consciously, deliberately, willfully, methodically.”

    “Rape was an insurrectional act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women . . . I felt that I was getting revenge.”

    The rape of Anne Pressly was an instance of this, as were the Wichita rape/murders.

    Another thing about Cleaver: He became a Mormon! LOL. :-) How ’bout dem white folks?!? All ya gots ta do is rape dey bitches, an’ dey jess caint get enuf a ya.

    So much for the Mormon religion as possible basis for a white mass movement. In fact, it is actually quite anti-racist. See:

    More hate speech from a filthy Jew (none other than Adim, who else?):

    “The only permanent solution to the race problem is to resolve it by eliminating race. It seems to me certain that this will happen one day. Various scenarios that will achieve it are possible. Only one of them, which I sketched out above, will leave the white race as it currently exists in sole possession of the planet.”

    [He means total extermination of all non-Whites.]

    Thanks for the repost!

    Say, anyone here want to buy a used retard named after a cartoon character? If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own personal retard, I’ll sell this one to you cheap. Of course, he’s not too smart, and he stinks pretty bad because he often soils himself, but he’s very loyal. All you have to do is kick him in the nuts every so often and he’ll follow you around for weeks and weeks! :-)

  8. Dr. Jacques Anthony Pluss's Gravatar Dr. Jacques Anthony Pluss
    February 6, 2010 - 1:58 pm | Permalink

    Readers: Remember Professor Jacques Anthony Pluss (who is writing this ‘reply’), who got “removed from the classroom,” that is, fired but paid to the end of the term in one lump-sum check, at Fairleigh-Dickinson University’s Teaneck, NJ, campus in April, 2005? Yes, I was let go, officially, for (non-existent) excessive absences, BUT the actual problem was that it was discovered by university officials (and later unabashedly confirmed by me) that I was a member of the neo-Nazi “National Socialist Movement” and had made disparaging remarks about Jews and Blacks on an Internet Broadband radio show called “White Viewpoint.” Well, I was an Adjunct at that time–just keeping “my hand in” university teaching after I’d resigned in 2000 from a tenured post in History at The William Paterson University of New Jersey to devote most of my time to working the Horse Ranch I co-owned then (and still do, today). Letting an adjunct go was easy–even though my attornies informed me that I probably had a good case against FDU for “unjust dismissal” and “discrimination.” I never sued, since I was also advised that, in all likelihood, the media would make mince-meat out of me and hound my family. The media did, anyway. The significant point here is that I NEVER BROUGHT MY POLITICAL VIEWS INTO THE CLASSROOM, not once in a teaching career of 23 years! Just google “Jacques Pluss” to read what my students attest I never said! And I’ve been a National Socialist my entire life! Now, I wonder what would have happened if I’d been found out–or outed myself–at the institution where I had tenure? Never mind my University of Chicago Ph.D. in medieval History (1983) or my Postgraduate Research Certificate in Civil Law from Queens’ College, Cambridge (U.K.), or any of my publications in medieval socio-legal history! I bet, though who could say, that I’d have had one horrible battle at the very PC William Paterson University, and my money is on my having been eventually de-tenured–but at quite a financial loss to the University. As a former colleague once told me, though, “history doesn’t disclose its alternatives.” I thoroughly APPLAUD anyone with anything resembling “rightist” political views having the courage to expose those views on campus. At the same time, I fear they’ll find out what “academic freedom” really means! Had I been an openly avowed leftist, I probably would have made “Distinguished Professor” under 40 years of age. And, by the by, I can at least now openly flaunt my National Socialism (which I surely do) and I’m fortunate enough to have started a small publishing company (Aargau Books LLC) which permits to do so–and to eat, too! Thank you for posting my ‘reply’. Dr. Jacques Anthony Reinhard Heydrich Pluss (yes, that’s my full legal name).

  9. Pitbullexpress's Gravatar Pitbullexpress
    February 6, 2010 - 9:42 am | Permalink

    Another take on this is the Economy.

    The Economic crisis is centered in America and has spread throughout the world, but it’s point of origin is Wall Street. And we all know what that means.

    They used their considerable power to buy Presidents, the Congress and Senate and get what they wanted – Deregulation.

