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My paper on Jewish influence blows up

My paper “The Default Hypothesis Fails to Explain Jewish Influence” has generated considerable controversy. Springer Nature has put up the following statement at the beginning of the article: 04 January 2022 Editor’s Note: The Editor-in-Chief and publisher are aware of concerns raised with the content of this article and are investigating. Editorial action will be taken […]

“The Default Hypothesis Fails to Explain Jewish Influence”

Nathan Cofnas published a paper in the Israel-based academic journal Philosophia: Philosophical Quarterly of Israel in February of last year titled “The Anti-Jewish Narrative.” Andrew Joyce wrote a masterful reply, “The Cofnas Problem,” while I decided to try to  publish a response in Philosophia. My paper went through two rounds of peer review and was finally accepted. […]

EO Wilson: RIP

Some tweets on E.O. Wilson, who died two days ago at the age of 92. EO Wilson was a great scientist. While in grad school, his work revolutionized my intellectual orientation–resurrected evolutionary approaches to human behavior after leftist, often ethnically motivated attacks from earlier in the century. He paid a price. Famously, Wiki: "There — […]

Guillaume Durocher’s “The Ancient Ethnostate: Biopolitical Thought in Ancient Greece”

  The Ancient Ethnostate: Biopolitical Thought in Ancient Greece Guillaume Durocher Amazon Createspace, 2021 This is an extended version of the foreword to The Ancient Ethnostate. Guillaume Durocher has produced an authoritative, beautifully written, and even inspirational account of the ancient Greeks. Although relying on mainstream academic sources, he adds an evolutionary perspective that is sorely […]

Full Haus Interview

 This is a real, unretouched photo. Sometimes I just light up. Scares some people. On the Full Haus website: https://www.full-haus.com/index.php/2021/11/22/latest-show-young-macdonald/

Spencer J. Quinn’s “Solzhenitsyn and the Right”

Solzhenitsyn and the Right Spencer J. Quinn Antelope Hill Publishing, 2021 Spencer J. Quinn’s Solzhenitsyn and the Right summarizes a large portion of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s voluminous body of work, but its focus isn’t entirely on Solzhenitsyn. It is replete with parallels between pre- and post-revolutionary Russia/Soviet Union and the present situation in the West. Fundamentally, […]