    Deregulation lead to the rape of pillage of our Economy.

    At the same time such people were donating money to universites filled with guys like Zinn, who was busy telling the children of the country his friends were stealing from and that he was lying to, that We were the bad guys!
    Simple case of Projection/Deflection, or, Blaming the Victim.

    There are two sets of Dominoes here.

    The first set is The Dominoes of Destruction (their destruction of the USA)

    The second is the The Dominoes of Self-Destruction (their destrution of themselves when their nefarious activities finally boomerang).

    The first set: starting from Wall Street (and going back to 1913 and the creation of the Federal Reseve).

    Rape and Pillage of Economy
    Going Bust
    Bailouts by a Country they just stole from
    Rising Government Debt
    Loss of Reserve Currency Status
    Disruption of International Payments
    Inability of USA to pay for its imports with its own currency
    Decline in Imports
    Decline in Standard of Living
    Decline of Value of University Education.
    A Nation filled with people who have nothing to lose and so, lose it.

    And now we are back to Wall Street.

    Not only the USA but the World trusted Wall Street and Wall Street stiffed them. Wall Street stiffed the World.

    Which means when we are able to expose Wall Street and everyone connected with them, properly identifying the ethnic component of Wall Street, and if, after identifying them we are able to get out of this mess and free ourselves from them, they are finished, forever!

    In short, after the first set of dominoes falls it will touch off the second set.

    Meaning, once they lose their economic control of the World, and this is accompanied by a clearly defined Cause/Effect explanation firmly grounded in fact based on considerable data, responsibly communicated, widely disseminated, absorbed and internalized, they will lose control of everthing else.

    Every other institution currently under their control will fall.


    But on top of the Financial crisis, and of course, connected to it, is another one.

    Globalization or, in this case, Offshoring

    As Paul Craig Roberts said recently, Offshoring is insane. It moves our GDP growth to places like China and India, etc.
    It stops growth here. So, people go in debt to continue buying things, including houses.
    Home equity spent.
    Property values down.
    Credit card debt unsustainably high
    America is basing its “growth” on debt.

    Stimulus packages are BS.
    Plus, the Tax payer is simultaneously paying off the debts created by the irresponsible behavior of the financial world. Many of whom are connected, like Larry Summers, with groups openly hostile to the American host population.

    Stimulus packages add to Government debt and put even more pressure on the dollar.

    And all of this goes back to Wall Street, where the First Set of Dominoes leads to the Second Set.

    It’s very possible that none of this will happen or, if it does, it won’t happen in quite the way presented here. I just offer the above for consderation.

    But if something close to this does happen I think they won’t hesitate to threaten us with nuclear warfare. In fact, the more I look into this the more I think that this is actually what they started with when they seized control of the West after WWll.
    That sooner or later they would have to take control of the most powerful instruments of the Military so they could use it whenever they needed it. I don’t think many here will question their control of our military.
    The PCification of Military personnel maybe relatively recent, but that’s just the final touch. After all, they didn’t need a PC US Army to defeat Germany twice in 25 years.

    Either way, the next couple of years should be very interestting.

  10. Pitbullexpress's Gravatar Pitbullexpress
    February 6, 2010 - 8:56 am | Permalink

    This article touches on a lot.
    One thing is their need to deify themselves and demonize their enemy.
    In short, to oversimplify.

    They do it with the past, with events such as the discovery of America, and people such as Columbus.
    And they do it with the present, with events such as September 11th and people such as Obama.

    To attempt to do it today, Today, when the tools of modern logic and histriography are powerful enough to reduce any myth as “truth” to rubble, is proof to me of what they really hate, even more than Whites – Reality.

    In fact, for me, it’s their hatred of Reality that explains their hatred of Whites since a glance at our history shows and gradual movement, closer and closer, and getting faster and faster after the 19th century, toward Reality.

  11. Captainchaos's Gravatar Captainchaos
    February 6, 2010 - 2:07 am | Permalink

    I especially like this one:

    “Eldridge Clever (former Black Panther leader on why he raped white women) “Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women …” [Eldridge Clever, Soul on Ice, McGraw-Hill, 1968, p.14.]

    And since I abhor pretentiousness (unlike Adwarf) I’ll not pretend I am more eclectic than I truly am and give away the source:

    More hate speech from a filthy Jew (none other than Adim, who else?):

    “The only permanent solution to the race problem is to resolve it by eliminating race. It seems to me certain that this will happen one day. Various scenarios that will achieve it are possible. Only one of them, which I sketched out above, will leave the white race as it currently exists in sole possession of the planet.”

    [He means total extermination of all non-Whites.]

  12. mark's Gravatar mark
    February 6, 2010 - 12:35 am | Permalink

    Mickey Mouse said:
    February 5, 2010 at 5:40 PM

    “White people are privileged in this country…and you still think of yourselves as victims. How pathetic. But I guess you’re all like that symbol of the Republican Party…a fat white guy threatened by change.”

    Whites DESERVE to have privilege—it was White brainpower that built America. White influence benefits the non-whites in America. That’s why they seek entry into America and other Whites countries. The flow of immigrants/emigrants is TO White countries FROM non-white countries, generally.

    Change? Boy, do we ever want change—more than you can imagine! That change must benefit us, however, not hurt us.

  13. mark's Gravatar mark
    February 6, 2010 - 12:18 am | Permalink

    Patrick Garry said:
    February 5, 2010 at 9:13 PM

    “When you look through your eye at the world, try to *feel energy*, and see people as people, not a color, and you will be surprised by how accepted you are by everyone on that energetic level.”

    Since we shouldn’t see people as “color”, does that mean we get to abolish Affirmative Action, minority contractor set-asides, and scholarships for non-whites?

    And this:
    “Do you want change…? It’s gonna take an alliance…”

    The kind of change we seek can’t be done with an alliance with non-whites because they are not part of our future.

  14. Adam's Gravatar Adam
    February 5, 2010 - 9:54 pm | Permalink

    Patrick Garry says:

    But I learned cool stuff from Coltrane and Miles and Willie Mays and Talib Kweli and my black neighbor down the street too.

    Some of the cool stuff Patrick Garry learned from Miles:

    “If somebody told me I had only one hour to live, I’d spend it choking a white man. I’d do it nice and slow.”
    — Miles Davis (black jazz musician) in “Miles Davis Can’t Shake Boyhood Racial Abuse”, Jet magazine, March 25, 1985.

  15. February 5, 2010 - 9:13 pm | Permalink

    Personally, I feel like a receptor of information contained in electromagnetic fields, and these would have nothing to do with pigment or transient eye-blink spans of three dimensional “years”… so, identifying so strongly with skin pigment is asinine to me.

    Protecting our right to be free, and think freely, and be free of tyranny of all kinds is something I definitely support. My skin is “white,” and I learned some cool stuff from my Hungarian grandparents that is unique to our heritage. But I learned cool stuff from Coltrane and Miles and Willie Mays and Talib Kweli and my black neighbor down the street too.

    When you look through your eye at the world, try to *feel energy*, and see people as people, not a color, and you will be surprised by how accepted you are by everyone on that energetic level. Then, our shared need to wrest the power away from the central bankers will be exponentially more potent.

    This “race thing” makes it impossible to generate the energy we need to turn the tide…believe it or not, African Americans have known that the global elite wasn’t on their side way longer than the right wing folks who are prone to polarizing along racial lines have…

    Do you want change…? It’s gonna take an alliance…

  16. Mickey Mouse's Gravatar Mickey Mouse
    February 5, 2010 - 5:40 pm | Permalink

    White people are privileged in this country…and you still think of yourselves as victims. How pathetic. But I guess you’re all like that symbol of the Republican Party…a fat white guy threatened by change.

  17. tc's Gravatar tc
    February 5, 2010 - 11:53 am | Permalink

    It is not news to those of us who attended liberal state schools that they are fastly becoming politically incorrect indoctrination centers. While these supposed instituitions of higher learning profess to encourage free and open debate, their actions testify to the fact that many subjects and inquiries are OFF LIMITS. Most of the bullshit ( for lack of a better word) we are taught is from this liberal left persepective, and I say this as one who rejects meaningless political labels. But for the sake of defintion I will use them. The liberal left pespective is the idea that America is founded upon racism and genocide, that Western culture is imperialistic and “capitalism” is destroying the world’s resources and indigenous cultures. They want to portray their detractors as warmongering racists. The Marxist professors put the blame on Western capitalism and are completely oblivious to the fact that we do not truly have a freely competitive market. Everything is monopolized by the banking interests and the owners of our nations credit.

  18. Ann's Gravatar Ann
    February 5, 2010 - 10:40 am | Permalink

    I love the right!!!!

    At one end of the right continuum they recognize that USSR was a totalitarian regime and not Communist, but in name only. But, they’ll make a big deal about its association with other fascists.

    At the other we have the honest right as when speaking about California: “They just need some stimulus (perhaps leadership) to stand up to the leftist groups.”

    Keep it boys and girls!

  19. Jasper's Gravatar Jasper
    February 5, 2010 - 7:36 am | Permalink

    The politically incorrect six million

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn had this to say of the Soviet system which was deemed worthy of recognition as one of “our” Allies fighting for “Democracy” against the “Dictators” in WW2:

    “This was a system which, in time of peace, artificially created a famine causing SIX MILLION PERSONS to die in the Ukraine between 1932 and 1933. They died on the very threshold of Europe. And Europe didn’t even notice it. The world didn’t even notice it. SIX MILLION PERSONS!”

    (Alexander Solzhenitsyn Speaks to the West (1978) p 16)

    FD Roosevelt’s ally Joseph Stalin was the supreme dictator of Russia for almost a quarter of a century, from 1929 until his death in 1953.

    Stalin’s first Five-Year Plan (1928-32) sought to bring about the ‘collectivization of agriculture’ in accordance with the ‘abolition of property in land’ put forward in Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. In the period before the Revolution millions of independent peasant farmers known as kulaks had their own individual plots.

    When Communism was imposed on Russia, the kulaks as private property owners now stood in the way of the idea of Communism. In 1929 Stalin called for ‘the liquidation of the kulaks’, and their small family farms, animals, implements and crops were declared to belong to the state.

    “The (Jewish) communist leaders Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kamenev had always argued that the peasant would never surrender enough food voluntarily, and must be coerced and, if need be, crushed” (*Paul Johnson A History of the Modern World (1983) p 268).

    The Red Army and the GPU were used to implement the policy. All peasants who resisted were treated with violence. A very large number were killed or sent in cattle or freight trains to the frozen north or the desert steppes. Rather than give up their animals to the collective farms, many peasants killed and ate them. As a result, the number of farm animals in the Soviet Union was catastrophically reduced:


    30,7 million
    19,6 million

    Sheep and goats
    146,7 million
    50,2 million

    26 million
    12,1 million

    33,5 million
    16,6 million

    (Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, p 398).

    The peasants stopped farming on ground that suddenly, officially, no longer belonged to them. As a result, food production decreased drastically. After a while, the cities started running out of food. Orders were given for grain to be confiscated from the peasants, whether they had sufficient for themselves and their families or not. Those caught trying to reserve food for their families were ‘severely dealt with’. By the winter of 1932-3, virtually no food was left in the countryside. By early March 1933, ‘death on a mass scale really began’ (Robert Conquest, The Harvest of Sorrow (1986) p243). The main farming areas of Russia, in the regions of the Ukraine and North Caucasus, were utterly devastated. Millions of people were forced to eat anything that was available. It was a time of terrible hunger, a catastrophic man-made famine.

    Eugene Lyons was sent to Russia in 1928 as chief correspondent for United Press. Arriving as an enthusiastic communist, he was able to experience the Soviet experiment at first hand. He became extremely disillusioned. He described the famine in his book Assignment in Utopia (published in 1937) in the following terms:

    “Hell broke loose in seventy thousand Russian villages.. A population as large as all of Switzerland’s or Denmark’s was stripped clean of all their belongings.. They were herded with bayonets at railroad stations, packed indiscriminately into cattle cars and freight cars and dumped weeks later in the lumber regions of the frozen North, the deserts of central Asia, wherever labor was needed, there to live or die..”. The number of people that died is unknown, but the famine alone is estimated conservatively to have been responsible for 6 million deaths, almost half of them children (Conquest, p 303-4). Other millions died from the killings and sickness as a result of the deportations (p 304-7).

    Lyons, himself Jewish, credits the Jewish commissar Lazar Kaganovich with the major portion of responsibility for this major crime against humanity:

    “Lazar Kaganovich… it was his mind that invented the Political Departments to lead collectivized agriculture, his iron hand that applied Bolshevik mercilessness.” (Lyons, p 578). The Encyclopaedia Britannica says tersely, “(Kaganovich) was one of the small group of Stalin’s top advisors pushing for very high rates of collectivization after 1929.. Within the Politburo, Kaganovich and Molotov led the opposition to Kirov’s proposed concessions to the peasantry and to his attempts to relax the harshness of Stalin’s control.. (Kaganovich) opposed Krushchev’s de-Stalinization..”. Kaganovich died at the ripe old age of 98 in 1991 (Encl. Brit.), ethnically safe from pursuit by the Israeli secret service, the Simon Wiesenthal organization, the New York media-intelligentsia or other hunters of real or imagined war criminals or human rights violators.

  20. February 5, 2010 - 7:35 am | Permalink

    Howard Zinn represent the anti-war of vietnam,but what I found bizarre was the boycott of his ob from news outlet. Dare speak against zionist and be punish even in death.Plain Dealer(Cle. OH) reported Mr. Zinn on Sunday paper.

  21. Jasper's Gravatar Jasper
    February 5, 2010 - 7:34 am | Permalink

    “There has been a tendency to circumvent or simply ignore the significant role of Jewish intellectuals in the German Communist Party, and thereby seriously neglect one of the genuine and objective reasons for increased anti-Semitism during and after World War 1.. The prominence of Jews in the revolution and early Weimar Republic is indisputable, and this was a very serious contributing cause for increased anti-Semitism in post-war years.. It is clear then that the stereotype of Jews as socialists and communists.. led many Germans to distrust the Jewish minority as a whole and to brand Jews as enemies of the German nation.” (Sarah Gordon Hitler, Germans and the ‘Jewish Question’ Princeton University Press (1984) p 23).

    “The second paroxysm of strong anti-Semitism came after the critical role of Jews in International Communism and the Russian Revolution and during the economic crises of the 1920s and 30s… Anti-Semitism intensified throughout Europe and North America following the perceived and actual centrality of Jews in the Russian Revolution.. Such feelings were not restricted to Germany, or to vulgar extremists like the Nazis. All over Northern Europe and North America, anti-Semitism became the norm in ‘nice society’, and ‘nice society’ included the universities.” (Martin Bernal, Black Athena vol. 1 pp. 367, 387).

    “The major role Jewish leaders played in the November (Russian) revolution was probably more important than any other factor in confirming (Hitler’s) anti-Semitic beliefs.” (J&S Pool, Who Financed Hitler, p.164).

  22. Jasper's Gravatar Jasper
    February 5, 2010 - 7:32 am | Permalink

    The Jewish author Chaim Bermant in his book The Jews (Weidenfeld and
    Nicholson 1977, Sphere Books 1978):

    “No people is so averse to change yet none in recent times has
    dissipated more of its energy on revolution.. Although Jews formed less
    than five percent of Russia’s population, they formed more than fifty
    percent of its revolutionaries..

    “It must be added that most of the leading revolutionaries who convulsed
    Europe in the final decades of the last century and the first decades of
    this one, stemmed from prosperous Jewish families.. They were perhaps
    typified by the father of revolution, Karl Marx.. Thus when, after the
    chaos of World War I, revolutions broke out all over Europe, Jews were
    everywhere at the helm; Trotsky, Sverdlov, Kamenev and Zinoviev in
    Russia, Bela Kun in Hungary, Kurt Eisner in Bavaria, and, most
    improbable of all, Rosa Luxemburg in Berlin.

    “To many outside observers, the Russian revolution looked like a Jewish
    conspiracy, especially when it was followed by Jewish-led revolutionary
    outbreaks in much of central Europe. The leadership of the Bolshevik
    Party had a preponderance of Jews and included Litvinov (real name
    Wallach), Liadov (Mandelshtam), Shklovsky, Saltz, Gusev (Drabkin),
    Zemliachka (Salkind), Helena Rozmirovich, Serafima Gopner, Yaroslavsky
    (Gubelman), Yaklovlev (Epstein), Riaznov (Goldendach), Uritsky and
    Larin. Of the seven members of the Politburo, the inner cabinet of the
    country, four, Trotsky (Bronstein), Zinoviev (Radomsky), Kamenev
    (Rosenfeld) and Sverdlov, were Jews.”

  23. Patton's Gravatar Patton
    February 5, 2010 - 7:30 am | Permalink

    “He saw history primarily as a means to motivate people to political action that he found admirable. That’s what he said he did. It’s fine as a form of agitation — agitprop — but it’s not particularly good history.”

    Sounds pretty pedistrian and middle-of-the road to me. Of course, I studied ‘His-tory’ in Art School. There, we deleted everything we thought was riddled with BS and thus obviously revisionist by nature. Everything important was Capitlized, and hopefully pared down to its essential elements. (see: ‘Andy, Soup Can.’) My real history teacher was an overt Marxist. My ART history teacher was merely a typical buxom midwestern blonde with an ‘exceptionalist’ attitude. Luckily, the ‘Jew/Goyim’ discourse hadn’t run its current course, or we might not have enjoyed so much in the way of free libations, like Real Champaigne and Brie (capitalized, as this was awfully important to most of us ‘goy,’) and hey, who could complain about the fresh bagels, flown in specilly from the Upper East Side. (Capitlized, because this IS the center of all culture, Not ‘Bawuston’! )

  24. Trevor's Gravatar Trevor
    February 5, 2010 - 7:14 am | Permalink

    We shouldn’t have a White People’s Defense Fund. Instead, we should have Monogamous People’s Defense Fund.

    One thousand years of socially-imposed monogamy created the “white” race, ie. woman who couldn’t attract a mate wouldn’t reproduce. This led to population stability and genetic fitness.

    The IDEA created the race. The race didn’t create the IDEA.

  25. February 5, 2010 - 6:55 am | Permalink

    I saw Zinn at a university talk and read parts of his story book. Think “polemic”. Think “positive” or be shouted down by the “don’t bother me with the facts my mind is made up” claque. No different than the crowd at the tea party rally when I gave the Bronx cheer to The political rep that was sent for PR by our congress critter. Americans are divided by design. What sense is there in a corporate controlled two party system? I ask you. Would a real tea party bring a tory to the microphone? Not that Kevin is a repub nor are most of the readers here I suspect, but the Zinn lovers are the flip side of the people who naively read Him, and the tea partiers who probably never heard of Kevin. The need is for eclectic historical review not messianic ignorant twaddle.

  26. the big ragu's Gravatar the big ragu
    February 5, 2010 - 6:46 am | Permalink

    dr. macdonald’s position would be less vulnerable if this a3p group which promotes white interests adopted some of the jews own tactics by embracing the major themes of modern liberalism, those being tolerance of different races, religions, and sexual orientation. this could be done in the context of celebrating european cultural heritage and its history of showing this kind of tolerance and acceptance. yeah, ok, spanish inquisition, nobodys perfect. i’m sure that one can find these ideas of tolerance within the history of western thought, the point is to emphasize them. the reasons for doing this are (1) the jews greatest vulnerability is their own racist and supremacist beliefs (2) the modern movement towards racial and religious integration is irreversible … overtly racial politics is a dead end (3) but what is not a dead end is covertly racist politics. the movement to protect the future of our people must be lead by a secret society which presents itself to the uninitiated as promoting the major themes of multiculturalism, but covertly is directed to promote the interests of whites and to undermine the control that jews have gained over so many areas of influence in our society.

  27. thedude's Gravatar thedude
    February 5, 2010 - 6:37 am | Permalink

    Teachers are afraid of their minority students–so they pander to all that Marxist crap. Which really amounts to : My life sucks, and those (white) guys got all the money–and they children are the ones who make your like miserable.
    Those who can do, those who can’t teach (ME), and those who can’t teach with out bitterness teach Marxism!

  28. February 5, 2010 - 4:56 am | Permalink

    what really stands for the truth is that a very small but powerful group would terrorize peace loving people (regardless of color). They are a breed of the old world and will continue their very dark desires for thirst of blood. Only you can salvage yourself. HOW? Only God can show you.

  29. mike con's Gravatar mike con
    February 5, 2010 - 4:04 am | Permalink

    ATTN; Anne,
    Thats the Idea, to keep White christians from pursuing higher education,It starts a lot earlier than college though here in nyc

  30. February 3, 2010 - 1:17 pm | Permalink

    I enjoyed the article and thanks because of posting such valuable paperback emoluments of all of us to conclude from, I be the start here it both worthwhile and instructive and I method to apprehend it as commonly as I can.

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  31. Joe Webb's Gravatar Joe Webb
    February 3, 2010 - 11:40 am | Permalink

    As an ethical socialist back in the good old days of the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley, Civil Rights agitation, and then…Vietnam, I observed Howard Zinn from time to time.

    Zinn helped wise me up to the Jews. At a talk with Alice Walker in Berkeley about seven years ago, i had to endure the tedium of Zinn and the sillines of Alice Walker…the Black writer.

    What almost sent me into a convulsion/interrruption of the event was it occurred during one of the Intifada revolts in Palestine and not word did the Black or the Jew utter about Israel/Palestine.

    Total Destruction of the West and Whites is their agenda

    The only reason I went to the event was …cherchez la femme..I was trying to get somewhere with this gal and when I expressed criticism of Zinn/Walker she dumped me right there. first date.

    Of course I see her around some and am happy that she dumped me, Zinn and Walker providing me yet another shove into right racialism.

  32. felipeb's Gravatar felipeb
    February 3, 2010 - 4:29 am | Permalink

    Having lived in Boston in the late 60s and 70sI can tetify that among journalists and students he had a reputation as a man who had the ability to rouse a crowd. But that was not all. He would rouse them to the point of illegality and then have a outlook or two warn him of the impending arrival of the police. He would skeddale and leave the suckers, that is, the students, to be arrested. In brief, he was a coward.

  33. February 2, 2010 - 6:30 pm | Permalink

    Nick Strakon at The Last Ditch posted about the plight of Dr MacDonald today
    There are links in the commentary as well.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr Kevin MacDonald has done yeoman work documenting what happened to America and the West. His brilliance and forthrightness have earned him admirers and enemies both. Spread the WORD about his work, let our liberation from the yoke of the Enemy be his legacy.

  34. Anne's Gravatar Anne
    February 2, 2010 - 5:47 pm | Permalink

    I dropped out of college because it was such a hostile anti-white environment.

  35. Z.O.G.'s Gravatar Z.O.G.
    February 2, 2010 - 2:07 pm | Permalink

    You can be sure that the students leading the campaign against Professor MacDonald are Jewish.

  36. dan neil's Gravatar dan neil
    February 2, 2010 - 10:21 am | Permalink

    We can also be aggressive as activist and beleive me it is very hard when intelectuals sit down with Kmac they know the seriousness of all this.. The witch burnings the witch huntings of the left are for all to see but Kmac will stand strong and continue in what enriches his life.. A sincere attempt to bring his own groups interest into perspective.. And we will succeed..

  37. Adam's Gravatar Adam
    February 1, 2010 - 11:54 pm | Permalink

    re: charging hypocrisy by using the example of Zinn.

    Besides its core teaching of anti-racism, Christian memes also had many other weak points. Among these is an emphasis on self-criticism and a hatred of hypocrisy. Deeply buried in their culture as a result of 2000 years of Christian practice, the cry of “Hypocrite!” has a paralyzing effect on almost all whites even if they don’t call themselves Christians. By contrast, any charge of hypocrisy leveled at Jews and their leftist flunkies is laughed off. It’s not something they care about at all. That kind of hokum is strictly for the goys.

  38. ZSIDOZAS's Gravatar ZSIDOZAS
    February 1, 2010 - 10:26 pm | Permalink

    From the article:”Senior English major Doug Kauffman was one of the students who led the demonstration in MacDonald’s class last Tuesday.”

    Kauffman…that is a German name, isn’t it?


  39. Shiva's Gravatar Shiva
    February 1, 2010 - 5:00 pm | Permalink

    The reality of the anti-Whites is that they are all for freedom of speech unless it goes against their agenda. Then they want LAWS and CRACKDOWNS.
    The only thing these fellows were guilty of is scholastic inquiry.

    Ask Professor Butz of Northwestern University what he has gone through.

    Yet Professors, today, 2010, still electioneer IN CLASS, to the students and NO problems at all.

    I had Marxist Jewish professors who would give out, IN CLASS, recruitment literature for CP USA, SWP, and some other groups I don’t recall.

    Not a problem of course.

    The DISEASE that is the agenda of the enemy of our race, is killing its Golden Goose.

    One has to realize that in one’s veins runs the blood of HEROES.

    As for these biped diseases that torment the GOOD, well…

    Dance, SHIVA, Dance! Dance long, dance well…

    Lord Krishna said: How has the dejection come to you at this juncture? This is not fit for a person of noble mind and deeds. It is disgraceful, and it does not lead one to heaven…

    Do not become a coward, O Arjuna, because it does not befit you. Shake off this trivial weakness of your heart and get up for the battle…

  40. Andrew's Gravatar Andrew
    February 1, 2010 - 2:33 pm | Permalink

    Dr. MacDonald, I think a useful adage to keep in mind is, “Wolves bay at the moon, but the moon heeds them not”. In the article you referred to, it showed a photo of a student appearing to be confrontational. If people are attempting to physically initimidate you in class, I would be willing to provide some protection, or at least some moral support, if that would be useful. I could hang out in the back of class working on my laptop, then stand in between you and the protesters when needed, and/or escort you to and from your car (as a volunteer). I am a cool-headed, normal guy (no nazi tattoos :)), and wouldnt instigate anything. My older brother actually lives in Long Beach, so I could visit him for a while and attend your classes during these protests. If this would be helpful, email me at: gm [at] agegames [dot] com.

  41. Geiseric's Gravatar Geiseric
    February 1, 2010 - 1:51 pm | Permalink

    There’s got to be quite a few Californian students sympathetic to Prof. MacDonald out there. They just need some stimulus (perhaps leadership) to stand up to the leftist groups.

  42. Barbara Cornett's Gravatar Barbara Cornett
    February 1, 2010 - 1:50 pm | Permalink

    Shabbas Goyim make up the powers that be at Cal Long Beach. I’m glad Kevin is not a yellow bellied coward like they are but its horrible that he has to suffer and be subjected to this. It brings it home how serious this is and how dangerous the futures of White people are if we don’t save ourselves.

    Office workers share emails and forward them around among each office and I’m always getting political emails. These emails say everything from calling Hillary gay to jokes about Jesus and other provocative things. A couple of times I have responded and said negative things about Jews and both times the people emailed me back and told me not to send such emails again because they could get fired. Their emails were full of fear and resentment toward me. So this is where we are.

    I hope everyone here will post at the 49er page and support Kevin. We should overwhelm that page with pro Kevin messages and contact everyone we know to do so also.

  43. Geiseric's Gravatar Geiseric
    February 1, 2010 - 1:40 pm | Permalink

    I agree with Junghans. Leftist/anti-White groups need some competition, need to be confronted. We need our own organizations – even among students.

  44. Mo's Gravatar Mo
    February 1, 2010 - 12:57 pm | Permalink

    I would be interested to know what the ethnic make up of the groups trying to get Dr. MacDonald fired is. How do you get along with the Jewish professors at your institution?

  45. Junghans's Gravatar Junghans
    February 1, 2010 - 12:38 pm | Permalink

    What Kevin is enduring at CSULB, which is obviously orchestrated by anti-White elements, is the type of harassment that all Anglos will eventually be facing some day. What we really need now, more than anything, is a White People’s Legal Defense Organization. A legal organization that will come to our defense when our White leaders are targeted, or we are illegally denied our basic racial and political civil rights. People who harass, persecute, stalk or intimidate others are committing a very real hate crime, and there are violations of law involved, that need to be investigated, for the safeguarding of individual liberty. The University needs to expel disruptive students and protect their faculty, for a starter.

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